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PrfsrChaos 10-04-2012 11:20 PM

Help me with Kayle???
I've had Kayle for a while (I think I got her free during the re-work...or end of season 1...idk)

anyway...she seems like an awesome champ, has a slow, speed buff, shield, heal, shreds defenses, she flies and her sword lights on fire, (not to mention being a babe)...all good things with a champion.

However, I have 3 problems:

Not sure how to itemize her late game as a support.

Not sure if she's a mid or top lane when she is not supporting.

If she's going non-support should I focus on AP, AD or Hybrid?

Any tips? Help? suggestions? (please no..."just pick another champ qq" )


EDIT: When it comes to Runes...should I focus on armor pen with marks. and with everything else should I look towards adding dmg output like Atk Spd. or Survivability?

Bunnymo chan 10-05-2012 12:35 AM

1. Go the usual support build, shurelya, raduins/locket.

2. Shes all around shes actually suits top the best, you can build her much like an adc, going ie, and trin followed by some tankiness like with ga. Or you can go a hybrid, hextech revolver, nashor, trinity. Its really up to you. Her E ratios got an ap buff so you cant really go wrong if you go straight ap as well.
You really just need 25%-30% cdr, with that your e will only have about 1 sec of downtime, which is not a big of a deal.

She actually can be a viable jungler with a very fast clear, mediocre gank or dive or have team members turret dive lvl 6. Likewise you can build a hybrid or adc build.

I have yet to try her as a mid, but i reckon she is going to have lots off counters since her primary source of burst is her q.

omegam0 10-05-2012 07:07 AM

id say she excels as top lane hybrid and attack speed. she can be beastly if you do that. Also she can jungle decently as well if you build that way too.

EnderWiggnz 10-05-2012 08:23 AM

Kayle is one of the swiss-army knife toons in the game. She can literally be run in any of the 5 spots in the current meta.

A focus on AS is important as the vast majority of your damage comes from your E, after that, it's up to you how you build her. AP, AD, Tanky, Hybrid, Support are all viable. I like to run her in soloq because you never know if any of your team mates are going to derp on you and you need to fill an unexpected role.

If I'm left supporting in soloq, I definitely take her as I can't trust my ADC to be any good, and she can be a back-up adc.

Mynt 10-05-2012 08:25 AM

Supportwise, I try to grab GP/10, into Rageblade, and then whatever auras if not just spending the rest on wards.

Although it's nice to save the beneficial spells for the ADC, since Kayle has 3 different peels, it affords her the opportunity to build squishy. If any opponent seriously attempts to focus you, by nature of being a less 'valuable' target in teamfights it's okay to die. And yet with E + Rageblade, Support Kayle can actually outfight farmed enemy carries for a significant portion of the game. (About 'till their 200 CS mark.) And then if multiple enemies focus you, using your ultimate on yourself gives your team the chance to respond.

Realistically though, my typically build ends up being Philo Stone, Heart of Gold, maybe a Blasting Wand, then 50~100 sight wards + Oracle's for days. The whole point of support is to play a character that can survive without items, which exactly what Kayle is good at. Among other things.

Nerull187 10-06-2012 08:43 PM

good luck wif her i tried her and found out kayle can b quite finiky basically gave up unless in twisted

YokoDervenOmega 10-07-2012 11:31 AM

in my opinion kayle does best solo top or even mid if you really want. But going 1v1 you put out your slow, pop your e and hammer away. because of your passive every consecutive attack will do a little more damage. I build kayle kind of how i build teemo, get beserkers or malady first. The malady gives a nice attack speed buff, gives your e a bit more damage, and stacks very well with your passive. After that you can either get gunblade or nashar's tooth, after those two grab a hextech.

As far as skills max your e first, grab your second skill in q, but then max your w. The movement speed buff makes you nearly ungankable and the heal is quite nice, although it does take a bit of mana.

Let Me Blow You 10-07-2012 01:43 PM

If you go hybrid and focus on AS too, she can literally 1v5 lategame if the enemy clumps. Her healing is insane, and her shield lasts a pretty long time lategame, too. She's pretty vulnerable to CC though, and can be really delicate.

But Ideally, if you can get Hextech, Rageblade, Blood thirster, and triforce or IE, she's pretty much unstoppable without chaining CC or going full derp.

But, one of the things Kayle is infamous for, is that in order to reach that hyper-carry status, she needs gold out the wazoo.

VanillaCrunch 10-07-2012 05:40 PM

AD is fun for her. But AP is also nice. Whatever you're best at. Farm up and then just destroy everyone.

Amicitia 10-07-2012 05:57 PM

1. As a support, you want to buy items that give off auras/actives. Early game focus on grabbing your GP10's + wards

Such as; Aegis,Zeke's,Reverie & Locket

2. If you're supporting, go bottom with the ADC. Otherwise, go solo top as most of her builds are extremely gold dependent.

3. Depends on your liking. However, I've found that hybrid build works the best, focusing on AD & Attack speed, plus the little boost from the AP splash damage of her E / Her Q
I've found that items such as Guinsoo's, Hextech & Nashor's stack extremely well with Kayles' E, Righteous Fury.

4. Depending on what type of build you're looking for you mix your runes around. Personally, I take AS Marks & Quints, Armor seals & CDR Glyphs.

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