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Vashos 09-17-2012 04:43 PM

Summoner Vashos' Sculpt Journal
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So I told myself I wasn't gonna do this anymore and stop wasting time on it, but Sculptris is like crack for me and I keep getting more and more into 3-d lately. Seems kind of sad that I wasted my time in school getting a comp-sci degree now.

Anyway! I've been doing sculpts of a lot of League characters lately and I'm just gonna dump them in this thread. They're gonna be in various stages of completion because I tend to go back and forth between them to keep things interesting for me. I've got three in the works so far. One you guys have seen before, the other two are new.

I'm not gonna keep this thread real formal or anything; just a place to collect some work. Maybe I will do a video of me working on a champ if anyone wants to learn something about 3-d modeling.

Vashos 01-03-2013 12:58 PM

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I read Ryze's league judgement awhile back and after the holidays I find myself with some spare time, so I thought maybe I'd do a little comic with 3-d renders to go with his story. I had a buddy of mine who works for a software startup offer to let me use some of their networked PCs as a render farm during off-hours, too, so I made changes to the Ryze sculpt I had going up in that first post. Namely I took his beard off because I'm going to use particles instead. (yay! fancy!) I've never used particles before, but I did a little test-run in Blender and I think I can swing it.

Also, I've had to consider Lilith, the mage Ryze gets his tattoos from. I decided to take an ethnic slant with her and am happy with the look I got in my doodles. I took a screencap of their WIP sculpts side-by-side so you check them out. I am sculpting Lilith's hair onto her because it's coarse (dreadlocked) and the normal hair particle systems don't pull that off well. I may be able to fiddle with some volumetrics to get a look I want but I'll worry about that later.

Vashos 01-14-2013 10:31 AM

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So, I asked in the thread for the Digi Art contest if 3d renderings were ok and no one has answered, but hey! 3d is digital and can be presented in 2d like any traditional illustration so, I'm like ok, I'll give it a shot. I'm very slow since I'm an amatuer with no training in 3-d and may not get it done in time, but it's a motivating factor and that never hurts.

Anyway. I'll be using Ryze since he's almost ready for retopology. I'm going to work out his hands/arms and do some scaling then he'll be pretty much good to go. I'm not gonna overwork his legs and feet since they're going to be covered up anyway and I'm on a deadline. I have to make a call. >:|

I have an idea for a scene congealing in my head, but I'm open to suggestions for how Ryze would get his train on. Mages are hard to make exciting for 'preparing for battle'. He'd probably just read a book...

Vashos 02-03-2013 04:59 PM

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Who dat?

Yeah. I started another one. Thresh this time, because I really like his whole look/concept. My favorite thing about him, though, is his walk animation. A lot of the champs have really wonky runs/walks, but his is very natural and whats more, it's very visually sinister. He moves very purposefully and it's like in a horror movie where the idiot teenagers are hiding in a closet and the ax murderer is just clicking his heels down the hall to f with them. He wants them to know he's coming so they can sweat a little. Oh, but when he really gets going he glides and then you be lucky if you hear him coming at all.

I also really like his VOs. I have a habit of putting custom sounds onto my recycle bin when I dump files, and right now I'm using the laugh he does when he uses his ult, It's driving everyone crazy. (I had it on Garrett's "Bye, bye, Hammers!" from Thief for the longest time)

Vashos 02-05-2013 03:08 AM

Hey, so, I saw somebody else streaming on Twitch last night and since I said in my first post months ago that I'd try to do some vids I figured I would do one today. Cause I'm bored. Here's me working out the beginning of Thresh's body.


Vashos 02-07-2013 12:22 AM

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I bet you thought I forgot about Ryze and Lilith huh? Ohoho. Well, no, I didn't. Been particularly keen on getting Lilith worked out because I'm thinking of having another little design-a-kit-for-RP contest over in the Champion Concepts forum for her. Having some art to present is always good for inspiring people I've found.

Anyway. Lilith. Lives in the Howling Marsh, which is also where Karthus was/is a prominent resident. Obviously being that I've chosen to take the ethnic angle, she lives in a swamp, and is a known hedge witch (to Ryze, anyway) I'm totally channeling a black mambo here. Bayou priestess, oh yeah. So with that in my head I started working out some clothes and details on her today. She got long bone earrings, bird skull pauldrons, and a lose, draping top that's gonna have a slit running up one side along the leg. Asymmetry will lend some interest. I also sort of realized after-the-fact I totally had Morrigan from Dragon Age in the back of my mind on that as she has a top that is similar (and is of a similar character concept).

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