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Invariel 09-15-2012 05:25 PM

Bots, show some skin.
I like character skins. Most of them look really interesting, and I do enjoy watching Teemo drop Easter eggs or little pyramids instead of mushrooms. However, I don't want to rush out and buy skins without having seen them, and there is no (obvious) way for me to look at a skin before it's bought short of seeing it in a game.

Players use skins when they have them, and I think it would be a good marketing tool if the bots in Intermediate or higher (when implemented) games could randomly use skins as well. I'm not saying that every game should have a skinned bot or two, but that in, say, 1% of all bot games, at least one bot wore a skin.

There isn't a bot for every character, and that's understandable, but for the bot characters that there are, showing off their different skins would make for an interesting visual treat, if nothing else. Since the skins don't affect character play, the AI for the bots doesn't need updating, and the change, while purely cosmetic, would certainly show off some character for the characters.

Cthulhu Girl 09-15-2012 06:53 PM

There are multiple ways that one can view a skin on the internet before buying it, but I do agree that showing off some of the skins in bot games would be very enjoyable and a good marketing tool. It makes the game more fun!

Invariel 09-15-2012 11:39 PM

To me, it's not just a matter of viewing the skin. I like to see it in action. Dethklic suggested being able to see the skin when viewing a Champion's abilities (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2579137) and that's a good solution, but you don't get the full experience until you see the Champion in action.

ACGIFT 09-16-2012 02:54 AM

There's plenty of places where one can see a skin in action; thankfully that's what other sites are happy to provide. (like, say, YouTube)

But I do agree with the above; it wouldn't just be cool, but for Riot's side I can't help but think it'd be an EXCELLENT marketing tactic. I mean, constantly skinning every bot would grow old, (and fast!) but the occasional skin-toting bot would definitely draw attention. And just like many people take an interesting in champions after watching OTHERS play them, I can't help to think the same would apply for skins.

Invariel 09-16-2012 01:31 PM

I don't think that it is a good idea to have to go to an outside source to witness something I should be able to see in-game. All the more reason to have the skins on bots.

Jerkoholic 09-17-2012 06:34 PM

This would be an amazing idea. Then kids have a reason to try a few bot games before joining a PVP game with a character they have never played before.

Mirai Lotus 09-18-2012 11:32 PM

IT is so easy to find what skins look like on youtube. You are just not looking for them.

THOUGH: riot should gear up bots in different skins to help promote the buying of skins. Maybe use that money to make a *HINT* server on the east coast to reduce ping* HINT*.

Invariel 09-19-2012 01:13 AM

I shouldn't have to leave Riot-owned space to view Riot-produced material. At all. Encouraging or forcing me to do that gives ad revenue to other people, potentially steering me away from other Riot-themed purchases.

TheFlyingSpoon 09-19-2012 12:17 PM

bump. Good idea. With the multitude of skins it would be good business sense to "advertise" skins in this way. Maybe one bot / game has a random custom skin?

Invariel 10-01-2012 03:23 PM

Sorry about leaving this for so long -- I went on vacation for a week.

I think one skin every game is a bit much, but some frequency greater than 0 would certainly help.

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