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Hyocaso 09-29-2012 11:08 PM

Hecarim AD, stupid or cool?
Well. Some weeks ago I tried Hecarim when it was in the free week rotation. It was a nice champion, but... everyone expect that he was a support, a tank, and the fresh meat that every enemy want to attack.Even the jungler Hecarim is some kind of tank. The only guides about Hecarim with some AD build Warmog + Atma or Warmog + More HP items + 1 AD item. I decided to leave him, because I'm not a good friend of the 100% tanky champs, I'm more aggresive.

Today I was playing some Co-op vs. AI with two friends, and though "Ey, I've a weird idea... what if I try a AD Hecarim? A FULL AD Hecarim?". And so I did. The basic idea of the champion is...

- Berserker Greaves (my friend and me are still talking about this, he think the best option is Boots of Swiftness).
- Phantom Dancer (More crit. chance, more attack speed, more movement speed, and more AD for the movement speed bonus).
- Trinity Force (More AD, more AP for his W, more crit. chance, more movement and more AD, and... a beautiful passive to use with his Q spam).
- Infinity Edge (More AD, more crit. chance, and +50% critical damage)

The last two slots are situational. Maybe Warmog + Atma, maybe Blood, maybe Force of Nature, etc.

I've tried him two times (since now) in Co-op vs. AI intermediate. First time I was 6/4/13. Second time I was 20/3/18. I haven't tried him in normal games still because I want to see if it's a good option to build him that way.

The basic idea of this Hecarim I was thinking is... Q and E. Both of them use his AD. Charge against the enemy, pass through him, then turn back and attack him from behind to push him against the tower or your party. Then active W for a little of HP drain, and start to spam the Q. Q, Trinity Force active, basic attack, basic attack, Q, trinity force active, basic attack, etc.

I have my doubts now. I though it was a good idea because A LOT of support characters are viable carry. Soraka is a monster with AP carry. Sona can be AP and AD carry. Garen can be a tank but also can be a AD with critical damage. Amumu can be AP carry and AD carry. Karma can be AP carry. And some others. But in my last game we have one Amumu jungler in our party, saying "Hecarim carry good noob good", "Hecarim only have good sustain", "He es a tank, and I'm more tank than you", "You only do ks" (this last thing is completly false, I even have fighted 1 vs. 1 against Xin Zhao, against Morgana, against Sivir).

So... what all of you think? It's viable? It's a good option? Any of you have tried this or know about a build similar to this? I accept all kind of comments, but PLEASE if you think it's a bad option, tell me why, and show me good reasons about that. I'm looking for constructive comments, not just some troll saying "noob", "he's only a tank", etc.

Mambazo 09-29-2012 11:11 PM

Tanky Hecarim works best because he is completely melee, he needs to be in the middle of the fight for a good long time to have an effect. If you build full AD you will explode under focus fire before you can do anything. That said, pretty much anything can work under level 30.

Hyocaso 09-29-2012 11:21 PM

Hm... What about using the last two item slots in Warmog (more HP) and Spirit Visage (more self-healing) to sustain him more time and kill properly to cover this weakness?

About explode under the enemy fire under doing anything... Well, normal games are different from AI games, so I can't say anything about the normals. At least in the AI games I have enough time to do a lot of thing in late game. With Hecarim's aura activated in the center of the team fight I can heal from the enemy that my alies do to the enemies. With my ultimate I can pass through them to approach to the weakest enemy (i.e, the AD carry) and kill him in a few seconds (E activated before R, enter in the enemy team with R, then attack the squishy with the E charged, and finish with Q and a few basic attacks). Once again, doing a lot of damage with the W activated give me some healing, plus my allies damage.

But I need to try this a little more to confirm. I'm just saying that to talk about this weakness.

Btw, I'm level 30 so this must be a build viable in level 30 fights.

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