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W4ddleBuff 08-29-2012 12:05 PM

When Looks Can Kill
Well here goes my first fic published on the LoL forums.

Summary: Underneath the glorious and shining peace of Valoran induced by the presence of the League of Legends, there lies a secret world fraught with covert conflicts, political agendas, violence and betrayal. In the midst of this storm, Sarah Fortune is employed as an asset of a secret organization. Sent to Casino Royale Demacia, she is ordered to assassinate the infamous Agent 007.

Chapter One
Sarah Fortune sat upon one of the briefing room’s plush seats with her legs crossed. Her foot moved idly in the air as she awaited the arrival of her superior. But considering the technicalities of the situation, a more appropriate description of the man would be “employer”.

This derives from the fact that Sarah’s only affiliation with the agency was one of monetary terms. Everyone knew of her occupation during her days outside of the League; a bounty hunter. But when one thinks of this, images of burning ships at sea come to mind, along with the notion that hunting pirates was the only job she was offered. Of course, as widely spread as this fact is, it is anything but the truth.

In fact, her major employer was a secret underground organization entitled the Organization for Ruin, Destruction, Extortion, and Revenge. ORDER for short. The purpose of its existence was to actually counter another agency run by the League of Summoners; League of Summoners Military Intelligence Section Six, or LSMI7.
Because of the nature of ORDER, Sarah Fortune took great effort in keeping her employment discreet, away from the prying eyes of the League of Summoners. ORDER of course helped her in this endeavor, using everything in their power to cover her tracks.

As for the reason why an enmity exists between the two organizations, one must look back at the motives of the League of Summoners. Since their establishment of the League of Legends, foiling the attempts at a second Rune War, Valoran fell to a period of peace. Many believed the peace would only last for a short period of time, some speculated for it to stand for even less than a year. But as time progressed, many were proven wrong of their estimations. Small skirmishes still existed between city-states, but most of the violence stayed within the confines of the Institute of War.

Many had accepted this prolonged peace without question, content with tolerating the ever-present feeling of the last straw about to be pulled, the impending war to come. But as looming as this threat seemed to be, the League of Summoners secretly fought it back, intending to delay its arrival as best they could behind the curtains. For this purpose LSMI6 was put into action, sending forth trained agents to prevent conflicts between city-states at whatever the costs. Sometimes, it required to galvanize city-states into battle in order to prevent a bigger struggle. The ways of LSMI6 were mysterious indeed.

But as secretive as LSMI6 attempted to be, many individuals, victims of the violence inflicted by the organization to preserve peace, sought out revenge, vowing to bring down the agency for the supposed atrocities committed in the name of peace and welfare. Orphans, used lovers, survivors of covert massacres, all of these and more banded together to create the Organization for Ruin, Destruction, Extortion, and Revenge. Despite the sinister purpose implied by ORDER’s title, their cause demanded order through the violence that existed before the Institute of War was established. To them, anarchy throughout the land was preferable to the “fake peace” that existed in the current time.
Returning to the topic of Sarah Fortune’s employment, she herself did not give a damn who she was working for. Quoted in her own words, “As long as they pay me well, and the job itself seems enjoyable enough in my prospect, whoever the hell they are is fine by me.”

Such was the case for her employment in ORDER. To say that the organization paid well for her services is quite the understatement. And as for her assignments, I am sure you can derive from the information disclosed that being an agent for them would be quite the fix for a thrill-seeker. With these reasons in mind, it is no coincidence that she frequently returned into the luxurious briefing room located within the heart of ORDER headquarters to receive yet another assignment.

Sarah suddenly jerks upward in her seat as a hiss from the door adjacent to the desk in front of her heralds the arrival of her aforementioned employer. She straightens herself as the robust middle-aged, well-groomed man walks inside the room, an air of authority rolling off of him in waves. Even after months of employment and some personal trysts with the man, Sarah could never grow accustomed to his powerful presence. But of course, being the leader of one of the biggest agencies in Valoran must demand such an attitude.

No exchanges of words, no formal greeting. Only the locking of eyes as the man slowly walked to his seat behind the lavish marble desk, Sarah’s eyes occasionally wandering across his face to survey the scar that occupied half of it. Then with an almost ceremonious air about him, the man sits himself down in his chair, crossing his leg and intertwining his fingers simultaneously. It seemed like a well-rehearsed routine. But considering the number of times he was required to sit in the room to brief his agents, it probably was.

Silence ensues as he merely sits, hands combined to form a ball, his eyes still staring into Sarah’s across from him. As still as he is, his position almost replicates the agency’s logo behind him; an eagle at her with as much potency as the man in front of her was
doing, its wings touching each other to form a point.

Then, a smile appears on his face, one that had lured her and probably many other women into his private quarters. It seemed that with one smile, the air around him had changed to one much more amiable, almost friendly. This was also complemented by the fact that the man was any woman’s idea of handsome.


The words rolled off of his tongue with a baritone rumble, a voice that seemed almost sultry. Her nickname had been earned after several missions assigned to her, and she didn’t mind it in the slightest.

“You have been an invaluable component of our endeavor, following orders without protest, and executing them without mishap. Quite the achievement, considering you have never undergone any of our professional training, and have only been associated with us for a short time.”

He nods slowly after his short monologue, eyebrows raised, as if silently commending a child’s drawing. Sarah holds back her urge to nod with him.

“Yes…quite the agent indeed. And…quite the woman, which has been proven to me time and again during our rendezvous’ outside of ORDER walls.”

As he says this, his eyes meander across her poorly-covered body, not trying to hide his approval of her curves. Sarah blushes, which is no easy feat, considering the vulgar actions men have inflicted to her in the past. She shifts her weight in her seat as he continues to grope her with his eyes, bringing back steamy recollections of when he did more than just grope.

Finally he continues,

“Taking into consideration everything that you are, I have decided to assign you to a level 1 mission, one that is of utmost importance. I have assigned this to the most elite of our agents, only to have each and every one of them crawling back here with barely any life left inside of them, or simply to have gone missing in action.”

Sarah’s eyes narrow as she takes this into consideration. A level 1 mission, the highest assignment tier available for agents and volunteers; usually given to elite double-0 agents.

Speaking her first words since her arrival, she inquires,

“And you’re assigning this mission, a level 1 assignment, to me? A mere gun for hire? And what is this mission exactly?”

A soft chuckle ensues from the man in front of her, the sound of it soothing her slightly.

“I’m glad you asked my dear Sarah. You have been on more than one assignment involving assassinations, correct?”

The mention of this results in a sudden deluge of unpleasant images to cycle through her brain; dark alleyways, seduction, silenced guns, muffled screams, disposing of bodies. Of all of her missions, assassinations were definitely her most unfavored. Slaying men from a ship, bombarding them with a constant rain of cannon fire didn’t bother her. Nor did shooting and dispatching men in the midst of a raid. But there was something that bothered her when it came to killing unarmed men for money. But the pay for assassinations was plentiful. Too plentiful to decline.

“Yes. More than enough, in my opinion.”

The last comment slightly mumbled.

“Mmm…yes. Well this mission I am handing to you will be quite different from your previous assassinations. For you see, I am pitting you against a Double-O from SLMI6.”
Sarah’s eyes flew open in shock.

“A Double-O? You expect me to kill a Double-O? From LSMI6 nonetheless?”

The man continues nonchalantly, unaffected from her obvious protest.

“Yes. A very unique agent who has been irritating us for quite some time now. I’m actually quite sure you have heard of him already.” He said. “There are very few people who haven’t, even though he isn’t known by any other alias other than his codename. Agent Double-O-Seven, League of Summoners Secret Service, License to Kill. He’s good. Even by my standards.”

Sarah slumps into her chair, unable to take in his words. Agent 007? The 007? Even she, a mere bounty hunter hired by this agency knew of the infamous agent from LSMI6. Tales of his exploits permeated the air in ORDER headquarters. Stories of how he could singlehandedly dispatch a whole Double-O covert team armed without anything but single handgun.

Well-known was an understatement; Agent 007 was legendary.

Silence ensued further, her employer watching her biting into her nails, considering whether or not to receive the mission.

“Now then, Agent Fortune,” I know this may sound like a difficult assignment, but the reason why I chose you is because I know you can accomplish this.”

She looks up with a start, broken from her deep speculations.

He continues,

“You must be asking one question at the moment; “Why?” I understand. It is a logical question to be asking, considering your experience, and the caliber of your target’s.”

Sarah nods cautiously, unsure what to think of the development about to be divulged.

“But what I haven’t disclosed to you, is your advantage, your…upper hand so to speak.”

Upper hand? If she was going to accept this assignment, anything to aid her in dispatching her target was to be more than appreciated.

Her employer enjoyed watching her digest his last words, boring holes into her face as he unintentionally glared, momentarily wandering across her abdomen every few moments.

She finally looks into his eyes, countering his stare.


“Yes. Quite so. For you see…”

His tone changes, an extra twinkle added into his eyes as he leans forward, as if about to tell the funniest joke ever conceived.

“…Agent Double-O-Seven is quite the rambunctious playboy.”

He snickers softly, only to receive a bemused look in return.

“So…you expect me to…”

In a flash, his countenance morphs back into the serious expression he had worn before.

“Yes. I expect you- no, I know you will use that feminine charm of yours to lower his guard, and then dispatch him right when he least expects it. You know the drill; how many men have fallen to this tactic of yours?”

A small knowing grin plants itself on his face as he continues.

“So the spotlight is now on you, Agent Fortune. This mission, if you choose to accept it, will be quite rewarding. Compensation will prove to be more than any job you have received from us prior.”

Her eyes widened, which was to be expected. If the payment in this assignment was to be higher than the payment she had received from ORDER before, that would mean this mission would amount to the most compensation she received in her entire career. Quite the tempting reward.

But the risk of the mission itself countered the appeal of its recompense greatly. Silently she fumed, squirming slightly in her seat as she struggled to come to a decision.

“The clock is ticking Agent Fortune. What is your decision?”

She sighs loudly before responding, face tilted towards the ground.

“F*ck it.”

“Excuse me?”

Looking up to face him, she replies,

“I accept.”

Breaking his hands apart from each other, laying them on his chairs armrests and leaning back in his chair, he gives her a grin.

“Good. I am quite pleased to have you on board with this. No pun intended. I expect you to report back here in a fortnight, where we will provide transportation to your rendezvous. Unfortunately, I will be unable to see you out. Business to attend and all. Also, here are your case files.”

He reaches inside his desk to extract a manila folder covered in stamps of red ink.
Extending his arm over the dark marble surface, Sarah is forced to stand to retrieve it from

“Good. You are dismissed from briefing Sarah.”

She gives him a nod before heading towards the door, her twin pistols Shock and Awe clanking against her thighs. She feels his eyes planted on her posterior with every step she takes. Her hand reaches towards the button used to open the door of the exit, but is stopped by her employer’s voice.


She turns, hand still poised for the button beside the door.


Her eyes meet with his as he gives her a knowing smile.

“During your assignment…wear that dress you wore during our night in my villa. I’m sure it’d raise your chance of success considerably.”

He gives her a wink, to which she replies with her signature flirtatious grin.

“Will do, hun.”


Alrighty, so I'm planning to publish the second chapter on here before I do it on FF. Be sure to leave a comment. :3


Youso1337 08-29-2012 12:07 PM

Careful about posting X-rated fics here. Riot is pretty quick to ban for posting sexual content on the forums.

As such, I'd advise against posting your second chapter here. The first one is fine (innuendo is not bannable), but keep future chapters to FF.net.

As for this chapter, very nice intro to what's sure to be a sexy fic. :)

AerithRayne 08-29-2012 03:38 PM

It would be such a shame to have you banned... Leave this as a teaser of sorts and have a small section at the top to tell people when your chapters are being posted (scroll over to see the first sentence and whatnot). Post a comment to bump it and we'll all fall over each other to get to the link to read.
As I've already said, this sounds too interesting to pass up. I've yet to read a good Miss Fortune story, but this one seems like that'll change it. I'm looking forward to your updates and I hope you don't get banned. Best of luck! :D

W4ddleBuff 08-29-2012 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by AerithRayne (Hozzászólás 28766339)
It would be such a shame to have you banned... Leave this as a teaser of sorts and have a small section at the top to tell people when your chapters are being posted (scroll over to see the first sentence and whatnot). Post a comment to bump it and we'll all fall over each other to get to the link to read.
As I've already said, this sounds too interesting to pass up. I've yet to read a good Miss Fortune story, but this one seems like that'll change it. I'm looking forward to your updates and I hope you don't get banned. Best of luck! :D

^^ Thank you. But you all don't need to worry. This story contains smut of course, but that is at the very end of it, after plenty of appropriate chapters and content. This story is more focused on the plot, contrary to my previous works of only lemony goodness.

W4ddleBuff 08-29-2012 03:51 PM


Originally Posted by Youso1337 (Hozzászólás 28760828)
Careful about posting X-rated fics here. Riot is pretty quick to ban for posting sexual content on the forums.

As such, I'd advise against posting your second chapter here. The first one is fine (innuendo is not bannable), but keep future chapters to FF.net.

As for this chapter, very nice intro to what's sure to be a sexy fic. :)

No smut in this story for a while; more plot-focused. :3 So no need to worry 'bout me.

AerithRayne 08-29-2012 03:52 PM

For those "special" chapters, I'd suggest just posting the FF link. But for the time being... I can't wait to read your story ^___^

W4ddleBuff 08-29-2012 03:53 PM


Originally Posted by AerithRayne (Hozzászólás 28766795)
For those "special" chapters, I'd suggest just posting the FF link. But for the time being... I can't wait to read your story ^___^

^^ Of course. And thanks for your support. I'm already hard at work at the third and fourth chapters.

AerithRayne 08-29-2012 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by W4ddleBuff (Hozzászólás 28766831)
^^ Of course. And thanks for your support. I'm already hard at work at the third and fourth chapters.

Fantastic! I eagerly await the rest, and I wish you a muse that won't leave your side until this story is finished.

W4ddleBuff 08-29-2012 09:46 PM

Chapter Two

“May I take your coat madam?”

A well-groomed staff member extended his hand politely, his voice not too loud as to not disturb her. Sarah smiled; unbuttoning the brown layer of clothing before slipping it off her shoulders to hand it to him.

As soon as she did however, even the worker, well-accustomed to seeing beautiful woman, couldn't help but allow his jaw to drop slightly, gawking at the revealed sight before him.
His reaction is well- merited, for any man would have done the same; the purple dress Sarah donned that evening left nearly nothing to the imagination.

Sewn with fine quality silk, the dress hugged her body as tightly as a dress possibly could. An overabundant amount of skin could be surveyed; the front of the top hem of her dress resting precariously atop her breasts before circling around her body to stop just inches above her waistline, allowing almost her entire back along with her shoulders bare and uncovered. Her red hair complemented the creamy skin as it cascades over in soft curls. The left side of her dress is slit from her hip all the way down to her feet, allowing her entire left leg to be visible in the ambient lights of the room. One single string suspended the entire dress, the thin piece of thread tied in a knot around the back of her neck.

To complete her outfit, she wore on her feet fiery orange-red stiletto heels, complementing her hair and the amber earrings dangling from her earlobes. Not to mention the Ruger Mark II .22 semiautomatic pistol, equipped with a Hextech Integrally Suppressed barrel strapped around her right thigh.

Sarah smirked at his response to her dress, slightly relieved. Maybe this dress was going to aid her on her mission after all. Her arm still held her brown overcoat, extended towards the staff member who was still ogling her preposterously curvaceous figure.

Raising her fingers to her lips, she softly clears her throat, trying to indicate to the staff member she was still waiting for her coat to be stored. Fortunately for her, more than one well-dressed worker manned the entrance; it would have been quite the aggravation if she had held up a surge of people behind here because of her distracting attire.

Responding to her indication immediately, the staff member quickly grabs her coat, obviously flustered as pink tints his cheeks.

“P-Pardon, mademoiselle.”

He bowed deeply, humbling himself considerably as he stepped aside to let her inside.
Sarah chuckled softly as she slowly strutted past him, running a finger along his exposed neck as he continued to bow.

“Thank you dearie. I’ll be sure to give you a tip later.”

As she left the man steaming behind him, she could hear him yell after her,

“Merci mademoiselle! E-Enjoy your time at Casino Royale Demacia!”

She grinned wider as she headed towards a cashing booth, turning heads along the way, feeling multiple pairs of eyes traversing across her sculpted form.

Maybe this mission was going to be easier than she thought.


Sarah sits at the bar, disconsolate as she swirls the liquor within her glass.
She had been wandering about the casino for hours, mingling pointlessly, participating in card games that she found to be all too easy. During these interactions her eyes had been constantly surveying people around her, searching for the target she was assigned to kill.

6’ 2”, mixed ethnicity of Demacian and Ionian. Scar running across right cheek, bluish-gray eyes. Slightly-long black hair,” Was what her case file read.

But after a multitude of men had approached her, trying their luck with the some of the worst pick-up lines she had ever endured in her life, not one of them had been the man she was looking for.

She had been anxious, even nervous during the beginning of the night as she walked past the entry into Casino Royale Demacia. But now, the one dominant emotion occupying her psyche was boredom.

Sarah slightly sticks out her lip, pouting to herself as she slowly sips the alcohol from her glass, remembering her orders, while at the same time ignoring the two suited young men a few stools beside her obviously vying for her attention.

Within the case file that held her quarry’s physical description, two simple orders were given, both written in dark black pen and circled tenfold by a red pencil;

Walk around the premises, interact with other guests; act normal. Your target will eventually come to you.

The next order didn’t even need to be stated, but was done so with all capital letters, the circles of the red pen girding it with a thicker width.


“My target will eventually come to me,” Sarah scoffs. “Might be true if I was looking for a nice one-night stand.”

Emptying the remainder of the glass’s contents down her throat, she sets it down, rotating it slightly to bend the light filtered through it on the bar’s oak counter. With her head rested upon her hand, she feels the warm steel of her pistol pressing against her thigh. With the way things were going, its purpose would be obsolete.

Then, she hears footsteps. From the peripheral of her vision a man leans against the bar counter, one of his legs tilted slightly.

The barman quickly inquires the man’s needs, momentarily setting down his work of drying washed glasses.

“A drink for you monsieur?”

“Dry martini.” As soon as his words leave his mouth, Sarah’s head raises off her hand; her brain had triggered some recognition.

“Oui, monsieur,” Said the bartender, nodding before turning to acquire his drink.
But before he could get a chance to even touch an empty glass, the man raises a finger.

“Wait…” A slight pause, indicating some thought. Sarah’s ears were now perked, her brows furrowed. This man definitely sounded familiar.

“…three measures of Gordon's; one of vodka; half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it over ice, and add a thin slice of lemon peel.”

“…oui, monsieur.”

The barman turns back to the direction of his workstation, preparing the elaborate order, leaving the man alone with Sarah, who was now deep in thought attempting to dig through her recollections about when and where she had met the man beside her.

“Well, well.”

The man had turned on his side, leaning upon the bar counter with his arm. She feels his eyes on her face, his words without a doubt intended for her. That burning feeling of familiarity continued to grow. Still, her sight remains to focus upon the counter in front of her; she pretends not to hear the mysterious man beside her continue speaking.

“You’re looking just lovely this evening, Sarah my dear.”

At that, her head quickly swivels to the sound of his voice, simultaneously with the arrival of his drink.

“Your drink, monsieur.”

“Much obliged.”

She looks at him, but his face is concealed by the glass of golden liquid he had begun to drink. But as soon as her eyes met the locks of hair above his forehead, she knew instantly the man standing before her.

His fit build outlined by a black suit, the strong hands that had been such a pleasure to acquaint herself with. Then he lowers his glass, holding the concoction in his right hand as his sparkling bluish gray eyes stare into hers.

6’ 2”, mixed ethnicity of Demacian and Ionian. Scar running across right cheek, bluish-gray eyes. Slightly-long black hair. And yet, even after reading and re-reading her case file, she still didn’t realize who it was.

Sarah audibly gasps.

But now, as he stood in front of her, grinning that seductive grin that had won over her in the past, Sarah’s lips were only able to uttered one word.

There you have it. Chapter two, just like I promised. Expect Chapter three soon. :3


AerithRayne 08-29-2012 09:58 PM

Got the Bond theme in my head now as I turn in for the night. This'll be interesting. Thanks for the update so soon! :D

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