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Nimbulan 09-21-2010 01:39 PM

Quick JUST begining questions
so i have played 3 5v5 practice with only bots and have a couple questions.

1) I have read threads about people finishing practice games in like 13 minutes? it takes me like 50 minutes. Am I being really stupid somehow or is 13 minutes someone who is a high level and has good items?

2) when the game starts, should you buy an item with your starting gold? I have been playing Ashe and buy a ring or dagger i think, is it best to save up money form the get go or what?

3) what is the big deal with level 6 a read about? ultimate? is that just the 4th spell/ability?

4) lets use ashe for example how do you level up your abilities/spells from 1-18? i have been putting in volley and the 4th ability whenever I can and the others when they are the only option. Is there a 'standard' order people generally use? like buy these 3 items first, and these skills first 4 levels etc?

5) I have read ashe is a kiter? but I don't understand what that is... :x

thanks for the help just brand new to dota and kinda interested in the game if I can get a few friends involved.

Urobolus 09-21-2010 01:45 PM

1. It takes practice, the right champion(s), and rushing mid. I can clear it in 9 minutes, but you don't get IP under 11 minutes.

2. Yes. Always purchase a starting item. Try to fit in some HP potions (and MP if you have mana problems). If you buy a really cheap item (like Boots of Speed or Cloth Armor) you can pick up a Ward as well (but that's another topic altogether).

3. Levels 6, 11, and 16, your Ultimate becomes available for level up. The only exception to this rule is Udyr. Get your Ultimate as soon as you can..

4. 1 point in E (not at the start. Start with Q or W, and get a point in E at level 4 for the active component). Max out Q and W first (prioritizing whichever you see fit, I personally go Q > W). Get R whenever you can.

5. Kiting is attacking your opponent, then moving back to safety, in the meantime staying completely out of their range. Repeat until they're low HP. Ashe is one of the best at doing this due to her Q passive.

Nimbulan 09-21-2010 01:55 PM

thanks a lot, I take it items are mostly a play style thing?

SomniumProxy 09-21-2010 01:57 PM

hey ^^ Welcome aboard :P I'll try to clarify that for you

1. yes, practice games are usually finished very quickly against bots, but that's the standard for experienced players, keep in mind that in this game there is a very huge difference between players of different skill level, and also a lot of variety (instead of just players who are new and players who know the game... I can compare the skill level to chess. there just are a lot of platforms to reach ^^. If you're unfamiliar with the genre, don't push yourself too hard, people have been playing this for years :P)

2. ALWAYS use your starting gold :P It's the starting advantage that you should use to get the upper edge and win your first grounds against the enemy (or make the first kill, best case scenario - althouhg making him go back to heal is very valuable as well, as you get to kill minions and gain level in the meantime).

The Doran's items are great for starting, and I strongly suggest you use those + a health potion untill you feel comfortable enough for a more complicated build. (it's the risk vs rewards system. Doran's is the safest way. Other opening involve more risk but greater rewards if you succeed. Example: you buy an item component which doesn't really give a lot of stats (saphire crystal). But then, if you still manage to get a kill, you can get Sheen very quickly, which is a recepie item, and at this point you'll definetly have an advanatge. But you started with lesser stats. SO if you don't feel like you can outplay people just yet, go for the safe way.

3. yes, and it is very important. Usually your "ultimate", as the 4th ability is called, is very gamebreaking and allows a whole new layer of play. Ashe as an example: you can stun people from an infinite distance, if you aim well. You could support battles all over the map :P

4. For each champion there are tons of different builds and strategies. Not to mention when you get really into the spirit of the game, you'll consider not just strategies that make you strong, but also ones that counter your enemies.

A very generic build for Ashe involves Volley as max, (this still means Ultimate takes higher prioryti if available), your E skill once and Q afterwards. This allows you to scout the map with your level one skill, and put more points into frost arrows which allow you to kite. Which brings is to 5...

5. Kiting. This is reffered to as the ability to deal damage from a distance, while maintaining this distance. In ashe's case, frost arrows. You fire an Arrow, run a bit back, fire an other one, move, fire, etc. Your oponent is slowed and with good boots and high level in forst arrows, you are able to move the distance he moved + some extra giving you time to fire in between. Thus you deal damage while keeping yourself at a distance, safe. There are other champions with similar mechanics.

Nimbulan 09-21-2010 02:03 PM

thank you much

what would be a good time with ashe 5v5 all new player bots practice round in the rift map when just starting out? is 20 minutes reasonable?

I admit I have not been using potions at all, that undoubtedly has slowed me down as I am dying a lot :C)

SomniumProxy 09-21-2010 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by Nimbulan (Hozzászólás 3029992)
thank you much

what would be a good time with ashe 5v5 all new player bots practice round in the rift map when just starting out? is 20 minutes reasonable?

I admit I have not been using potions at all, that undoubtedly has slowed me down as I am dying a lot :C)

20 min is fairly possible, but don't sweat it if you don't make it. 25 is still good, Ashe not being the fastest pusher :P

Stillhart 09-21-2010 02:12 PM

I'm L15 now and I've been playing for maybe 3 weeks. I think clearing the map in 20 minutes is astonishingly fast. I can't imagine clearing it in 11 or less. I say just keep working at it and see how it goes, set 11 minutes as your goal if you must since that's the "best" time you can get and still get IP.

Nimbulan 09-21-2010 03:45 PM

just did 31, moving in the right direction :)

nibblitman 09-22-2010 10:33 PM

Just some advice, you should try playing against real people because those bots do not react at all the same way that people do. I know that in some low level games that I played games I saw people that are used to the bot reactions go up against another person and it never goes well, so make sure not to expect the always run away and never chase tactics of the bots when you move to real people.

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