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Supaka 09-25-2012 07:50 PM

Xpecial says...

Xpecial: When we're behind in a match, we constantly look for ways to pull ourselves back into the game. The most common phrase that we use at these times is “go for late game,” which basically means to stop dying and farm. Even though this doesn't always work, it at the very least ensures that we are on the same page, know what needs to happen, and even acts as a voice of reason when the game may be spiraling out of control. More importantly, instead of focusing on what happened a few moments earlier, we figure out what we need to do to keep moving forward - it's not about the team fight we just lost, but rather what we need to do to win the next team fight.
I'm not a fanboy of anyone. I don't plan on getting into which team is going to win the championship. I also don't plan on getting into who is or isn't a good or bad popular LoL player.

Xpecial says: Go for late game


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