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Wulffe 09-02-2012 02:06 AM

Fan Creations: Champion Index v2.0
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Fan Creations: Champion Index v2.0

Back again! Going harder, making it better, trying to update it faster, making the community stronger! There were a few lessons to be learned in the previous one. Yes, it was quite the undertaking and no I do not regret the work I put into it. But after sifting through roughly 3,000 champs I needed to implement some sort of requirements in order to have a champion listed.

Many of the previously listed champions were no more than spur of the moment thoughts that were posted and left to become fodder in the masses and inevitably forgotten. This made it completely unfair for those that actually wanted their champion to shine through, to possibly breath any amount of life into them and their hallowed pages. Those are the champions I truly wanted to list and the ones that will be posted here.

Same thing applies in this one as it does in the first. Selected champions that abide by the following criteria will be listed here for ease of browsing. We have reviewers constantly browsing through the lists and will share their knowledge at their leisure. Do not ask or beg for reviews here, take comfort in the fact that your champion(s) will eventually be looked at. Champions in BOLD are current featured champions or have been featured before.


  1. Your champion must be sporting core features. These include name and title, lore, appearance, abilities (passive, q, w, e, r). There are other things you can add to your champion to make it shine out more but these are the essentials.
  2. It must look like you've actually dedicated some time and effort into developing the champion. The above is nice in basic function but you should really consider making sure your champion is fleshed out.
  3. Your champion must be posted in the forums and not a link to a link or a downloadable attachment.
  4. Champions in current contests will not be listed. Once the contest has ended I'd be more than happy to add them in. Likewise for past participants.

Building a Better Champion for Dummies has a basic tutorial as well as an example format to consider using. There is also a list of helpful links and more in-depth guides at the bottom.

For those champions in need of some limelight or exceptionally well made, we have a spot for you!

Erik, the Unstable Energy by Taco the Dragon
Guile, the Master Thief by killertomato9
Lucien, the Possessed by Darsaj
Quasar, the Celestial Vagabond by The Broken Hero
Romec, the Mad Knight by Morec0

A Note From the Keeper of Champions

If you need help with lore, art, etc I do not mind assisting you. Just post your requests here.

Original Champion Index

Wulffe 09-02-2012 02:08 AM

Champions A-D

Aegir, the Flames of Terror by FlamesofTerror
Aeorai, the Harsh Winds by Slvr2th
Ageis, Wyrm of Time by Bliztron
Agatha, the Possessed Witch by Thallun
Aggro, the Yordle Taunt by Ward VG
Ailian, the Volcanic Wind Rider by Bliztron
Aithne, the Sun Sorceress by Bliztron
Ajax, the Arcane Warrior by DryRun
Akatsuki, the Seeker of Balance by Willz Moua FoSho
Akecheta, Guardian of the Plains by Neowolf24
Akura, the Vision of Ash by FlamesofTerror
Alani, Avian of Darkness by Bliztron
Albaton, Fist of the Loving Family by Mytharionas
Albedos, the Templar of Lunos by Jade Skull
Aleia, Warden of the Grove by The5lacker
Alexandria, the Elementalist by Lios Ashenblade
Alia, the Desert Nomad by Yousogreat
Aliara, Child of the Void by Chamenas
Alldor, the Tainted Hatchling by Blitztron
Allison, the Hexblade by The5lacker
Amadeus, the Hand of Judgment by Wulffe
Amotund, the Traveler by Daviez20
Anahita, the Void-Touched Innovator by Longsworder
Ankil, the Diseased Priest by Bliztron
Animus, the Eternal Evil by TehNinjorz
Anya, the Sphinx by Themowgo
Arilian, Queen of the Elements by Havoc202
Arngrin, King of Lockfar by The Broken Hero
Artemis, the Elemental Bladedancer by Varnoc
Arthfael, the Fist of Protection by Arashi Kashi
Asha, the Wish Keeper by FlamesofTerror
AsnjŰ, the Void Avoider by Gundenspand
Aster, the Resolute Cyborg by Drexeno
Astaroth, the Warlock by Icraig33
Asyra, the Princess of the Tide by ShadowStalker1
Atel, the Fractured Assassin by Mytharianos
Aurvora, the Architect of the Desert by Morec0
Axel, the Limit Breaker by Draginath
Axteros, the Frozen Dragon by KillerNeko
Ayna, the Waters of Sorrow by FlamesofTerror

Bael, Shadow of the Forgotten by CodyattaKid
Barrymore, the Hallowed Thespian by EGOtyst
Belle, the Psychic Construct by Photomancer
Bianca, the Forsworn by Moby the White
Bjorn, the Spirit Invoker by Od1nn
Blaise, the Zealous Exterminator by TeaCrusader
Blank, the Munitions Expert by Falkorsraiders
Blodder, the Ogre King by Pugnar
Breena, the Nexus Savant by Merylindra
Breeta, the Barbarian Witch by MentalPause
Briar, the Spellbound Knight by Lithorendale
Brightheart, Vanguard of Demacia by Kurogano
Brimstone, the Fallen Myth by Bliztron
Brine, the Maleficent Malestrom by SinisterxKid
Brynhildr, the Noxian Charge by Wulffe
Bubbles, the Imaginary Friend by Merylindra

C’theeb, the Sandwalker by Icraig33
Cain, the Forgotten Shield by Lord Kyleshorse
Cassandra, the Gaseous Maiden by Bliztron
Cassandra, the Winged Warrior by MadHatterSyndra
Cedric, the Blade's Anger by Pirateelfdog
Chiron, the Plaguebearer by Novaskittles
Ciana, Light of the Sun by Chamenas
Clarik, the Graviton Watcher by Raivir
Coldmaw, Keeper of Freljord by Bliztron
Cor'Sha, Static of the Void by Holydemonhero
Cora, the First Hero by Merylindra
Cosmo, the Solar Assimilator by Madriad
Crackles, the Fireworks Merchant by Askelon
Crepe, the Cheerful bomber by Endertome
Crimson Yue, Custos Paradisi by Lebrante
Crypsis, Lord of Night and Noise by Morec0
Crystalline, the Succubus Princess by InfamousWabbit
Curio, the Stars' Fury by Draginath
Cyan, the Shredder by Weezooo
Cyntir, the Blood Scribe by Raivir
Cyrus, the White Samurai by Walker21

Dalford, the Warden General by Thtomb
Dante, the Apprentice of Time by Drexeno
Dante, the Blade's Sorrow by CasualKitten
Dante, the Darkslayer by Cryoshell17
Dante, the Witch Hunter by Extra Joker
Dart, the Mutant Insect by Yousogreat
Death, the Messenger by TacticalJR
Death, the Tarot of Change by FlamesofTerror
Desma, the Power Broker by Merylindra
Desrocher, Mistress of Art by EmailSupport8956
Destiny, Hand of Fortune by ╔idolon
Devon, the Frozen Arbiter by Crollus
Ditus, the Split-Souled by Daviez
Dominus, Lord of the OtherWorld by Nezuki
Dredger, Master of Earth by Kilar
Duncan, the Bandalore Master by Moby the White

Wulffe 09-02-2012 02:09 AM

Champions E-H

Eblis, the Winds of Demise by FlamesofTerror
Echo, the Spirit Wisp by DryRun
Eidolon, the Shadow-Stalker by ╔idolon
Elarius, the Bloodthristy Prankster by Slvr2th
Elder Imamu, the Wuju Legend by FlamesofTerror
Elga, the Iron Maiden by Slvr2th
Ella, the Hextech Synthesizer by Wulffe
Elleira, the Mage Slayer by Itakari
Eisenheim, the Grand Architect by Wulffe
Erebis, Watcher of the Sands by Wulffe
Erik, the Unstable Energy by Taco the Dragon
Erika, the Biomanipulator by Chaosmech
Ezeris, the Shadow Thief by Osprii

Fei, the Argent Blade by The5lacker
Felix, the Starchaser by MarcinOn
Flandor, the Dire Prophet by Bliztron
Fola, the Eccentric Scientist by Chamenas
Franšois, the Master Chef by Shrouded Snake

Gerald, Traitor of the Light by Bliztron
Gewitter, the Fury of the Storm by Moby the White
Gib-Gob, the Goblin Sapper by Raivir
Gipsy, the Emerald Warden by ploki122
Gonzo, the Hextech Yordle by Higelnuzuka
Goshg, the Deep Dweller by evawin
Gabriel, the Scrap Animator by Shrouded Snake
Grolla, the Cursed Blade by Yoursogreat
Grootslang, the Spawn of the Mire by Hybrovi
Guile, the Master Thief by killertomato9

Hamellet, the Living Buried by Morec0
Hara, Elder Sage of Fyrone by Wulffe
Havik, the Man Eater by Lord Faff
Helba, the Master of Chaos by Cryoshelf17
Heliotrope, the Unending Balwark by FlamesofTerror
Henry, the Shattered Mind by Draginath
Hoehn, the Physics Wielder by Crapsdivine
Holloway, the Piltover Pugilist by Whalecore
Horrok, the Drake's Bane by Bliztron
Hysterioun, the Panic Inducer by PanickingAttack

Wulffe 09-02-2012 02:09 AM

Champions I-L

Ibrahim, the Painter of Life by Edasich
Icarus, the Ionian Hope by Lordaeth
Ichor, the Mad Swordsman by BlazingFalchion
Indra, the Spell Thief by FlamesofTerror
Iris, Queen of the Bees by Z is for Zephyr
Irizald, the Immortal by Raivir
Iru-Jon, the Grand Illusonist by ValorandGlory

Jace, Demonic God of the Void by the Kittenmancer
Jacqueline, the Fool's Verdict by Wulffe
Jalil, Avatar of Ithemi by Fungusfingers
Jayden, Vision of the Future by SephirothWontDie
Jedrek, the Mage Exile by pinkcupcakes32
Jinenji, the Ageless Symbiote by fatyboomboom
Jugnut, the Zaunian Juggernaut by Neowolf24

Kaelen, the Warden of Demacia by The5lacker
Kagari, the Shrine Maiden by Endertome
Kaj'naar, the Living Evolution by Petyr Baelish
Kalamunja, the Shadow of Ionia by Gjom
Kali, the Elemental Scholar by ploki122
Kan'dareth, the Wildshifter by IonicRifle
Karnstein, the Malice of the Forgotten by Von Loon
Karoc, the Dragon Knight by Munkey20
Katil, the Versatile by Nazthrethim
Kavyn, the Golden Dagger by Lord Kyleshorse
KC, the Vengeful Bard by pengwndude
Kez'Irah Stormbreaker, the Spirit Champion by Wulffe
Khalidun, the Imperial Janissary by HNK97
Kiara, One with the Void by Gen Mad Hatter
Kilana, the Void Jumper by paperbatt
Kirusu Nagi, the Oni Samurai by Xariel Skye
Koi Yume, Master of Shadows by FlamesofTerror
Koptis, the Slicing Fortress by Leo Tomita
Kravia, the Seal Master by Neowolf24
Kriquet, the Puppeteer by ExclusiveAgate
Kurrmudgeon, the Prospector by 3rdStorm
Kyriel, the Opposites Merged by IgneoSeven
Kyoshiro, Samurai of the Inferno by Kaitoh Isheto

Lady Pauline, the Fractured Mind by fefddfef
Lamia, the Serendipitous Alchemist by oOYunaOo
Lanchester, the Deadly Warlock by Theđevice
Larren, the Insurgent Voidcaster by Inoka
Lassarin, the Feathered Protector by Osprii
Latradectus, Broodmother of the Swarm byMorec0
Legion, the Lone Survivor by DryRun
Lenard, the Lone Journeyman by Metal Capo
Linzid, the Swift Edge by Nazrethim
Lionel Brickhouse, the Skeleton's Rage by Morec0
Lord Exan, the Forgotten Knight by Bliztron
Lorina, the Stone of Suffering by FlamesofTerror
Lucian, the Light Bringer by TheJokerMonstah
Lucien, the Possessed by Darsaj
Lumekis, the Pride of the Griffins by Lord Faff
Lyn, the Desolated River by Ubel Engel

Wulffe 09-02-2012 02:10 AM

Champions M-P

Magdeline, the Blood Savant by SilentSide
Mak'Namav, the Great Burrower by Lord Faff
Malentis, Madness Incarnate by Xenonite king
Makomi, the Lady of War by InSaNiTyVoid
Marcus Orelius, the Juggernaut by Leo Tomita
Mariella, Duchess of Deluge by WolfMirage
Marrow, the Bone-Arbiter by Draginath
Mambo, the Witch Doctor by Wulffe
Man-O-War, the Hextech Valkyrie by TheComet
Mellenkara, the Adjustor by Fangride
Mhar˙, The Killer Crucible by Jakyoboy
Mia, the Tempest Ambitionist by Nyotaika
Mira, the Corrupted by DryRun
Mirrei, the Lightweaver by Petyr Baelish
Misha, Fists of the Colossus by FarahBoom
Mormash, the Ogre Extraordinaire by Mytharionas
Morticia, the Metallurgist by Wulffe
Mylene, the Voodoo Master by Morphtronics
Mylune, Warrior of the Moon by Bliztron

Nahuatl, the Last Mangsa by Osprii
Naroth, the Neon Hydra by Bliztron
Natalya, the Synthetic Seraph by Mytharianos
Nathaniel, the Minister of Propaganda by Photomancer
Nausanda, Summoner of the Void by Morec0
Neftor, Soul of the Void by superjake100
Nepenthis, the Keeper of Souls by LorekHedgemon
Niat Lornhart, the Guiding Soul by TeaCrusader
Nicholai, the Rogue Valoran Prince by Drexeno
Nicu, Guardian of the Mountains by WolfMirage
Noinn, Prisoner of Circumstance by BeÚzlebub
Noita, the Hextech Heroine by Merylindra
Nora, the Light Assassin by MadHatterSyndra
Noroi, the Curse's Bane by FlamesofTerror
Nova, the Unpredictable Soldier by eagleboy10100
Novari, the Noxian Reaper by Espy Psyche

Octavian, Requiem of the Howling Marsh by Wulffe
Omega, the Last Champion by Edasich
Omen, Violence Incarnate by Morec0
Omen, Qualm and Gevaar, the Swarm of the Void by BergMeister
Ophelia, the Forlorn Bride by Wulffe
Oriel, the Magistra by Merylindra
Ormr, the Arch-Demon by FlamesofTerror
Osmael, the Elemental Ancient by Grindurik
Owen, the Warrior of Serenity by Ventrullia

Pariah, the Vexing Arachnid by NoxiousIce
Percival, Malice of the Glade by AMimicNamedWilo
Pike, the Yordle Weaponmaster by Wulffe
Polaris, the Evening Star by FlamesofTerror
Professor Quintus, Techmaturgical Terror by Longsworder

Wulffe 09-02-2012 02:10 AM

Champions Q-T

Quan, the Mystic Elf by Adelrift
Quasar, the Celestial Vagabond by The Broken Hero
Quasar, the Manipulator by doommech
Quinn, the Elastic Waistband by Sinspurch
Quirk, the Wayward Spell by Photomancer
Quynh, the Flowing Dancer by Overkill90

Ragnar, the Iron Fist by Romza22
Rahn, Warden of the Forgotten by Varnoc
Rakthom, Lord of Deceit by Lordaeth
Rango, the Cursed Gunslinger by MentalPause
Ranyr, the Steel Wind by The5lacker
Raszagel, the Spellblade by Wulffe
Raymund, the Demacian Traitor by Sygil
Razmae, Exemplar of the Arts by Photomancer
Reaver, the Iron Protector by Fuey500
Red, the Big Game Hunter by Moby the White
Reginna, the Maiden of Silk by Ubel Engel
Regius, the Puppet Master by DeathsAdvocate
Reign, the Shadow of Justice by Wulffe
Rem, Nature's Fury by Nyotaika
Reuna, the Lost Connection by Nyotaika
Romec, the Mad Knight by Morec0
Ronin, the Cursed Blade by Adelrift
Rush, the Bandle Bullet by Wulffe
Ryana, the Avenger by TacticalJR
Rymr, Lightning Incarnate by DryRun

Saevio, the the Blood-Drawn Dueler by Madriad
Safir, the Forbidden Prince by KuroZastin
Salina, Widow of the Night by GrimVesperian
Sally, the Inventor's Regret by Halegorn
Sami, the Mechromancer by The5lacker
Samuel, Keeper of the Forge by Extra Joker
Sandra, the Gunslinger by The5lacker
Sasha, the Tireless Thief by Blastaroth
Sei'Kuun, The Reaper of the Tides by MagikYeti
Selena, Wrath of the Storm by Forsaken Star
Serena, the Corrupted Innocent by Merylindra
Shana, the Noxian Lash by Newbland
Shane, the Tattooed One by BostonStapler
Shia, the Void's Timid Doppler by blackkat101
Sigil, Armageddon's Apostle by GrimVesperian
Sinera, the Lich Lord by LegionofArcana
Skeith, Terror of Death by FlamesofTerror
Slade, the Herald of Apocalypse by Mýtsurugi
Sophia, the Arcane Oracle by evawin
Sorya, the Empty Blade by The5lacker
Starke, the Undying Shield by XeroxCopycat
Stratus, the Lord of the Skies by killertomato9
Sui, the Cryomancer by Taco the Dragon
Sui, the Water Maiden by Nyotaika
Svengali, the Malificent Manipulator by Nexus wraith
Symin, Blade of The Oracle by Slvr2th
Syrak, Artist in the Sands by Bliztron

T'kelah Young, the Demacian Superstar by Wulffe
Taai, the Siege Weaponist by Bliztron
Tahmoruk, the Storm Caller by Osprii
Tai Mei, the Mistress of Balance by Wulffe
Teatha, the Spirit of Greed by Merylindra
Tempest Swain, the Ethereal Sorceress by Wulffe
Thornlash, the Forest's Frenzy by Bliztron
Thrash, the Tormented Punisher by Trilmor
Timmy, Hand of the Unseen by Photomancer
Tira, the Blade of Shurima by The5lacker
Tobias Kalgaras, Test Subject 998 by stray t wolf
Tradx, the Intergalactic Tournament Fighter by Drmigit2
Trivia, the Black Crossroad by FlamesofTerror
Trivium, the Elemental Myth by RiceFieldd
Trivium, the Mage of Three Souls by Morec0
Trollix, Poison Heart by WindGuy101
Tsuki, the Elusive Assassin by PedoBearSigma
Tuskorr, the Ivory Wayfarer by Gh05tf4c3
Twaler, the Combat Tailor by Morec0
Tyrannos, the Primordial King by MewtwoMinute
Tyzone, Scholar of the Void by BSMaster

Wulffe 09-02-2012 02:11 AM

Champions U-Z

Umiko, Child of the Sea by MageErzaScarlet
Uril, the Twilight Guardian by The5lacker

Valkeryia, the Asarian Pathfinder by kanacho
Vailon, Winter's Fury by Gradunk
Vance, Hero of Piltover by Wulffe
Vanyaara, the Verdan-Sprite by Dauthai
Vereor, the Mightmare's Slave by Morec0
Vermillion, the Supersonic Prodigy by TeaCrusader
Viezen, the Breath of Dreams by Raivir
Vikki, the Gemini Witch by Nhan Fiction
Virgil, the Wandering Storyteller by Poet Ultima
Voris, Sapper Extraordinaire by Mordraken
Vudu, the Witch Doctor by Moby the White

Wispveil, the Cycle of Life by Wulffe

Xie, the Magnificent Mage by Lord Faff
Xillia, Hope of the Future by Yousogreat
Xiron, Crystalline Warden by Varnoc
Xyr'khyt, The Storm Harbinger by Varnoc

Yaakov, the Divine Pilgrim by Edasich
Yabasume, the Aged Bowman by Morec0
Yara, the Chains of Memory by FlamesofTerror
Yin, the Scales of Life and Death by Nyotaika
Yue, the Ocean Priestess by Yousogreat
Yuui, the Orunic Professor by Bliztron

Zaem and Lierre, the Twin Barrels by Slvr2th
Zarek, the Kinkou Gadgeteer by Dokueki Kenshin
Zarjinel, the Torment by Esauya
Zelos, the Frozen Lance by Moby the White
Zeras, Calamity's Edge by FlamesofTerror
Zeric, the Observer by The5lacker
Zianni, the Lost Doctor by iZianni
Zillnix, the Galactic Menace by Bliztron
Zimn, the Speed Demon by Tamur

Wulffe 09-02-2012 02:12 AM

Added Champions

Arthfael, the Fist of Protection by Arashi Kashi
Bianca, the Forsworn by Moby the White
Erebis, Watcher of the Sands by Wulffe
Grolla, the Cursed Blade by Yoursogreat
Guile, the Master Thief by killertomato9
Helba, the Master of Chaos by Cryoshelf17
Hoehn, the Physics Wielder by Crapsdivine
Jugnut, the Zaunian Juggernaut by Neowolf24
Lucien, the Possessed by Darsaj (Fixed link)
Natalya, the Synthetic Seraph by Mytharianos
Nahuatl, the Last Mangsa by Osprii
Pariah, the Vexing Arachnid by NoxiousIce
Quasar, the Manipulator by doommech
Safir, the Forbidden Prince by KuroZastin
Sami, the Mechromancer by The5lacker
Sandra, the Gunslinger by The5lacker
Slade, the Herald of Apocalypse by Mýtsurugi
Tahmoruk, the Storm Caller by Osprii
Vudu, the Witch Doctor by Moby the White
Zelos, the Frozen Lance by Moby the White

Wulffe 09-02-2012 02:12 AM

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Wulffe 09-02-2012 02:13 AM

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