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Cryypter 10-07-2012 01:10 AM

[Semi-Closed RP] Rise of the Aeons
A new day dawned on the continent of Valoran, seemingly just like any other. Demacians and Noxians alike awoke from their slumber, partaking of their morning meals. Piltovian shopkeepers set out their wares, and Bandle City children goofed off in the schoolyard. Everyone carried on with their lives unaware of the mysterious forces approaching their world.

In a parallel dimension, strange ethereal beings stumbled upon an unknown plane. As they entered this plane, they discovered a planet, which was home to many creatures, some intelligent, some not. It teemed with life and energy and color, and they felt drawn to it. But as they beheld this world, they found they could not interact with it. They could see and hear, but they could not touch or taste or smell. However, soon the ethereal beings discovered they could speak to the minds of the higher creatures, and these same creatures could hold a portion of their essence, gaining great power.

Soon, it was whispered that it might even be possible for one of the ethereal beings to manifest itself within this plane. However, since they could not interact, they were powerless to enact this manifestation. It became clear that they would need an Avatar to act in their stead, paving the way for their full entry into this dimension. But how would they convince these creatures to further their own agenda? And which one of them would be the one to achieve manifestation?

Only time will tell, for the Rise of the Aeons is upon us.

((Alright, Aeons all start together in the skies above Runeterra, Normals start wherever they want. Remember, Aeons cannot interact with the world except through mental speech and imbuing power. Eredale, you will be able to sense when an Avatar is created, and when they use their abilities. Try not to go too hard on them, at least early on. :)

If there are any questions, post them in the sign-up thread, and I will answer them there and/or update this post with the information. Good luck!

Chax, Aeon of Death
C'hart, Aeon of Swords
Ouroboros, Aeon of Fate
Arkainos, Aeon of Ether
Infinius, Aeon of Perseverance
Gaia, Aeon of Nature
Slarath, Aeon of Madness
Sireta, Aeon of the Gates
Sangius, Aeon of Bloodlust

Drak Stormsoul
Joshua Enes
Bthen Dwhak
Abigail Simons
Nevol Weck
Garman Wellings


Eredale ))

Scrubby Yum Yums 10-07-2012 01:43 AM

The world was a vast one, full of chance and adventure, of the trials and tribulations of the denizens inhabiting it. This was how Infinius understood those "below him", by the effort the that they each expended seeking their desires and goals. But so often was effort an unknown thing to the realm that waited below him this very moment. It was true, yes, that the world was one where miracles came to life, but so often was it by chance, and not the sweat of one's brow.

This exact reason was why Infinius left his gaze trained unflinchingly on the ground below. To find someone, anyone, whom could perhaps hope to share his view. And who, in doing so, would become his tool for reform in this world.

"So much sloth... Avarice. It's boring. There's no conflict. No desire for betterment." It remained unclear who the Aeon was talking to, likely himself, yet he continued. "What's a god-like being to do but step in? The more they recline into their ease, the more they are like to perish."

Infinius had been looking for a while, and had found none. He was not, however, one to give up so very easily. His search would continue to the very end of time, for giving up was the greatest sin one could commit. He would find the one who's soul would never relent. Or at least, the nearest approximation.

Wizerdlol 10-07-2012 01:47 AM

She was there, behind the gate, observing. She has seen this place, though never took interest in it. It never seemed to be... bright enough... as she calls it. It was merely because it did not have exploding volcanos, nor did it have colour spitting creatures. It was very dull, just like... her exsistance...

But the other Aeons are here... Her voice wispery, similar to a child, soft yet clear... The balance is disrupted, the Aeons are not meant to be in this dimension... That was what had rang in her mind, but she did not care. All she cared for now is what could be fun enough for the other Aeons to be in here. She sat back down, in her own dimension, where all the gates to other dimensions exist. She hummed, stared into space, seeing no purpose in continuing to do her job, to observe the gates, to continue to exist...

Finally, she stood back up, walking towards the gate in front of her. She was bored, since her creation she has been bored, doing the same thing over and over again, but not understanding why... She wanted to talk to sometime, to have some sort of long lasting emotion except for this boredom... She then wispered, commanding the gate, using her power as Sireta, Aeon of the Gates

Open, to the Gate... of Runeterria......

Aproxima 10-07-2012 03:08 AM

In one of the many houses of Demacia a woman wakes up, yet her body doesn't move and shows only weak signs of life. Abigail after making an inner sigh thinks to herself "Again..."
After about five minutes later her eyes finally open and her body wakes up to life. It was just another nightmare, another manifestation of her disease. She stood up and ran through the usual things people do in the morning.
She went downstairs, a towel still on her wet hair, and looked out of the window to see another day. She smiles and says to herself "What a pretty day." Abigail starts to make herself a breakfast.
Once she is finished will all the things she needed to do, she leaves the house and heads for the University of Magic to continue her studies and her work there.

1Eredale 10-07-2012 04:17 AM

The basket was placed on a grassy cliff. There wasn’t that much in it to justify its use – just several fresh buns and some tea in a bottle wrapped in cloth to preserve heat. Said heat was preserved indeed, lightening the mood of the mage somewhat as he sipped steadily from the bottle, watching the ‘sleeper’ team training maneuvers down there, near the lower hemisphere of the barrier. Picking the first bun, he took a bite – it was a bit salty, but the spiced added to the meat filling evened it out just fine. Even so, he wondered what should he do next.

“I can’t get any more data from you. There needs to be more reference, or more specimens I could compare with,” – said she just a few hours ago, putting her instruments away from his chest and finishing today’s session.

Frankly, this research has been grinding to a halt steadily for the past few months. With some instant breakthroughs as they started on it, there was only so much he could offer in terms of data as a test subject. But to actually succeed in their project, they still needed more information – too much was lost over the centuries when it all ended and began. Finding someone with as much power as the ones from their homeworld… That would be extremely hard – impossible even.

Swallowing the rest of the bun and drinking it down, the mage laid back on the grass, feet hanging down from the cliff. Still, he had to do SOMETHING; both he and she were on this boat together, and finding new ‘specimen’ would have had to come up sooner or later. Naturally, it was very doubtful that any of said ‘specimen’ would be willing to cooperate for what the mages had planned – killing or at least subduing one would be inevitable. However…

“How does one subdue a god?..”

The mage sighed, starting on the second bun. Here, in the Astral Plane, where possibilities were endless, he (with enough effort) would probably be able to stand toe to toe with some of the lesser ones in a direct confrontation. However, the greater ones like that Void entity that has been haunting the Lost Haven ever since it left Runeterran space were still beyond his reach. Of course, new spells and devices were constantly being developed, and the barrier was keeping them safe for now, but all that was just beating around the bush. Developing a weapon that could slay beings of that scale was the Haven’s scientists’ current primary goal, kept secret from the general public. The goal of the mage’s research was different – but in the present moment, it was a necessity to cooperate.

Holding the third bun in his hand, he had discovered that there was no tea left. “Just one bottle doesn’t cut it after all.”

Laid back on the grass, Eredale watched the semi-natural clouds floating near the upper hemisphere of the barrier. Subduing a god to make a weapon that could subdue gods… this was such a foul circle. But he didn’t want to get too deep into it. Somewhere, somehow – he had to find a suitable god.

FilFire 10-07-2012 04:26 AM

((The dice have chosen Drak.))

Drak wakes up from his guarded sleep, quickly making sure the fire hasn't gone out in the night. He looks around at his surroundings and increases his grip on his axes momentarily, only loosening it again when he is sure there's no direct danger around. He's in the middle of a forest in the east of Demacia, and still travelling east. So far his journey hasn't been very eventful, but since he's in foreign lands he can't be too careful. He puts out the fire since by now enough daylight is coming through the roof of the trees to make it unnecessary. He checks his bag of supplies and sighs. Seems like he'll have to go hunting again. Seeing how in a group the tasks can be divided between people he didn't want to split up, but he had to agree with the others that if they stayed together they might attract unwanted attention. He looks eastward for a while before shaking his head and pulling a throwing axe out and crouching, moving slowly while trying to find tracks of animals. When he finds signs of foxes he follows it, sneaking through the forest with his throwing axe in his right hand and gripping one of his battle axes with his left, scanning the area around him with deep suspicion while trying to find food.

Dojel 10-07-2012 04:53 AM

In the realm of Aeons, C'hart was simply sharpening his sword
"So much brute conflict, so much deception, yet few care about their swords. few know what kinds of sword there are, what can cut through your soul and what can cut through your body. Perhaps it is time I taught one. For now however, I will wait, and not be struck by Impatience.

LightCam 10-07-2012 06:23 AM

A faraway land lies the island of Venguse where many warriors live. Today summoner Cam have a day off from the Library of the Institute of Wars and want to talk to Fenrir to pass the time. The wolf man name Fenrir was among the warriors there and have travel to the kingdom of Demacia for his daily mission from the king himself. Today he has to patrol the grassland near the mountain far from the city. Fenrir get everything prepared, then set his journey to the mountain. Along the way he pick up a scent from above, but he thought it might be his imagination so he ignore the scent and move on.

Once he arrive to the grassland, he rest next to the tree in the area and look up to the sky. He thought of many things for the time being

"What that light about? Smell different from human..........." Fenrir thought for a moment

benjimenfire 10-07-2012 07:52 AM

It had been years since Garman left his island. He now walked ionia he felt drawn to it in a almost godly sense
Inside his head:"we felt it we we know it"

"I feel it too lets find the source"he mutters quietly

TwoWeirdYordles 10-07-2012 08:15 AM

Piltover - Nevol's House

After working overnight, Nevol finishes a machine, a toaster ....
"Let's see if it works... i'm hungry"
The yordle put bread in the toaster and switched it on. Then he began to wait, wait and wait ...
"Well, this is a bit slow... i will prepare the coffee"
He start prepare the coffee using a machine, after a while, he felt a smell of something burning.
"Dammn, the bread!!"
Nevol ran desperately towards the toaster but was too late... the toaster had exploded
Another explocion was heard.
As he guessed, the coffee machine exploded.
"Now i need make a new one... and clean this mess.... *sighs*"

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