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ZzZombieDreams 09-01-2012 12:59 AM

[community creation] xithe, spawn of war
My objective for this concept is to give the lore and in return have the community finish what i started. The most likes for certian abilities will go into his final creation. fan art apreciated but when its all done ill draw up the final design.

Lore: In the fields of war there are many things that can be found; hate, vengance, justice, pain, cruelty, and xithe. Xithe is a creation of leftover magic and blood shed. forged from flesh slain and clinging together with magic Xithe lurks watching and waiting to turn the tides of war manipulating his oponents strengths and weakness's.
It's been said that when Sion had finally fallen that his deepest darkest wishes were set free. Those wishes clang onto whatever they could to gain a physical form. This proved impossible without his former creator in existance. When the noxian scientists resurected Sion, Xithe was losing his grasp in this reality. Refusing to become one with the void and with his master now harboring a shell of his former glory he followed Sion's destruction as his shadow harnessing the remains.This terrifying mesh of flesh and fallen weapons grew with every battle until the monster Xithe had become was out of control. unknown to the noxian's what they had created Xithe was kept in incubation for further studying as a dirty secret. but not even the noxian's could control his wrath.

- "I would never want to imagine the terrible things that plague sion's mind" - singed

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