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tacobff 09-11-2012 06:01 PM

Level order on Olaf
I generally jungle with him occasionally top laning, but I've been told that Q is better for both laning and jungling.

Is that really so? Olaf's q feels super mana heavy especially in the jungle if spammed and olaf can just walk up to someone and smash them with E while winning the trade. By maxing E first, olaf becomes a complete terror at level 9 as well and can 1v1 pretty much anybody.

So what do I max?

5kyMarshall 09-11-2012 07:17 PM

Hey Tacobff,

I'm fairly new with olaf, but absolutely love him. This is my opinion, may not be right compared to the veterans...

With Olaf, I always take Q first and spamming that as hits everything in it's path. I ALWAYS SPAM it when jungling (if I have enough Mana). However, I only take one point as I max 'E' first aswell, purely for ganking purpose... You won't find me hitting jungle creatures much.

My Order:

Q, W, E, E, E, R, E, Q, E

Q = Spam it to clear creeps quick! Max second
W = Early W for sustain with my vampiric sceptre. Allowing me to Jungle indefinitely. Only take one point and max last...
E = Max first everytime to help with ganks. Remember, your job is to gank... Not kill creeps. But I do use it alot in Jungle to keep my HP low for the passive's attach speed boost.


With laning, I hate laning with Olaf. But really depends on the situation. I see plenty of Olaf's still maxing E then Q first. Puely for his storng poke. 'Q' to slow and damage and hit them with 'E' then run while they are still slowed. Massive damage early-mid game.

BitProdigy 09-12-2012 02:26 AM

I mostly jungle olaf if anything, I max Q in almost every situation. In jungle, I use Q liberally when I have blue buff, otherwise, I use maybe 1 axe a camp if I'm over half mana. Once you have wriggles though you don't need to use abilities to clear camps (unless you want to E to increase speed at the cost of sustain).
In lane, most of the time I will max Q because many people will pick a ranged champion against me. Q is important poke and the strongest dueling ability olaf has because of the CDR effect.
The only advantage E has over Q is it is unavoidable (if in range) and it doesn't cost mana. E is only better in situations where you are already at an advantage as it lets you assert you dominance more easily against melee champions who need farm.


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