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summoner somenot 09-30-2012 12:18 PM

possible fix to turtling?
what if you made the base turrets shoot like they do now, but have them not able to kill people? like they can get the player down to 100 health, or 200 HP....400 HP....500 HP...

i only say that, because certain champs can abuse how close the spawn is to base turret.

this way, if you make the turret able to bring the champs down to lets say 400 health, but not kill them, the team turtleing actually has to do some kind of other dmg, other than a pull or fling, into turret.

Maybe add a debuff in turret so life steal / spell vamp does not work on enemy champs, that way a lvl 18 can not spawn camp them.

idk how it would work, it would need testing before release, but i think ultimately it will cut back on the games taking much longer than they should because of turtleing.

thanks for reading, peace.

edit: Might just be my pc, but it looks like its all in italics, and i did not add the [i /i] to make them appear that way.

idk why it is doing that. i thought maybe it would show regular after i submitted the post, but it did not. sorry

sgtpwntang 09-30-2012 01:43 PM

I agree it does cause longer games my solution would be to cap the healing u can get from sittin the turret so u cant run in and run out fully heal'd

xkhazixmaster18 09-30-2012 03:27 PM

or make it deal 80% current health -10 hp

That way u still gotta last hit em

Poopster 10-01-2012 08:27 AM

I agree the turtling can be annoying, but no.

Puffball 10-01-2012 08:36 AM

or maybe just convert some of the healing into temporary MR and armor so that it takes longer to heal but it would still be difficult to kill someone in the fountain

Redneck Ironman 10-01-2012 12:29 PM

Move the turret to the other side of the nexus.

Bogoran 10-01-2012 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by Redneck Ironman (Hozzászólás 29785782)
Move the turret to the other side of the nexus.

then you can't ward over the wall cus the turret will shoot it

Maxijazz 10-01-2012 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by Bogoran (Hozzászólás 29786574)
then you can't ward over the wall cus the turret will shoot it

Turrets don't shoot wards, only reveal them.

killamandude 10-01-2012 11:01 PM

fix minion pathing so they don't walk into the laser half the time. (without even being pulled)

Utensil 10-02-2012 12:34 AM

I just had a 50 minute game because of this in TT......even though we won it completely ruined the whole game.

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