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yami889 10-06-2012 09:23 AM

i have a question, who has an answer? (tiamat poll)
so Ive recently been playing fun troll builds, my favorite being 5 taimats and boots on shyvana as her twin claws while in dragon form is quite comical. my question isn't if the passive stacks as i know it does, but if the range increases the more tiamats i buy? id really appreciate an answer if anyone out there knows and thank you for looking at my post.

if you're looking to try fun troll build, use the same build on these 4 characters
i wouldn't recommend trying it on anyone else, maybe udyr but thats about it :) ty for looking at my post

LeetMasterAce 10-06-2012 09:28 AM

It doesn't. Multiple Tiamat builds would actually be viable if the range increased for each additional Tiamat. You'd wind up doing way more damage to surrounding targets than to the main target, meaning you could target the tank for massive damage to everyone around him.

yami889 10-06-2012 12:40 PM

aww, well thank you for responding Ace, i appreciate it

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