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TaunkaTruck 09-26-2012 08:02 PM

Elo Hell, and other issues
I've been playing for several years, mostly normal games. Got 1300 wins or so, finally got brave enough to try ranked. I've been hearing about elo hell, hearing about how bad the raging and trolling is compared to normal games, etc for years. SO...I stayed away from ranked. Finally bored of normal, I recently gave in and tried ranked. I've been keeping track of my progress with it, and this is what I found:

First game: carried easy with Ez
Second game: carried easy with cait
third game: leaver, loss
fourth game: a feeder jarvan, lost by double digit kills
fifth game: a "support AP teemo" was bot with "ADC shaco." heavy loss
sixth game: a "Support Kennen" bot with ashe. heavy loss, lots of harrassment reports
7th game: a "support TF" with a nunu mid and a laning WW solo top...heavy loss

Well...that's enough, you get the point. I'm a noob in terms of ranked games, but I'm finally starting to see what all the years of rage over the ranked community is about. I offer my apologies for my silent eye rolls as I read the forums, I finally get what you're talking about.
My win ratio is at 30%. I don't see it getting any better. Leavers, trolls, last second random champs, duo adc lanes, no supports, no tanks. Some games we don't even get any bans because the captain "didn't realize it picked him" and ignored chat. Hell, one team even went 25:53 before dropping their first ward. It was a massacre. You get the point

To all the pros out there who have been doing ranked for far longer than I, I have but one question: How do you avoid all this mess and actually increase your elo? Or more importantly, your gaming experience? Starting to feel solo queue needs doused in gas and set on fire. Starting to kick myself for ever going ranked, everything I was told it was...it so far is.

ninjagear 09-26-2012 08:10 PM

the pros gained elo by one simple rule:

if your team is bad, and the other team is at the same elo, then they are also bad. and if you cant win at that elo, then guess wat? u baddie too.

TaunkaTruck 09-26-2012 08:21 PM

Well, I was hoping for an intelligent response, but I guess I'll work with what I'm given here. So you're saying if I have a ADC building support, our ADC choosing to go AP, no one on the team wants to ward and tells everyone else to buy them (no wards get bought by any), and people troll to the point teammates ragequit...and we happen to lose...that I'm somehow a baddie or related to the problem at hand, and that's all there is to it?
/_____\ this is a rock. Kindly crawl back under it.

ninjagear 09-26-2012 08:34 PM

so what your saying is matchmaking magically gives u 2k players to play against, and gives u 600 elo teammates?

pls think about what you are saying before you try to call someone out.

TaunkaTruck 09-26-2012 08:36 PM

I'm not saying the opponent is 2k at all. Some games the opponent gets the ragers, leavers, and trolls, sometimes my team does. I'm simply responding to your "LOL u is baddie, L2p huehuehue." Well...your version of it. Nothing constructive at all, no information at all. Hence my reply.

ninjagear 09-26-2012 08:39 PM

i gave u a very simple rule to live by, if u consider yourself better then the people you are playing with, then it also stands to reason you are better then the people you are playing against (since your all at the same elo). if your better then the other team... why are you not winning? simply put the reason you are not winning is because your not as good as you think you are. and you need to look at your own plays/builds/runes/picks and stop putting the responsibility of YOUR ELO on the backs of people you never met.

ninjagear 09-26-2012 08:59 PM

and there is nothing further to this argument, i wish u good luck sir on ur journey. personally i screwed up my placement matches, and often went on huge losing streaks. i was as low as 600 elo at one point. i learned. i got better. im back at 1200 and i know that the elo hell threads are pure QQ about people with hurt epeens. yes i believe there are problems with the elo system, but overall it has consistently rewarded the better players and there is no other argument that works besides 'if they did it and i consider myself good, then i can also do it, and if i fail, im not as good as i think i am, huehuehue'

TaunkaTruck 09-26-2012 09:18 PM

So by your logic, if I end up with say...3 trolls on my team, if I was "good" I could win 2v5. You have how much ranked experience again? That sounds fishy as hell.

edit: By the way, I have a total of 3 wins so far. Just finished a match (hence my delay in reply). The people I am facing have 135-336 wins. My team had 3(me)-120. We got pummeled (as usual) Guy got stuck top as a garen, fed on purpose, he ended 2-12, their wu wrecked us, we lost. Our jungle udyr didn't gank or show to team fights. Our graves...don't get me started. Swain (our mid) and I cant beat a corki, hecarim, ali (no, he didn't get bannned -.-), a uber fed wu, and a ziggs by ourselves. By your logic if I wasn't a "baddie" we could. Current elo 1042.

Oriphix 09-26-2012 09:28 PM

Yup same problem here new to rank and stuck with trolls etc.
Fun Fun.

ninjagear 09-26-2012 09:41 PM

lets start by examining your impressions of the game.


Originally Posted by TaunkaTruck (Hozzászólás 29661623)
..3 trolls on my team, if I was "good" I could win 2v5... garen, fed on purpose...Our jungle udyr didn't gank or show to team fights

just cause someone loses a lane does NOT make them a troll. just cause someone gets outplayed does NOT make them a feeder.

and for the record, dont start teamfights after lane phase unless ALL your teammates are there.... you have over 1k normal games? u arent backing out of a 4v5 situation? use the retreat ping, dont fight a fed team, turtle and pray they do a stupid dive, if they dont then well, u cant win them all.

btw im 13-5 with blitz this season, that guy makes games easy, i wish he wasnt permabanned or i would be higher elo already. i havent played a game recently as blitz where my carry didnt get at least 3 kills in lane, outfarm the other guy, and take the tower early allowing me to roam and gank other lanes. and trust me i have had some HORRIBLE carries that i fed. i almost regretted doing it cause i didnt feel like the deserved legendary status and the freelo that i 'handed' to them (see what i did there?) even with kills i dont build a tears on blitz, frozen heart / banshees veil is more then enough for tankyness. and you have no gp10 on blitz? you were support right? you should prolly make those first no matter what.

also i have over 700 games played this season.

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