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ModoTheGreat 10-03-2012 08:25 AM

Protect The Teemo (4v4 Dominion game mode)
Catch The Teemo for fewer players, since practically nobody plays it on the NA server =(

So here's the deal:
The map must be Crystal Scar, Team Size of 4, Blind Pick.
Each team MUST have a Teemo (not optional)
The game consists of rounds.
A round ends the moment one team's Teemo dies.
When a round ends, everybody has to stop fighting immediately.
When a round ends and the remaining Teemo does not die from any Damage over Time he might've been under, the remaining Teemo's side wins the round.
The team that wins a round has to capture the top point, and the top point ONLY.
Afterwards, both sides must recall and heal up in preparation for the next round. You may shop at this time.
The first team whose Nexus Health drops to 0 loses the game.

If anybody (except Teemo) dies, the round continues but the person has to stay in the spawn pool until the next round starts.
Nobody can use their Ultimate from the spawn pool.
Because it's 4v4, both teams must stay within the inner jungle (so no entering or crossing the circular road after a round has started).
Nobody is allowed to recall or walk to base except when a round ends.
ONLY the top point may be captured, and only when a round has been won or when the enemy cheated. If any other points are captured, you are allowed to neutralize them immediately.
A new round starts as soon as both teams are healed up and/or done respawning. No stalling because you can "almost buy that item" or for any other reason.

Teemo cannot capture the middle buff (aka Storm Shield).
Teemo may not buy Guardian Angel or Zhonya's Hourglass.
Teemo is allowed to stealth! Vision-granting items or -champions are recommended.
When either side wishes to surrender and start a new round, their Teemo must shout "SURRENDER" in all chat.

Draw conditions:
1) When everyone except both Teemos is killed in a round, the Teemos may choose to either draw or duke it out in the centre of the map. If either Teemo decides to draw at this point, the top point is neutralized and a new round begins afterwards.
2) When one Teemo dies and the other one goes down to whatever Damage over Time they were under at the time, the round is also a draw. Neutralize the top point before starting a new round.
Remember to stop attacking when either side's Teemo is killed! Continuing the battle at this point is cheating!

A light form of cheating, like a non-Teemo entering the outer ring, can be punished by neutralizing the top point (if the enemy team holds it). Heavier forms of cheating can be punished by ending the round in victory for the victimized team.

ModoTheGreat 10-03-2012 08:27 AM

If you think anything's missing or needs to be stated more clearly, go ahead and say it. No guarantees, I'm the one who decides whether I agree.

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