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xOneGunSalute 08-27-2012 06:55 PM

3v3 lookin for 1
me and my friend like to play 3v3 we win 90% of the time id say but still haveing to carry our team mate. looking forsomeone to fill in the spot. add me xOneGunSalute

Lord Hecarim 08-27-2012 07:07 PM

i have the same problem :) i have about 1450 wins 1350 loses 1217 rating (only played like 10 games) i only play twisted treeline so i would be more than happy to play with u :)

xOneGunSalute 08-28-2012 08:06 AM

just add me. xOneGunSalute

Koldheartedjsp 08-28-2012 09:05 AM

you're not even 30

SpiralinISqwerty 08-28-2012 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by Koldheartedjsp (Hozzászólás 28727975)
you're not even 30


wretchedspawn1 08-29-2012 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by SpiralinISqwerty (Hozzászólás 28735546)

lol wow

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