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Ministry 08-20-2012 12:05 PM

Ministry's Mentorship Program! (All Levels Welcome!)
About Ministry:
Greetings! I'm Ministry, a part time student, part time website developer, and full time League of Legends gamer. I've been playing League of Legends addictively since Vayne's release on May 10th, 2011. League of Legends has been both a frustrating and rewarding experience with the deepest learning curve I've ever experienced in a Video Game.

I was a 1850+ ELO, Platinum Rated Player (Top Rating 1868) during Season 2 with a decent amount of experience in all Ranked Ladders including Solo/Duo Queue, Premade 5v5 and 3v3. I main the majority of solo top champions but am capable of playing and teaching every role to a competent and capable level if necessary. Due to the implementation of the new League System, I am right now in a Gold II Division, though I have not been playing as many ranked matches as I was last season.

Currently, my favorite champion to play is Jayce.

For a full run down on my League of Legends experience, please visit my lolking.net profile.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why help newer players?
Back before I started this program, I had actively lurked around and assisted players that needed help on the New Player Forums. I felt a sense of happiness answering people's questions and overall making a new player's introduction to a very difficult game much more pleasant than it was for me. As such, I soon found myself adding these newer players and playing games with them casually, only to find that I thoroughly enjoyed helping these newer players learn the ropes of the game. Eventually, one thing led to another, and I soon found myself giving my fellow new players lessons and "private coaching." After awhile, I decided to seek out and become a mentor for one of the academy programs here on the New Player forums...

Unfortunately, I was unable to become a "professor" for any of these programs, because the administration that ran these programs were inactive or no longer working on teaching newer players. Because I couldn't find any programs to enlist as a professor, I soon started my own program.

How can you help me?
Let's face it, getting started in League of Legends can be a difficult and frustrating experience. I can offer a friendly, casual and stress free environment that is completely focused around building you as a player. I can provide you with my knowledge, and will go out of my way to help you out in any way I can. We can play bots, custom games or whatever else it takes to improve your game. I am willing to use any type of VOIP or Voice program you'd like to help you out.

Are there any requirements?
I require that you use some form of voice communication to make teaching you easier for the both of us. I also require that you be a patient individual actually willing to learn something new, and be willing to take my advice into consideration. Otherwise the both of us are simply wasting each other's time. It may go without saying, but I refuse to work with toxic players of any sort.

Would you be willing to play a normal/bot game/Dominion/ARAM etc with myself and/or my friends?
I would love to! Please note though that I will only join these games if you send me a private message first asking me, it's not very polite just to shove a game invite in my face, I will assume that you are just mass inviting people and I will most likely ignore it. Please also remember that I do not consider the above the same as giving a "lesson" and am only playing for both of our enjoyments. If another player asks me to help them with a lesson, they will take priority over these games.

Would you be willing to duo queue ranked with me?
I'm sorry, but I do not duo queue with players unless I have worked with them for awhile and feel like I would like to play ranked matches with them. If we do play ranked together at some point, I am not responsible for any loss/gain in League Points or Division positioning.

Do you stream?
I used to! Not anymore though. I considered myself a boring individual and always had trouble holding viewers.

Will you schedule me for a lesson three weeks from now?
Sorry, but unfortunately I do not schedule my lessons in advance. I do this for free on my own time as a hobby and do not want it to become a restrictive part of my life. If for whatever reason you need to schedule a lesson in advance, I will do my best to be online at the agreed time and date, but again my real life takes precedence over League of Legends, and I'm only one person!

Can I become a mentor as well?
Sorry! But unfortunately I'm not looking to manage any other mentors or professors in my program. I do this because this is "Ministry's Mentorship Program" and one of the coolest niche's (or downfalls) is that you are guaranteed to work with me personally. I will never pawn my students off to another person when I can spend the quality time with them myself. That way my program retains its use as an effective learning tool.

How do I get in touch with you?
The most surefire way to get in touch with me is to add "Ministry" in game and contact me when I'm online to schedule a game. I can occasionally be a disorganized mess so bare with me if I'm unable to get to you at the moment, however I will do my best to get to you ASAP. Even if I'm in game, feel free to send me messages or inquiries, I can be very good at multi tasking.

If you add me, please post below, this will help keep my thread alive and allow me to look you up in my records as I can simply be god awful with names.


Summoner Name: (Just a formality.)
Summoner Level: (This allows me to assess what experience you may have, though this is not a definitive indicator or skill.)
Preferred voice program: (I currently prefer to use Skype, TS3 and Ventrilo, but will use whatever the player enjoys most.)
Champions you play: (This gives me a feel on what types of roles you may want to consider working on together.)
What you'd like to learn/work on: (This helps me understand what you're having trouble with and what we can address in our time together.)
Additional Questions: (Any concerns?)
Hope to hear from some of you soon!

Status Update: [2/11/2013]
I have just returned from a very long hiatus! Feel free to message me! Please be aware that I do have a busy schedule which may cause some difficulties. Have a great day summoners!

wRewrite 08-20-2012 03:30 PM


Ministry 08-20-2012 03:58 PM

Encouraging words from my students!

As I do this completely as a hobby and make no financial or mutual gain from helping the League of Legends Community, it's always great to hear your support and encouraging words. Here's a short list of those that I've worked with that had something to say, Thanks again!


Originally Posted by Kaalika (Hozzászólás 30054604)
Really helped to play with someone of a higher skill level and get some tips. Thanks Ministry! You rock!


Originally Posted by a1sock (Hozzászólás 30039184)
if I had any photoshop/paintskills I'd make a good guy ministry meme. Gone in a totally different direction to how I play and practice and it seems to be helping a lot, the way I was playing was breeding a lot of bad habbits and I'm very glad ministry was able to bring them to my attention.


Originally Posted by TDCxChopSuey (Hozzászólás 30264474)
This guy deserves major props, he's so helpful.


Originally Posted by SteliosV (Hozzászólás 30492359)
LOL. Much love to this guy. Ministry's been a really big help in learning top lane for me over the last few months. I went from only being able to properly play adc to being able to dominate top at 1500 elo. He knows what he's talking about, and he even gives me a run for my money at adc.. Listen and you will learn.

Thanks for all your time and help broseph.


Originally Posted by FIatuIence (Hozzászólás 30829651)
Just had a top lane lesson with Ministry and it was great! Very helpful, informative, and fun. I definitely recommend his service to anyone looking to brush up on their skills :)

Thanks for your time/help Ministry!


Originally Posted by Justificarium (Hozzászólás 30986796)
Had my first tutorship with Ministry Played some top lane, got my butt kicked was all good fun ^_^ He's a good man, definately hit him up about lessons


Originally Posted by Simiun (Hozzászólás 31080533)
Just wanted to say thanks to Ministry for taking time out of his busy schedule to help me out. We had a really great top lane lesson and he was able to show me some things that I didn't even have a clue I was doing wrong! Can't wait to try all these pointers out! Thanks again, Ministry.

P.S. - If you're struggling and have thought about getting some coaching before, don't hesitate anymore. Ministry is da man and he WILL help you improve.

Armageddal 08-20-2012 08:36 PM


Greetings! I'm Ministry, a part time student, part time website developer, and full time League of Legends gamer. I've been playing League of Legends addictively since Vayne's release on May 10th, 2011. League of Legends has been both a frustrating and rewarding experience with the deepest learning curve I've ever experienced in a Video Game.
As a university student myself... this is a great quote. I wonder how you get by in class if you're only a part time student but a full time gamer :P.

Ministry 08-21-2012 09:27 AM


Originally Posted by Armageddal (Hozzászólás 28465706)
As a university student myself... this is a great quote. I wonder how you get by in class if you're only a part time student but a full time gamer :P.

Thanks! It was mostly a joke but it is true, I do juggle classwork, my occupation and video gaming to some success. :)

Ministry 08-22-2012 12:57 AM

Bump. Had a few players add me but am always looking to help more! :)

Ministry 09-09-2012 03:10 AM

Been meeting alot of awesome people. I'm still looking for more people to help if you're new and/or seeking advice. Just send me an add!

Giannoulias 09-09-2012 12:10 PM

((hi i added you already but i'm here to bump and stuff, k bai))

Summoner Name: Giannoulias
Summoner Level: 19
Preferred voice program: Vent if you have a server. I have Skype but I've never used it during a game. I have Raidcall too, idk if there are any other programs but I will download anything that doesn't have a virus....
Champions you play: Support mostly, I'm favoring Lulu lately, thinking about buying her, I also like being Taric and Kayle, I enjoyed Leona when she was free and I might buy her as well, I used to play a lot of Poppy, and since Darius is free I've been playing him but probably won't buy.
What you'd like to learn/work on: Being better at support mostly, but also being more versatile in general. I've never met anyone in-game who says "support or feed" but I'd like to be prepared to play another role, just in case. Specifically, I'm really really REALLY god-awful at last hits, and every role except support and i guess jungler really depends on last hits, so I'd like to learn how to improve that.
Additional Questions: I've already added you a while ago, but I haven't actually messaged you to ask questions or anything, maybe a little because you're usually in a game when I get online, but also because you're 1729 Elo and I find that scary intimidating ._.

Ministry 09-09-2012 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by Giannoulias (Hozzászólás 29097568)
but also because you're 1729 Elo and I find that scary intimidating ._.

Awh. I play with pre level 30's and players with less than 100 wins on a daily basis. You shouldn't feel intimidated asking to play a game with me :)

Ministry 09-10-2012 02:56 AM

Bump. :)

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