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Aqueel 09-16-2010 10:25 AM

Question about the "alignments" of summoners.
Are summoners linked to certain states, or are they completely impartial? I've seen posts that reference summoners working for Noxus or the such, but then I also see posts stating that summoners must remain impartial in all matters.

It would be great if someone could clear this up for me, because I'm getting really confused.

zelosse 09-16-2010 01:32 PM

Yes. Certain champions fight for a faction of their choosing, such as Demacia/Noxus. Other champions are here for more personal goals, money and power, so they offer their skills to earn those things. etc etc. It's a business.

ProjectTsubasa 09-16-2010 01:44 PM

Summoners are impartial to a specific city state in the sense they do not belong. They are of the Institute of War affiliation. Although I merely speculate I would assume that a Summoner that chooses to fight on the side of a Noxian Campaign or against it on another front shows that they have specific views that they wish to voice. Although it is good to remain unattached to a nation it isn't good to remain unattached to your own opinion. So in a sense Summoners are like Democrats or Republicans in the fact they think a specific way which gives them reason to offer their assistance to the side they wish to help.

Zzilb 09-16-2010 06:42 PM

Sorry for offering further confusion, but I found no evidence to state that being cogs in the machine of the League makes a summoner impartial. May I ask what youre basing that on, ProjectTsubasa? :)
I find that the whole point of the League's formation was a heavy amount of conflicting partialness.

The League exists as an alternative to the Rune Wars which devastated the land. In the learning center's note on the league, Rune Wars were described as "Summoners – often the de facto leaders of Valoran’s political forces – [unleashing] mighty magical powers directly against foes and their holdings with little regard for consequence."
Merely 20 years later, a League battle is a conflict of interests being settled in a formal manner. In this post, Baba even states that the majority of Summoner battles are over the Summoner's personal agendas.

I find it unthinkable to propose Summoners suddenly stopped being heavily involved in stateside politics, especially given that the city-states can represent such vast resources. What good is a personal agenda without such resources?

I think of the league like the united nations. People with their own kingdoms to run taking a step towards cooperation for the good of all.

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