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Tootsie 09-25-2012 10:30 PM

The Deceiver Unmasked
Until now, it was thought that you could never know the real Leblanc. This short series will reveal LeBlanc as so much more devious than anyone could have imagined.

With an air unlike any other, LeBlanc strides down the main hall of the Institute of War. Engineering her induction into the League of Legends was the first step in her quest for ultimate power and influence, but starting over from the bottom has its drawbacks, mainly boredom, as there were opportunities for her to wield her true power and cunning amongst this rabble of commoners. They feel important because of some trifle of physical or mental prowess that allows them to compete in the arena but few could rise to challenge of the deceiver in her full glory. And those who do might not notice the full and terrible weight of their decision of challenge until the proverbial knife was in their back.

Passing many who fail to notice her, with her outward facade completely emotionless all the while beautiful and terrible LeBlanc sneers inwardly at the prospect of culling the sheep around her when she rises to the throne of influence that she desires. For now, she works under the behest of High Councilor Heyward Relivash, but that will someday change and if he won’t resign himself to sit beneath her boots, than he has no further purpose. If only the League had become apparent to her sooner… it pains her to think that she was too busy in the relatively small game of ruling Noxus through the Black Rose that she erred in not noticing the formation of the institute of war until she did. The only thought that keeps her still playing the fool in this plot is that somewhere in the Institute is a power that she cannot imagine.

In the beginning Leblanc played her part, ever since being offered a job by the now High Councilor. Destabilize the world and create a need for the League. The previous High councilor Reginald Ashram had too small a field of vision and didn’t see the Institute of War wielding its power and influence like Relivash did. And so of course he had to be removed, so that a stronger envisioned leader might take his place. This plan originally enthralled LeBlanc, who despite her considerable influence and power, was quite confounded by the sudden appearance of this mythic proportioned organization.

Succeeding in her first job as confidant to Relivash, she quickly set about her other schemes. The Black Rose must go underground. They needed to be the eyes and ears of LeBlanc as she dealt with this new found and most powerful ally/enemy. The military quickly moved to fill the vacuum left when she submerged the Black rose. Weak politicians where swept aside when their invisible support vanished. They were replaced with brute commanders and blood thirsty mad scientists. But their leader was still a temperate and cunning man, General Boram Darkwill. A man that LeBlanc had known for a long time, this seemingly ageless general, who had been around as long as Leblanc had, and in fact they had been temperate allies up to this point, was a problem. This man could not be threatened or influenced into submission. He had too large a support in the now massive Noxian Army to be removed hastily. He must be replaced and the army must be given a grand goal to sate their primitive palates. And so Leblanc waited and watched for a prime candidate for his replacement, someone who could be manipulated subtly from the background but still is powerful enough to hold the army under his sway.

She found this man in the master tactician Swain.

kittytoast 09-25-2012 10:37 PM

It sent shivers down my spine at how delightfully deceptive LeBlanc comes off....heeeee *arm flail*

My favorite sentence: "it pains her to think that she was too busy in the relatively small game of ruling Noxus" hahaha damn. awesome.

LeBlanc is awesome. Good work!!

Tootsie 09-26-2012 11:47 AM

Thank you so much for the comment. I am glad you like it. I have some more and I will post it as soon as I reread and edit it. Thank you again, I really appreciate the comment.

Chapter two

She had met Swain long ago during his first rise through the Noxian ranks; he had an admirable resolve and efficient strength to inspire intense loyalty in those who served with him. He was exactly what she needed, a masterful warrior and mage, ‘ultimately expendable, but who wasn’t expendable’ LeBlanc mused.

His will and fierce determination made him harder to manipulate and so she had to create a need of herself for Swain. With the invasion of Ionia beginning soon, it had been the perfect time to rile him up and frustrate him by arranging that he be put in the reserves. It didn’t offer LeBlanc terrific joy bringing suffering to others, but it was a necessary and almost instinctive of her to flex her politic muscles occasionally for the sake of someone else’s suffering. No one should feel safe in the Noxian political system. Of course none around Swain knew the frustrations that he suffered, but LeBlanc could see into his heart and knew that this would be a terrible partition along the path for Swain and his ultimate goal, becoming the grand leader of Noxus. ‘Such petty goals, it shames me to think that I once prided myself in the same.’

This was the perfect catastrophe in Swain’s career that even the master tactician was willing to break character to look for assistance outside his own arsenal. With every story coming back from the battle field, news of victory or defeat haunted Swain, ‘If I was there, every battle would end in my victory and glory!’ The fire of hatred burned inwardly for whatever invisible hand had taken him away from his grand pleasure.
Of course having arranged this frustration, LeBlanc predicated accurately this move Swain made next and happily appeared as a saving grace and comfort for this new pawn in her master plot.

Swain was days short of storming the Noxian government building when he received a letter in the post. ‘We need to talk about your future’ signed with an insignia of a black rose and the letters Lb.

‘The Black Rose?!’ thoughts began to swirl in his head; this was truly an enemy to be reckoned with. He had seen in many classified military documents the same symbol on some of the most daring and influential military actions of past hundred years, including his regrettably failed mission to assassinate the young prince of Demacia. Before Swain was born, the Black Rose and its mysterious leader have been intertwined in the policies and government of the region. This was too intriguing of an opportunity to pass up, ‘my future? Will this be my enemy or my ally?’

Tootsie 09-27-2012 10:02 AM

Thanks for reading, everyone. If you like, please leave a comment or click on the poll, thanks again.

Chapter 3

“What could they possibly be doing!?” fumed Swain as he stalked the back alleys of south Noxus looking for anyone connected to the Black Rose. It had seemed like months since he had received the letter. Someone, anyone who could give him some information on the letter he had received. Impatience prospered desperation and dependence as he knew, but he still couldn’t help but sometimes fall into the same mental traps that lesser minds do.
Turning a corner and with steam almost rising from ears, he saw a thin robed figure standing at the end of the alley, leaning against the wall, shoulders squared towards the only exit which now lay behind Swain. His crow visibly upset, shifted uncomfortably on his shoulder and gave a strangled caw as the figure lifted its head to peer at Swain from underneath the cowl. Sensing an altogether threatening yet mundane situation, Swain prepared for an attack while also feeling an intense boredom. He would soon relate this paradoxical feeling with the woman who would put you at ease all the while making your hair stand on end from some unseen power and threat, the conscious mind battling unseen with animal instincts.

This was how the Master Tactician met the Deceiver.
“ We've been aware of you for a long time Swain.”

“You represent the Black Rose I presume.” Swain said in an even voice, confidant enough in his own powers not to be caught off guard by her sudden appearance. As he walked closer he saw that a slender figure of a woman accompanied the ambiguous but glossy high pitched voice. It was reflective and hard to place in location even though he saw the lips moving that made sound.

“Are you responsible for the letter?”

“It’s a shame what they did to you. Taking you off the front lines like that. We understand your worth and we need you.” Proud men love to be needed.

“What did you have in mind? And do you know who took me away from the war?” Swain said, not letting himself get too haughty or hasty when excited by an opportunity.

“You are cordially invited to join the Black Rose. Our organization has been controlling Noxus from the background since the nation was created. And this opening will present you with opportunities that you have schemed and killed for.”

Swain pondered for a moment what she could be talking about. ‘Did she know his past?’ Anger started to grow as it appeared she knew more about him than he would like. ‘Could she possibly know of his ambitions to one day rule Noxus?’

“You didn’t answer my questions! Who are you and what do you have planned for me. You are no simple messenger I can see that.” Swain began to bulk and feathers appeared to grow from beneath his cloak as his anger grew. “Don’t think that you can confuse or control me!” His mouth extended and sharpened into a beak as he rose to his full height.
The cowled figure smirked and as Swain took a step forward, ready to send his flock out in attack, she vanished.

In a moment of shock and confusion Swain saw what he perceived as an enchantingly beautiful woman in his peripheral vision as a staff was pressed into his back and voice whispered in his ear, “We’ll be in touch.”

Swain swung around to address this illusive foe to see that no one was there and at once he felt alone in the alley, no longer feeling surrounded like he had before. Reverting back to his humanoid form and glancing at his pet for an exchange of a knowing glance. ‘We will have to be more careful next time.’

kittytoast 09-27-2012 08:12 PM

...Swain is in over his head XD poor *******.

Tootsie 09-28-2012 11:27 AM

Chapter 4

In the days to come, Swain met with LeBlanc on many occasions after that night and with increasing confidence in his own prowess. As was LeBlanc’s plan. He no longer felt threatened as he did at their first meeting but instead that he had found a new ally, perhaps a lesser who would none the less aid him in his rise to the top. The day that it was revealed that LeBlanc was actually the leader of the Black Rose was not a surprise but a relief. Because he had been lulled into thinking himself the superior, he had become overconfident in their relationship while in fact, he was a puppet to her every whim. Every great idea and master plan was subtly placed into his mind via charming words and secretly delivered intelligence.

In exchange for his support once he was in the military again, she would find out who was standing in his way and help him dispose of them. With the weight of this organization behind him, Swain could do nothing but accept and scheme as he now saw a clear path to the top.

It was then when LeBlanc felt he was almost entirely in her sway that she revealed to him information that would start a whole series of events into action. She let Swain ‘discover’ that it was none other than Grand General Boram Darkwill who took him out of action. Darkwill feared the young and inspiring commander rising through the ranks too quickly and thought that Swain would one day overtake him. Enraged that he would be betrayed and cast aside because he was seen as a rival despite his loyalty to Noxus, Swain vowed to make General Darkwill’s fear a reality.

LeBlanc confided in the enraged Swain that she also had been deeply wronged. Darkwill was the reason that the Black Rose lost support in Noxus and no longer held the sway it did since the military took over the government. This was a fabrication that Swain whole heartedly accepted, glad to add this still powerful organization to his list of allies against the general who had so much clout. Swain left LeBlanc’s office that day with passion flaming in his eyes, “He will pay for what he’s done to me. Noxus will conquer the world and he/Darkwill will have no part in it!”

LeBlanc almost warmed with pleasure at how well her plan was unfolding. She wasn’t surprised of course. She thought it was unnecessary to find extreme pleasure in seeing the things she built succeed when she had no doubts they would turn out otherwise. With the vast store of knowledge and memories at her disposal, few things managed to surprise her anymore. And so, LeBlanc was quite confident that her next move would be the spark that set a war ablaze and changed the climate in Valoran forever.

Tootsie 09-29-2012 01:40 PM

Chapter 5

LeBlanc traveled to Kalamanda, an obvious choice for her upcoming endeavor. Kalamanda was a middle point between Demacia and Noxus and had always been a place of tension where the two city-states were forced to interact for many years. There was a tense peace at the time; neither country wanted to defy the League and take the first steps toward war. The League had forbidden conflict outside of their Fields of Justice and this served only to build tension and eventually cause a situation that would “force” them to intercede. The High Councilor had so much confidence in LeBlanc’s plan that he had placed a cadre of League agents under command. Although she preferred using her trusted and appropriately whipped Black Rose agents, she would have to give a little now in order for her to take later.

A mine with rich veins of many desirable ores was ‘discovered’ by LeBlanc and her agents posing as neutral prospectors. In fact, the mine had been there for quite some time, and had almost no value worth digging for, although that wasn’t the report covertly delivered to both Noxus High Command and Demacian royalty. This report, filled with false information about the value of the Kalamanda mine, was delivered in time so that both states began digging simultaneously and therefore also had equal claims to the useless mine and would both bye for exclusive rights. Because of the pompous nature of the two city-states, both instantly claimed to find immense riches while secretly striving to find some worth that would equal the pain and effort they had put in, not to mention match their rival’s apparent good luck.

Having overseen the start of what would soon be war, LeBlanc returned home in time to meet with Swain for a cup of tea in her office.

NÂş 5 09-29-2012 07:01 PM

LeBlanc is my favorite champion! I loved reading the Journal of Justice during Season 1. Your story is so entertaining :D

Tootsie 09-29-2012 10:44 PM

Hey, Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the comment. Ya, I love LeBLanc, so I wanted to fit her into everything. I will put up more soon.

Tootsie 10-01-2012 12:37 AM

Chapter 6
I take my inspiration from riot posts, judgments, and general lore. This post has actual quotes from LeBlanc's judgment and it was a big inspiration to me, so I want to give them credit.

Sitting across from each other, an outsider would see a curious old man with a bird and a beautiful young woman sipping tea and having a pleasant conversation. Why not being entirely untrue, the gravity of the conversation that would take place supersedes the mundane facts of either one of them.

"Exquisite," Swain rasped. "Matron LeBlanc, you have always had impeccable taste."

“I have.” LeBlanc replied with a curt smile. So many of her tastes were memories from an ancient being rather than her own. LeBlanc was herself, and not. Whenever those tastes clashed with this body’s natural ones, there was an added bitter aftertaste. It might have been mental, a physical representation of a bitter defeat when one mind dominating another, or simply a remnant of a taste bud that wouldn’t be controlled.

Swain passed over the thorned onyx ring, given to him as a symbol of agreement and cooperation by LeBlanc. As he did, he said, "The Black Rose is yours, Matron, but I have become something greater. The time has come. Join me in fellowship, and we can restore what was taken from us by Boram Darkwill."

Of course LeBlanc knew of what he was speaking but that didn’t make her happy. While she was away, Swain took it upon himself to enact his own plan. If she had commanded him to do it, she wouldn’t have been upset at how brilliant the plan was. He was becoming stronger.

Swain had been inducted back into the military, as General Darkwill’s aid. He had approached the general offering to work loyally under him, while offering up the secrets of the general’s enemy, the Black Rose, as further incentive. Darkwill had become too cocky since his takeover of the military and gladly accepted that this former rival would now be his new pawn for glory and victory.
Swain was now in the perfect place to design and enact the death of General Baron Darkwill.

At that moment, her assistant arrived at the door, informing her that General Du Couteau had arrived. “Send him up.” Leblanc replied, sending Swain a questioning glance. Swain had acted again outside of her will. This Du Couteau had been doing quite a bit of snooping around and was not at all un-clever.

Du Couteau had even begun researching into how the Institute of War was influencing the world. If only this man had appeared later, he would have been of great use. ‘It is too early, I can’t have this fool snooping around and interfering with my plans,’ she thought. It occurred to LeBlanc that perhaps Swain had invited Du Couteau here so that she would have to get rid of him. With Du Couteau gone, it left a place for Swain at Darkwill’s side. That clever ******* Swain was getting out of hand. If it hadn’t been for LeBlanc’s ultimate goals, she would have had to deal with him too.

Marcus Du Couteau walked into the room. He was already tense, imagining that this meeting could be the last thing he did on earth. But it was worth it. ‘I was able to see Cassiopeia one last time. If only little Kat wasn’t away, I would have liked to have seen her too,’ he thought ruefully. ‘A letter will have to do if this goes wrong.’ Having the chance to confront the leaders of the massive conspiracy that he had been researching was too good a chance to pass up. ‘It’s for the future of Noxus, and my daughters.’ Hopefully, he hadn’t made a mistake in coming.

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