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drocker 10-03-2012 10:45 AM

Easy jungler?
Jungle is the only role iv yet to really get the hang of so any recomendations on some easy or not too difficult to learn? I was thinking of trying Amumu but thought id check the forums before hand.

NGG Codeluke 10-03-2012 10:55 AM

I would go Amumu. He's countered easily but he is a fine jungle with good cc and gank potential. Just build him tanky. Watch the Pro Player Pick from Snoopeh for more tips. Otherwise, Udyr, Skarner, Warwick are good junglers. Sion is actually a lulz jungler too. Just get his W and then farm your E after you get blue buff. But sion isnt the best choice since his ganks are probably ****

drocker 10-03-2012 11:05 AM

Any tips with runes for jungle amumu then?

Stocky142 10-03-2012 01:44 PM

well for a few easy junglers. its a matter of how fast you want to jungle and how strong you want your ganks, most champs can jungle but its a matter of how early they can gank. Some simple junglers and safe ones i would say are volibear and nautilus.

Jalian 10-03-2012 01:52 PM

you need to
a) find one who is easy to clear jungle with. Tankier/self heals, such as skarner or amumu
b) someone who ganks easily. don't try shaco or eve for this, go with someone who is fast, tanky, and has cc and/or gap closer. Again, skarner and amumu; their mechanics are easy enough to handle both jobs. some champs might outclass them (and others) in specific categories, but they do a decent job at both and are simple to play.

Stocky142 10-03-2012 02:09 PM

Runes for both voli and naut i go reds armor pen. -mostly for auto attack damage early so ganks around 2, 3, and 4 can have additional damage for lane you gank. yellows flat armor - the more armor you have the better on jungle survival and also the chance to build it later instead of earlier. blues magic resist per level. -its really only a matter later on the mr doesnt help with jungle but it does for late game ap users. most mages wont turn on you beause they dont have escape spells unless you caught buy a snare or stun etc....... and purples you can experiment a little bit i go gold per 10 per secs because some times you can find your self wasting time waiting for a lane to push out to set up gank. but you can also go health, armor, magic resist, and movement speed.
For masteries i would go 0-21-9.
Start cloth armor and 5 pots its really a safe way for any jungler.

TeknoWizard 10-03-2012 03:59 PM

I recommend Skarner. You can really jungle Skarner blind, drunk and stupid. He's point and click for one of the best CC's in the game. He also works into just about ANY team comp, so very rarely would he be a BAD pick.

Engrish 10-03-2012 09:12 PM

I don't recommend Amumu for learning how to jungle. Amumu is very blue dependent early game and if he gets counter-jungled it can set him back FAR. I would pick a jungler with HP sustain such as Warwick, Udyr, or Skarner because there is always a "fall back plan" which is farming.

Assuming your opponent is decent and has some wards:
Warwick is the #1 safest jungler but his ganks are weak pre-level 6. He has excellent sustain but, no CC pre-lvl 6. Once he hits 6 WW ult is basically a guaranteed kill.

Udyr is a very versatile jungler because his Bear Stance allows decent ganks at level 2 or 3. Udyr's kit is very good IMO. However Udyr has no one-hit-wonder ult.

Skarner is also versatile because he has a slow and decent sustain. His ult is also basically a guaranteed kill at level 6.

Don't take me wrong. Tank junglers like Amumu, Malphite, and Alistar are VERY strong because although they can't farm as fast, their ganks are extremely strong.

5kyMarshall 10-04-2012 01:14 AM

I would suggest maybe Warwick if you're new to Jungling.
He's built for it, hard to be counter jungled early game. Maybe start with him.

As for Amumu, probably one of my favourite Junglers. Just be careful early game as you're easily countered until mid-late game.

Core items; Philosophers, Heart of Gold and Mercs Treds (then maybe aim for Fire cape)
Skills I would go W, E, E, Q, E, R (Max focus is R, then E, then W).

Taoquitok 10-04-2012 05:09 AM

I'd suggest Jungle tank maokai. He has a variety of good jungle routes and is a very capable ganker and tank/initiator.
WARNING: Maokai is VERY mana hungry, especially if you want to be aggressive. you likely can't give blue away until the 3rd or 4th blue if you're not able to steal theirs.

In terms of runes, I play with attack speed marks, movement quints, armour yellow and mr/lvl blues.
Masteries are 0/21/9 http://leaguecraft.com/masteries/000...31130001000000
I start with the 15hp/5 item + 1 pot and I chuck one sapling in base so as to get 1 stack + mana back. Then I go to wraiths to near 1 shot them. Chuck your first box around 1:08, second on cd and then chuck the 3rd at 1:39-40 so that it'll deal the initial damage + explosion, just hit the big wraith, it'll die in 2 hits.

run to blue, you should get there around 1:55-2:00 depending on how used to this route you are.
DEMAND a hard leash from mid (or damage if they're incapable of getting blue to spin on the spot). You'll probably pop your pot there
lvl2 rank up Q. lvl.3 rank up E (sapling) again. lvl.4 grab 1 point in W and leave it as that till the end.

Once it's dead, Wolves > Wraiths again > Gollums > Red (DING LVL 4). At this point you can either gank mid/bot IF they're in a good position to do so and you have the health. if not, go wraiths (they'll spawn within a few second of getting their after red) and then to wolves

B > phil stone + boots if you haven't ganked. If you have ganked successfully and got enough money (around the 1200 mark I believe) ignore the boots and get a heart of gold.

From this point onwards it's all about 1. farming your jungle. 2. warding up their jungle and stealing their big minions. 3. ganks

To gank:
Initiate with W, instantly move ahead of them and use your Q to knock them up towards your team and while doing this chuck a sapling slightly ahead of them.so they'll have to run into it. Presuming your team is on the ball and you haven't just tried to gank their tank, the target will be dead very soon.. if not, chase as far as willing with your W and Q to keep them close.
Once you have your ult, also put this ahead slightly so that they either have to run through it (and so you can pop it just before they leave it) or try to run around it

Ability level route
lvl 2 gank (unlikely as mao as to gank usually requires Q and W and you really can't start with anything except E. This will only work with say a blitz bot or others with roots/stuns) E > W
lvl 4 ganks E > Q > E > W
Post lvl4. you want to level up Q and E first. it really is personal preference as to which you do first. I generally either alternate or go Q predominantly after E hits rank 3.

Item routes.
15hp/5+1hp pot
1. philo.stone +boots (or Heart of Gold instead if you can afford)
2.merc treads/ninja tabi depending on their team comp
3. Catalyst/chalice. (Maokai is very mana hungry, even with blue you can go oom fast, especially with your ult up). Your choice between the two is personal preference / whether you have the gold. Personally I've been going catalyst for the extra hp (good for your passive) and then either upgrading it early (either rod of ages or banshies) or sell it very late to get something specific to counter their team.
4. giant's belt
5. warmogs (if you're good at ganking you can sometimes skip 4 for this straight off)
6. depending on who's the damage output on their side, either upgrade your heart to a randuin's or go for a force of nature.
7. upgrade whatever you haven't upgraded / get specific items to counter their team (frozen heart/thornmail/banshies/etc.

by the time you hit 6, you can tank a full team under a turret as long as everyone keeps on spamming abilities and you keep on meleeing while standing within your ult.

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