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Slithy 08-21-2012 08:08 AM

AP teemo viable now without lichbane or DFG ?
Sorry about my English. First of all I'm talking about AP teemo just in normal that has been always viable with proper team setup (I know many of you hate ap teemo)

. The new teemo change on his E was impressive for me (0.4 ap ratio up on first hit). I tried malady nashor and rylai with kinda good result. He dealt around 250 magic dmg on hit late game with around 500 ap. (A shroom and a blinding shot in combination dealt around 1k something damage)

My old AP teemo build was like going around DFG or lichbane to finish my target within 3 sec but it took forever to build.
So I just want to ask ap teemo players here if it's a good idea building ap teemo without lich bane and DFG now ?

Warrrrax 08-21-2012 09:20 AM

The nice thing about the AS/AP teemo is that you can get lots of AS for pretty cheap. Nasher is already decent for high AP and the high CDR which helps shroom spam and dart spam. Plus its MP5. Malady is pretty cheap and provides a bit of AP anyways, plus hozes their magic resist.

Just those 2 items alone boost your AS to a good 1.7ish endgame which is enough to give you a much better autoattack with little gold cost invested.
I wouldn't focus really hard on attack speed and autoattack because even with 0.4 its STILL not near as good as an AD carry. But it is way better than average.

You can probably still do what you did before and just consider the better autoattack as a nice bonus. Lichbane seems pretty worthwhile still. DFG is still tempting since Teemo only has his Dart for actual damage (plus modest autoattack)

Ethri 08-21-2012 09:31 AM

I think that AP teemo needs Lich Bane, but Dfg can be replaced with another ap/cdr item if too expensive. Teemo needs his cooldown reduction and Lich Bane provides him a mini-nuke every few seconds along with speed for kiting better.

His auto attack is often too risky to use since the range is shorter than blinding dart and should only be used to proc the lich bane. Attack speed/ ap is good for his early game but falls off late game if you want to make good use of his poison.

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