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Sykper 09-21-2012 05:33 PM

Broken Glass (Breaking the Light Prologue)
{{ Hey folks! For those unaware, this is a RP story dedicated to the events followed in the Ahri's Friends RP going on, due to the depth and length of this RP, I have decided to separate it from the main thread into its own. But, as the title illustrates, this is a very closed RP, the events that transpire here happen during a certain week on Runeterra, but are much longer in the Void.

AND, since it is the Void (or my depiction of the terrible place, seriously it isn't gumdrops or rainbows LULU!) the content I might depict might be graphic, nor can it easily be intervened. As such the only persons I can allow here are:

- Glass (Played by Myself)
- Red Lizard (Voidborn Reptile, also played by Myself *Don't hate!*)
- Eric (Commonly known as Phantom, played by ShadowofChaos, he has control over all his 'egos')
- Kassadin (The Voidwalker 'walks' where he pleases, but he knows full well the dangers here, it might be no surprise if he gets injured or almost killed! I am serious!)
- Malzahar (Not really coming to the Void, but he can see everything...he is sort of like Ceiling cat- I jest)
- Any summoners or champions who can have a reason for their characters to be there, like 'My guy spent 2 weeks creating a portal and took every precaution to see how the Void is doing' or something like that.

Warning: Your characters can die, no, will probably die if you try to do something dumb. Scenario: Your character is about to get stomped by a titanic Voidborn. There is no 'Well he lifts the titanic Voidborn's leg up, like Goku from Dragonball Z' NO, you get smashed to bits if you stay under the foot of the titan, the Voidborn are scary ****ers (pardon my french). And, if you bring some frigging GM character in with twenty million abilities that never seems to take any damage, well...heh, the Void has ways...(*glances at ShadowofChaos, grinning evilly*)

Anyways...with all that said...}}

The Void...

It is infinite by design, but that might be overshadowed by the amount of pain, misery, destruction, sorrow, and any other negative emotion it carries within it. Cries of terror and pain are always present, as are beastly howls from feral Voidborn which lurk in its depths...

There is no broad definition for the Void other than what was just described, it is not a place for mortals, and yet somehow Kassadin the Voidwalker through some miracle accepted it and managed to control it to an extent. Still, the existence of Kog'Maw and Cho'Gath on Runeterra speaks volumes for what the Void might churn out in the future.

...It seems like some individuals did not get the memo, as a man cloaked in shadows and another with part of an Red Voidborn Reptile sticking out of the shoulder have somehow stepped into the Void, their quest has brought them there for different reasons, they 'float' in endless dark space...looking around their new surroundings...the red lizard speaks-

"Welcome foolish humans to the worst mistake of your lives."

TheShadowOfChaos 09-21-2012 07:40 PM

Eric walked along somehow while absorbing the surroundings. Along side him was a ball of hellfire and an orb of shadows. These orbs emit powerful forces, one radiating wrath while the other a more malicious feeling. Eric faces the Lizard in surprise.

"The way you said that worries me in a way. This better not be a long drawn out trap."

Sykper 09-21-2012 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by TheShadowOfChaos (Hozzászólás 29516852)
Eric walked along somehow while absorbing the surroundings. Along side him was a ball of hellfire and an orb of shadows. These orbs emit powerful forces, one radiating wrath while the other a more malicious feeling. Eric faces the Lizard in surprise.

"The way you said that worries me in a way. This better not be a long drawn out trap."

The Lizard smiles, the party isn't entirely walking as much as floating, it is almost like walking through water, the pressure on their bodies was pretty strong. Glass was protected from the toxic air of the Void by the Lizard's own magic while Eric had his shadow powers ensuring he didn't breathe in the toxic fumes...regardless the strain was like gravity here was stronger than the normal world.

"It is beneficial to be paranoid, however I have no motive to desert or lead you all into a trap, due to my current body being sealed by Glass. Rest assured that finishing this mission to end the bargain benefits me greatly human."

Glass is still looking around in awe, it is like looking into the night sky, except waves and patterns of purple lines move about. There are some patches of areas in the Void that are unique though, with single colors like gray, blue, green, or any colors really. They seem stagnate-

"Huh...so...where do we go...?"

The Lizard pauses and he looks to Eric-

"Before that, I have a question I forgot to ask earlier...shadow-man, what did you say you were looking for here? A person I believe?"

TheShadowOfChaos 09-21-2012 08:17 PM

Eric laughs a bit before answering. "I am looking for a sorceress/sorcerer void being who has some information and some samples for me to pick up. When I met the being at first, it was in a female form. However I have doubts to whenever it is her real form or not."

Sykper 09-22-2012 05:13 AM

The Red Lizard sort of looks at Eric blankly...

"...I don't suppose you recall anything unique about this supposed Void Being do you? Because frankly there is about 100 or so Voidborn I can name off the top of my head that match that description..."

The lizard doesn't look like he is joking...Glass just seems to like hovering around, testing how to move around in this weird space.

TheShadowOfChaos 09-22-2012 08:24 AM

Eric then summons a hologram-like shadow, showing the sorceress. "Hehe..she was a pretty one, but because she is a voidborn, I doubt this is her true form. Though I hope it really is..hehehehe.

The Hellfire ball sends a wrathful stream of lava onto Eric while the shadow orb laughs.

Sykper 09-22-2012 09:10 AM

The Red Lizard investigates the image...

"Hmm, this is detailed enough I suppose. I know where we should go, but Traveling in the Void isn't exactly normal. You have probably already noticed the lack of any 'substance' here. Well, the Void itself is comprised of pure energy and darkness, and only when Voidborn reach a certain age or evolution or power can they manifest...'places' here."

The Lizard points at the various colored areas of shapes and sizes-

"Those places are 'Domains', locations where strong Voidborn live, places devoid of the unstable energy that surrounds us now, and put to good use constructing plains, or trees, castles, anything that comes from what the specific Voidborn wants the most. Feral Voidborn create jungles and habitats, Sentient Clan ones make villages or towns...although, you can hardly call any of these places homes, always under attack, always at war..."

The Voidborn shrugs as he turns back to the party-

"I believe we should head to a certain Domain, a city that embodies greed, lust, and war. Naturally the trek itself would be dangerous, the city itself would put any of your human cities to shame in terms of crime...ha, crime...I don't think that word exists on this side. There, we can probably find more information, no objections?"

The Red Lizard keeps nodding, almost seems like he is eager to go to this 'city'.

TheShadowOfChaos 09-22-2012 09:30 AM

The three entities looked at the Lizard grinning darkly at the mention of this city.... "Darkness and pure energy are our element. We thrive in such a place. Now as for that city...those things it embodies, interests us very much. You see when we aren't contain such negative energy nulling much of the effect. Our minds are set to one of the major Sins. For Demonicus it is wrath, for Ghost it is Greed...well Greed for blood and pain if one can explain...for me..you guess. Now let us go to the city."

Sykper 09-22-2012 09:56 AM

Glass sighs...'Wow, they really seem into this' he thinks to himself

"So willing, very well, give me a moment..."

The Red Lizard closes his eyes...he is gathering his senses of where they are in the Void as Domains do not stay stagnant...finally after a moment he opens his eyes and points in a direction-

"The city is in that direction, there are a few domains we need to pass through, so prepare yourselves accordingly. Oh, and if you haven't figured it out, moving here is more of a mental exercise, if you want to walk, you can, if you want to fly, you can. Any sort of action will still make you move at the same pace, let us go."

Glass nods and he sort of floats in the direction, there doesn't look to be any immediate Domains up ahead so it might be a bit of a trip-

"If you have any questions while we travel, you can ask them now, but be warned that when we go into a domain, be alert."

The lizard says while sitting onto of Glass's shoulder.

TheShadowOfChaos 09-22-2012 10:13 AM

Eric floats along with the two, an aura of thick black surrounds him showing that he truly was changed for now. He looks at his surroundings checking every little thing. Though under all of this lies the true main goal that he needed to do. No matter how changed he will become, his goal will not.

"I need to ask.....this domain we are going to, is it a big major one?"

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