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bongofrog 10-07-2012 12:37 PM

Why does Riot allow champions to suck for so long?
Wondering why they are releasing new champs monthly but doing nothing to fix the dead ones?

Here's a list riot incase you are unfamiliar with your own game.

Xerath (most of the time, in order to live, you must land a short ranged spell in order for the long ranged one to be most useful. and cast times are trash, VERY easy to avoid his dmg)
LeBlanc (lebleh)
Nocturne (nerfed this already weak champ to be weaker? yah thanks, jerks)
Skarner (his ult is cool, despite its less than melee range) but other than that everything else about him is bleh)
Nidalee (granted she has some high elo player fans, however shes only good for 1 ability. MR makes her trash)
Master Yi (I add him because before 45 minutes into the game hes trash COMPLETELY item dependent.
Leona (suppor or tank? cuz she sucks at both.)
Maokai (good ish jungle. Has nothing to bring to a team. Ult is trash, dmg is trash, has nothing.)

Sure there are going to be people who disagree, but i care about |---| this much.

MOST if not ALL of these champs need a complete rework.

Grand Eleven 10-07-2012 12:44 PM

Ill spell it out: reworking champs offers little to no revenue so more resources goes into new champs.

bongofrog 10-07-2012 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by Grand Eleven (Hozzászólás 29989511)
Ill spell it out: reworking champs offers little to no revenue so more resources goes into new champs.

except one thing. Crappy champs don't sell skins.

Grand Eleven 10-07-2012 12:49 PM

Sure they do. At launch people buy bundles.

bongofrog 10-07-2012 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by Grand Eleven (Hozzászólás 29989714)
Sure they do. At launch idiots buy bundles. Before they even know if they like the champ.

Fixed. Youre welcome.

Kagami 10-07-2012 01:00 PM

Maokai is plenty viable he has some of the best pre-6 jungler ganks in the game.

Leona needs some buffs, I didn't really think she needs a major rework, it's just why take leona when alistar and blitzcrank are way better at the same role?

Nidalee is completely fine when played AD/bruiser, but AP is weak atm.

Sejuani is in the same boat as leona, but a bit worse really except that Naut and Amumu totally outclass her.

Skarner probably could some mana cost cuts off his q a little... but otherwise is really fine, I play him a lot, mana cost of q or e is the only reasonable thing I could ask for besides making his e just better.

Nocturne semi-global ult for ganking, and you think he is bad, you must be crazy.

Galio is an MR scaling mage, he serves as amazing counter to some picks mid, if he needs minor buffs or not could be slightly debatable,

Nasus / Sion infinite scaling on them either has to be removed or limited to really balance them to be strong, which loses a lot of appeal to players, so iffy on reworking them.

LeBlanc is the reverse position it's difficult to give her a good late game without changing her monster early game, and removing that would again lose her appeal...

Heimer/Viktor/Karma are suppose to be receiving reworks last I heard.

Master Yi/Poppy are sorta of the same boat as Sion/Nasus, their late game can be sooo strong it's difficult to balance or rework without losing that appeal.

Morde/Xerath just need buffs not really a rework, imo.

ProfDrDeath 10-07-2012 01:00 PM

Skarner: consistent winrate between 50 and 55% in plat ELO. Balanced or even a bit at the strong side.

Nidalee: consistent winrate around 50%. Mostly played AD Bruiser in top nowadays. Because you are right, MR shuts AP Nidalee down hard.

Maokai: one of the strongest gankers in coordinated play. Has good initiating CC, free wards that do damage, and that ult is really powerful (20% damage redux if you're in there? Basically, you made a 5vs5 5vs4 damagewise). Ever used it in a siege?

Armageddal 10-07-2012 01:02 PM

I would say that none of them do. Champions don't need a rework just because there are a lack of people who can play the champion well. If a player is skilled enough with their champion of choice, they can wreck most other champions (except hard counters).

Jamaree 10-07-2012 01:12 PM

Heimer: Getting reworked

Morde: Needs lower life cost on spells

Sejuani: Need something so she isn't just amumu with rylais

Viktor: Getting bug fixes

Karma: Getting Reworked

Xerath: He does need for his mage chains or whatever his stun move is called to be the same distance as his pulse.

Poppy: Morello has said there is no real way to buff her because her end game is OP

LeBlanc: What about her? She is an early game burst assassin, they can't really do much other then make it so she scales into end game.

Nocturne: Weak...if he is so weak why is he STILL seeing high elo and tourney play, if he is so weak, why is he getting played at Worlds?

Sion: True

Galio: Once again...how is a champion who has a 50 - 53% win rate in plat elo, sees tournament time and has been played at the World Championship's...underpowered?

Nasus: He needs something, but meph, not really sure what.

Skarner: Another champion that sees high elo and World tourney play soooo wtf are you talking about?

Nidalee: She has DPS, she has sustain, she can't also have CC, she might need something, but she isn't UP.

Master Yi: True

Leona : A tank that can buff her own defenses and provides 3.25 seconds worth of stunning is....bad? Yeah, she must be bad, that is why she saw tourney play as once again...WORLDS

Maokai : I'm sorry but this is the STUPIDEST one yet. A champion doesn't need DAMAGE to be useful to a team, he is a support tank, he doesn't need kills, he brings utility, he provides two very strong CC moves and his ultimate reduces damage for his whole team, I'm not sure how much better of a tank move that is. He has seen World's tourney play, and he is OddOne's main jungler, would a pro main a champion to tournaments if they sucked?

MarcusGraves 10-07-2012 01:42 PM

you think skarner and maokai are weak? how high are you?

skarner gets free CDR just by auto attacking anything but turrets, a shield that gives attack speed+ movespeed and is pretty spammable because of his passive. his ult is 350 range and his auto attack range is 125 btw. flash plus his ult can easily start a teamfight in your teams favor by yanking someone out of position.

maokai is also a tank that can initiate well with his twisted advance, drop a 20% damage reduction zone for your team thats a huge teambuff and even has some knockback in Q. do you really think he brings nothing to a team?

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