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Zeliwin 08-27-2012 06:33 AM

Friendly Fire Gaming Recruiting!
Friendly Fire Gaming!
League of Legends Division!

If you are viewing this page, then you are looking for an interactive gaming community for your League of Legends enjoyment! I am proud to say you have come to the right place!

Friendly Fire Gaming is an interactive gaming community full of people with the desire to have fun! We have been around since 2003. We have dedicated Administrators and Officers who all work in conjunction to make this community the best possible. We strive to provide everyone a family friendly atmosphere.

What We Offer!

We offer a Mumble server, full of a community who just like you, aim to having fun, win or loss we are here to have a good time. We also have a fully interactive forums, complete with instant messaging, ability to upload photos/videos and more! But please keep in mind our website is currently under construction, we hope to have it complete within a few short weeks.

I will keep this brief, if you think you will be interested, please register and submit an applications, all the features wont be available until you are actually registered and accepted. Good Luck!

Friendly Fire Gaming Administrator


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