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robindaboywonder 09-14-2012 10:08 PM

Good Dominion Bot champs
Personally i prefer going bot and defending. The action may be focused up top but down bot its a serious battle between 2 opposing forces. 1v1 typically (unless ganked ofcourse) in a game mode that focuses on givving gold and basicly playing champs as if they are fed is intense. I have tried and done successfully well with a few different champs and thought i would post them and ask who do u like playing bot as

NOTE champs like heimer who is very strong at bot are not the champs i desire to play and try. i enjoy champs who have the potential to be amazing defenders while strong enough to push a tower if need be. Pretty much a champ u wouldnt ban if u played draft (that is if u have time to wait in that que anymore)

My bread and butter for the longest time was botting Malphite. now he might be considered a strong, a top tier for dominion, but not ban worthy. he builds tanky and as for damage can go ad or ap depending on how the situation plays out. Because i build him differrently i cant really give a build. when ad malph u use the W skill to increase ur attack damage for a period of time and deal plenty damage. when ap ur q is ur main poke and ult does crazy burst damage.

Swain was the next champ that i tried out bot with. unlike malphite u need to be more passive at the startwhile farming. using ur snare to farm most of ur early creeps. At lvl 6 is when swain gains his lane sustain. Dominion grants an amazing mana regen buff for all champs which helps swain alot, however he still need heafty mana if he wishes to stay in ult form to fight for longer periods. i open with tear of the goddess and boots. this puts me at a disadvantage earlier since i have no ap item. but grabbing archangel's first allows swain to continually gain mana and stomping power. Rod of ages and frozen heart are great items to get a tanky ap bruiser while also feeding ur mana=AP passive. Crystal sceptor, hourglass, and abyssal sceptor are a few good option to build on swain making him hard to kill.

Maokai is the newest champ i am into and he he similar to swain in play style. Maokai can deliver strong burst of damage if u build him with decent ap, however his early game is lacking. Once Maokai uses his abilities he really cant do much damage wise so its best not to engage. I draw the enemy closer to my tower by only throwing sapplings to farm and occasinally q hitting the wave. MaoKai's abillity build can vary, sometime i rank sapplings max first to help kill off incoming waves but around 3 or 4 is good. I take w around lvl 7 with q and e being my main source of poke and clearring. blasting wand and boots into rod of ages then get a needlessly large rod and sorcerer's shoes. hourglass followed by crystal sceptor and abyssal sceptor and my 6th item is situational. Garrison plus ult on tower is strong whether defending or capturing.

So these are 3 champs i play bot with, how about u?

Kiddalee 09-14-2012 10:24 PM

You have a good eye. Pushy bottoms are gimmicky and as you improve, you'll see them doing worse. Sustainers and assassins are owning pushers. Sustainers survive ganks better while holding their point. Assassins just walk up and kill the pushers. I'm currently working on my Maokai, as he does all three.

robindaboywonder 09-15-2012 01:12 AM

thnx. but i guess we are the only ones who care about bot champs in dominion.

Kiddalee 09-15-2012 05:40 AM

I think it's more that the discussion is already well-established. Have you been to the DominateDominion in-game chat room, or the tournament livestream? The tournament is tonight at 8EDT.

Infirc 09-15-2012 05:41 AM

it was Alistar before the Nerf to his E (no heals half the amount to minions, it didnt happen before) i could go bot and Heal minions all day long effectively stacking a wave and then using W effectively pushing away champions that had funny intentions with my minions, it made waves easy to stack and it made promote viable i think my record was having a SUper Minion for the entire duration fo the Promote CD effectively allowing me to Promote another Super MInion and only those two SUper Minions plus the massive wave were able to cap a point without me having to channel at the enemy turret, (i wish is till ahd the replies but i reformatted my computer without saving them :()

now my favorite bot is Nunu followed close by Yorick, i know Yorick is more effective but he has no countergank mechanism asides from his ult and even then the gank will be somewhat successful while Nunu can actually escape a gank thanks to E+W and keep Pushing forever thanks to Q.

Stepp1987 09-16-2012 11:40 PM

Well, when I got bottom lane in Dominion; I always choose Malphite. Just a personal preference, I guess; some people just assume that I don't know how to play a tank as him.

Peaches Da Whale 09-17-2012 01:06 AM

I Main bot lane in dominion im currently 188-152 i run promote/flash yorick as my main by far the best bot champ in the game accels in all aspects. the only champs ive seen that can counter yorick "well" is jarvan and fiddle. other good bot laners that i play sometimes if im to hung up on yorick is darius and riven both great bot champs but in all end my yorick has carried me well in bot lane. winning almost everytime and forcing a 2v1 bot post up is great for top. but you'll know when you start getting a higher hidden elo is when you start seeing teams run revive. i now run it every single game unless it is a few choice champions like when i run top kog. is nessicary that i switch revive out for flash. well i hope all goes well if youd like to play a few games Doctur Jekyll is my name im always down for a good dominion match

Sephïroth 09-18-2012 09:50 AM

Morde/Singed/Heimerdinger seem to be the strongest 3 if you ask me. Frankly, a good any one of the 3 can hold his lane infinitely unless the other team ganks, even then... I get scurred of all 3 under a turret... Even if there's 4 of us.

SuperQuackDuck 09-18-2012 01:33 PM

The effectiveness of the bot champ has to also consider counterganking and assisting in ganks. Heimer isnt great at neither. Morde cant either. Singed can hold but only so long. Those 3 arent top bot laners... Sadly, as i love playing singed.

Panzerzs 09-18-2012 01:42 PM

I have had my closest friends use all 3 of those champs, and I have to admit, all 3 of them (even maokai to an extent) are a lot more useful in top fights. Malphite and maokai to an extent can tank all ad carries and swain is a nasty sustain support. They can protect their bruisers and ap casters better top than holding out 1 person in bottom.
But at the same time, you want as superquack said, a bot champ who can absorb a 2 v 1 gank at clutch times.
Malphite, swain, and malphite can withhold them, but imo, they are better as top aiders (malphite ult, swain ult, maokai ult etc)
the strongest bot champs i have seen are udyr, nunu, and possibly jayce (but jayce is more deadlier top) Have Fun!

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