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Admiral 13otch 09-27-2012 05:50 PM

LoLTournaments.com Presents Octoberfest 5v5 Tourny!
Whatsup everyone!

LoLTournaments is hosting a free to join tournament with a $50 RP prize to the winning team!

Simply sign up at www.loltournaments.com. Team captains should create their teams then invite members via e-mail, which is all automated for you!

Tournament starts October 15th and runs through the entire week. Start times will be between 9pm-11pm EST, however we do encourage teams to work out start times on their own. Only 16 spots are available to the first teams that get all 5 players confirmed. There are 2 alternate spots available per team.

Its been awile since we've hosted a tournament but we are looking to get back into the swing of things and start building some excitement!

See you guys on the battlefield!

Reply with any questions or simply hit us up at www.loltournaments.com or like us on facebook!

Admiral 13otch 09-30-2012 11:13 AM

We still have spots open on our page! Join up today and win $50 Riot Points for your team!

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