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Thalandor46 08-15-2012 11:00 AM

Exactly when/where will the NA finals take place at PAX?
So I've known for a good while that the North American Season 2 Finals will take place at PAX Prime. To make sure I'm not crazy, I just went and found this post to confirm that it is indeed happening on Friday August 31st.

Conveniently, I'm going to PAX! And this is certainly an event that I do not want to miss!

However, checking the PAX Prime schedule , I see no evidence of this event in sight! Scandalous! The closest thing I see is 20 Questions with Riot Games, which, while interesting, does not sound like a regional finals event.

At this rate, Friday the 31st will be upon us, and I will have no idea where to go at what time to experience such an exciting event! Surely this cannot be! Does anyone know where I can find such information on the NA finals?


Ueber 08-15-2012 11:45 AM

Riot apparently is occupying an entire floor at PAX. If you look at the compeditive site, they list the NA finals as from Aug 30-Sept 2. While exact details are scarce, I think it's a safe assumption that games will be happening all weekend long. I'm sure that the specific details will be here soon.

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