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Ocin 11-13-2009 03:34 AM

LOL vs DotAllstars
Can anyone tell me why this game is like DotAllstars?
And what are the differences between these games?

looney 11-13-2009 03:38 AM


Voidgolem 11-13-2009 06:26 AM

LoL: No Denying tactic, Newer (with all the problems being fresh out of the gate presents, IE Balance), Relatively better community (for now).

Towers ruin your **** faster than their DotA equivalent.

DotA: Comes with WC3 and all the custom map goodness that represents.

Much, much larger population of underaged basement dwellers/trolls/annoying gits.

More items/heroes.

Less 'learning curve', more 'learning wall for you to beat your head against while teammates offer no help'

How's it similar? Map layout and general gameplay (Kill the enemy's main structure to win), some spells are similar, some champions have similar roles.


keftes 11-13-2009 09:05 AM

Dont post wherever you feel like doing.This is a guides section.I suggest you use your brains and post things like this in the General Discussion section.It aint that hard to find...

The cartoonish graphics of LoL are far syperior than what HoN has to offer.HoN tries to immitate Dota in every aspect while LoL tries many new things.

P.S Not even going to compare dota with LoL's graphics.It's more of a HoN vs LoL issue atm.

DeanKeaton259 11-13-2009 11:00 AM

Hon Sucks ass. LOL is better.

OniKedamono 11-13-2009 02:19 PM

You would be picking the proper strategy if you joined League of Legends!

And yeah, take a look at the link about LoL and DotA. Guinsoo made DotA, and now here he is again!

I'd have to give a big second to the post about how this game has less of the immature people. In DotA I couldn't go 2 games w/o 2-3 people spewing **** and insulting everyone and going nuts. In this game I was amazed, I think I played 10 games before I found someone who I'd have to say: "Wow, this guy is a real jerk" about.

Not that I haven't found a few immature people but this is the internet, what do you expect?

Also this game has a system for dealing with leavers. If you leave, you can come back in if say it were an accident or you D/Ced. If you leave just because you are pissed, you can't play another game til the game you were in is over and you get a leaver mark on your profile. It tracks how many games you leave.

As for the Heroes of Newerth comparison... When my friend who gave me my closed beta invite to this game tried out HoN he said it was ok but wished it had some changes to it. When we were talking about the games the other day he said: "Heroes of Newerth is basically just standalone DotA with no other big differences, which is one reason I think I prefer League of Legends over it. Even just the graphics were all dark and looked like it was just imitating Warcraft, I didn't think they were very good." Something to that effect. I have the client but never installed it after hearing him complain about it, even though later he said he still did go back and play it now and then until he got into LoL.

Also Heroes of Newerth has a similar leaver system where you can rejoin if you leave the game for some reason. But after 5 minutes you can't get back in and everyone gets your gold and items...... which is a good thing as it sucks to have a leaver and all their items and gold are wasted. At the same time though it'd suck if they were coming back and it took a few minutes to restart everything. Also if you get kicked twice it starts you up wherever the 5 minute counter was at before. So say it took you 3 minutes to come back.. you only have 2 minutes til it just doesn't let you return. Nice on some levels bad on others.... :-\

Just a few things I figured I'd throw into this post.

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