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MAnicTheNobody 09-11-2012 04:57 PM

Jungling and Saving IP?
I just reached level 20 and I was thinking about playing jungle Amumu. I play Amumu all the time as a top lane. I'm saving up for Syndra so that I can grow my youtube channel, so I don't want to buy any T3 ruins yet. Any advice for me? (Sorry for the bad grammar. I'm terrible at writing sentences)

5kyMarshall 09-11-2012 10:14 PM

Hi MAnicTheNobody,

Ammumu is one of my favourite champions. I find he really shines in the Jungle, I highly suggest you start. You DO NOT need runes with him if you're only at Lvl20 to do well in the Jungle.

Get some defensive masteries, may I suggest following start (+Smite):

1. Regrowth Pendent + Potion
2. Get Blue (Get a leash and you may need potion)
3. Wolves
4. Wraiths
5. Small Golems
6. Get Philosophers
7. Gank or Red

Items early game:
Philosphers Stone, Heart Of Gold, Mercury Boots

W, E, Q (then Gank), E, E

Max 'E', then your 'W'.


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