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TacoMental 09-13-2010 11:47 AM

[Guide] Tryndamere - King of Mid
Most people write tryndamere off as a hard carry. He sucks in the beggining but carries super hard at the end. Because he carries so hard at the end he gets harrassed earlier. Thats what makes his early game suck. Everyone has a horror story of trynd wrecking the entire team and as such put him down when they can, lvl 1. This has kept a lot of new people away from him and it sucks because he is so cool. I want more people to play him if for no other reason he gets a new skin. :)

Since trynd is my favorite character I have plugged through the heartaches. I've done everything from AP to Jungling. The issue of being focused by 2 people in the side lane is the central reason trynd sucks. He can 1v1 with no problems. He could even 2v2 if you have a gutsy lane mate. The key is aggression. Any time i've had successful early game its due to putting the enemy in their place so you can farm up health and money.

But what if you don't have a person you can co-ordinate with? Even if you do what if he isn't the balsy type? It's rough to push a passive friend into being aggressive they will hate life. But if you play trynd you love living on the edge. The key to a solid consisitent early game is to play the solo mid lane.

Many disagree but the proof is in the pudding. Time and again I kill ezreal, ashe, morde, ryze etc. I will admit twitch gives me issues. Its not uncommon to kill my enemy 2 or 3 times by lvl 7. Trust me you will get flack. It will be hard. Practice this in practice games first because IT IS TOUGH. It takes very much skill and timing. Knowledge of opponents. and RUNES. If you don't have the right runes it makes mid play a *****. Oh yeah and a little luck.

9x Crit Dmg Marks
9x Dodge Seals
9x Flat MR
3x Crit Dmg quints

Most people will scoff at a lack of armor pen or crit CHANCE. Crit dmg is superior for very few characters one is tryn. Even though it doesn't maximize early game DPS it gives big inconsistent hits. This is key becasue you want to hit your mid opponent so hard he is afraid to come at you with less than half health. Dodge & flat magic resist give you some extra survivability.


3xArchmage Savvy
2xOffensive Mastery
2xBrute Force


nothing too crazy here 3x archmage savvy seems odd but with amazing AP ratios I feel its better than 2 points in sorcery. Offensive mastery is to help you farm. Evasion/nimbleness synergizes with your runes as does resistence. I start with around 54 MR every game.

Summoner Spells:

Ghost & Flash.

No exceptions. None. I dont care if you love ignite or teleport or whatever. Spinning slash and mocking shout will only get you 1 or 2 hits. Maybe not even that if they flash or ghost. Trynd is constantly chasing or fleeing and these two work great with both. You will have amazing mobility and amazing finishing power. I used to run cleanse and heal to mitigate stuns & ignite but its worthless. You are playing a destructive force so you need to destruct. I can't count how many kills gained or deaths prevented by these two spells. Flash cancels turret shots which helps you dive. Ghost saves towers and teammates. If you've popped your ulti while laning mid you MUST get a kill. Enough said.

Skill Order:
Q, E, Q, W, Q, R, Q, W, Q, W, R, W, E, W, E, R, E, E

Spinning slash is just for mobility.
Bloodlust makes you hit harder and heals you its a must.
Mocking shout scales nicely and is important.

Item Build: (in particular order)

Phantom Dancer
Zerk Greaves or Merc Treads (only 2 ever)
Infinity Edge
Last Whisper
Frozen Mallet
Quick Silver Sash or Randuins

Basically start with Brawlers Gloves and 2 health pots. After this your goal is a zeal and boots 1. From here it varies. If i need to go back early or die then i complete my boots. Agility cloak takes priority. You have crit dmg but you need some base crit chance. Grab one of these before getting a bf sword. Finish your IE asap after that.

*EDIT* I've started building 2 agility cloaks before a bf sword. The reasoning is becasue I use crit dmg instead of crit chance.I need my base crit chance up for farming and blood lust stacking. So usually my early/mid game looks like this.

zerk greaves (sometimes merc treads)
2x cloak of agility
4x health pots

Also some teams i go for 2 quicksilver sashes and merc treads. For example I fought a team that had; Annie, Amumu, Garen, Viegar, Alistar. It was far too much cc to not have 2. Sometimes both are used some times you just need to have one avail while other is on CD. I build them after IE, before phantom dancer completion and usually 1 before last whisper the other after i get the LW.

*End Edit*

zerk greaves
cloak of agility

From here its judment sometimes if I'm hitting hard enough I finish phantom dancer. If not I grab last whisper. If i feel too squishy or focused I grab a phage or giants belt and get that frozen mallet going. Enemy has 4 ignites and 2 exhausts or a morde/malz then I get quick silver sash. Generally speaking though randuins or frozen mallet are last. On a side note if you are having trouble with the enemy carry then randuin's omen could be more important than the frozen mallet or the quicksilver sash.


This deserves its own section. Always have health pots. Since you use your health to cast its health and mana rolled in one. It can save you vs ignite etc after an ulti. Basically get in the habit of popping a health pot before you ulti every single time. Green potions should be used liberally after you have zeal, boots and cloak of agility.
Red pots are awesome but try to have it in your inventory and use it as your ulti falls and you have ignite or are being chased. Its a health pot for big team fights. If you have money Blue pots are actually worth wile. CDR for your ulti and amazing AP scaling means that at lvl 18 you are getting 500 hp at @ stacks of bloodlust instead of 400 and your spin will hit for an extra 60 each time. Not shabby.

How to mid:

The key to playing mid as tryndamere is tempered aggression. Spend level one cautiously last hitting to build up your blood lust stacks. Try not to get harassed too much by the other mid but if you take some shots its no biggie. They are basically priming your crit chance. At level 2 you take spinning slash because it gives you striking ability. Think of yourself as rattlesnake. You are sitting there coiled in mid last hitting. They are poking you then out of no where you strike. Spin at them and take a few hits. If you let them poke you for a full level without once moving towards them they often times won't be prepared for it. They are used to another ranged character giving and taking with them, not to be ignored.

The key on this first strike is to send a message. You are aggressive, crazy and your damage can spike for some big hits. I've even gotten first blood at lvl 2 like this. That comes down to luck. Crit 2x in a row and you might have a kill. Some times you don't crit at all and you run with tail tucked. Do not be afraid to use your flash or ghost to get away. Your health potions will probably be gone after this first push. The upside though is that they are low health and you are now a threat. Many times they will back off a bit while you farm. Run at them and spin back through the creep wave to fake them out etc.

Levels 1-6 are basically the same. You keep farming and randomly jabbing your opponent trying to get a lucky crit to kill them. Its funny when I get yelled at for "being lucky" on my crits when i have a 60% crit chance because I have low health. That being said, you WILL be low health. Get used to it. Love it. Embrace it. The lower your health the more crits, the more crits more bloodlust stacks, more bloodlust stacks more health. The cycle for me is to build blood lust stacks, spin to opponent around half health bar and take a swing if possible. Sometimes they run and you just back off and pop bloodlust to heal. If your creep wave is pushed to their tower run down river spin into thier wraith camp and take it. If you don't have a jungler take yours constantly too.

Depending on how you do you may need to go home early. If so just grab some boots and more health pots. I usually am able to hold out for boots 1 and finish brawler gloves to a zeal. Even if you happen to save up 2000 dont' get a bf sword. You need crit chance. If you can hold out grab a zeal, boots 1 and cloak of agility.

After you are level 6 or 7 and you've already killed or sent back mid you have to get out there ganking. I love the ghost, zeal & boots 2 combo. Push the wave up, duck into river pop ghost and get to the side lane befroe they even notice you're gone.

Level 6-14 is all about tower diving if possible. You need to farm kills and minnions. The nice part about mid is it makes you both higher level and better geared than the side lanes. Often times they are hanging around with no potions, little health or mana waiting to hit 6 to blue pill. Take advantage of this. Also you are tryndamere you don't gank like normal folk. Try to come from behind. If they are hugging the tower spin in, kill, pop ulti or flash cancel the tower shot. If you do things right you start to hear things like, a fed trynd is fed.

After zeal, boots 2 & cloak of agility your focus is Infinity edge and another cloak of agility. I never ever change this. I need the crit bad. The good news is that this is where you start to really really hurt. The cloak after IE is sometimes the difference in dying with no kills and soloing 4 enemies. That being said I rarely finish to phantom dancer quickly. Last whisper or quick silver sash comes next folowed by the dancer, frozen mallet. I rarely finish the build but this gives you an idea of the direction/order to go. Wards are highly important. This goes for any character but trynd can move quickly and exploit weakness very well.

Late game:

Ignites, stuns and other dots are your worst enemy. Always try to account for them with your ulti. The best time with trynd is raping face and never needing to use your ulti. Rarely do you go in and just fight vs mroe than 1 person unless they are low health or mega squishy. Move in and take a few swings and back out. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee. Just a wack or two will tell you how hard your hitting. If you can kill someone in 3 hits by all means do it. But don't wail on alistar for 10 minutes and expect to not get focused. If its a lone guy away from the pack then chase follow wail. Try to save your ulti for those situations such as team fights, dives and places where you are pretty sure you could kill 2 people if only you could some how not die...


I will be adding an ever growing section of specific tips on specific mids as I begin to compile useful specific tips. I really hope this detailed guide gives people an idea of how to not die as trynd.

The Scorn 09-13-2010 11:54 AM

interesting... +1

Ebonclaw 09-13-2010 12:32 PM

I've played Trynd mid a few times. It's amazing how well he can do if he doesn't have 2 people trying to kill him at once. Once you get to level 5, there's almost no one who can push you away from your minions, as you can either just Bloodlust to heal, or if they want to overstep their bounds, Spin > Mock > CHOPCHOPCHOP.


Slide 09-13-2010 02:44 PM


Like really really?

I sincerely hope I meat some trynds in mid. More food for my Mord.

No but seriously, aside from lucking out with crits (quite a bit of luck as you have no crit chance) how the hell would you do anything to most common mids?

I know I would laugh at you with Mord and I cant imagine a squishy ranged champions damage being outhealed by inconsistent bloodlust.

Id seriously like to know (or better yet, SEE. Got any vids of you doing this? Im skeptical) how you manage it. Ive always loved trynd but I HATE his early game. Boring as all hell.

Also suprised as hell this wasnt -17 when I opened it.

StyrTW 09-13-2010 03:40 PM

Tryndamere mid gets wrecked by Gragas mid, along with other common mids like Vlad and Morde.

TacoMental 09-13-2010 05:31 PM

I handle vlad and morde without any major issues. They have killed me sometimes but its no blow out rapage. Morde for exmpale i played 2 days ago and killed him 2x by level 7 without dying once to him.

Merana 09-13-2010 05:43 PM

Katarina mid rapes you pretty hard too if they are running the usual exhaust/ignite

TacoMental 09-13-2010 05:46 PM

katarina isn't too tough. Save flash to get away when exhausted. Her anti-heal ability is annoying but not a game ender. Just get a crit or last hit after she hits you with it and you can save your heal until the debuff wears off.

Keep in mind she's pretty weak. 1 or 2 crits and you will have her going home. Then you take level advantage. the 10% dodge helps a lot vs physical characters as well.

Merana 09-13-2010 07:43 PM

If you don't get the crits what happens though? Do you have to leave the lane and lose exp? Because it's hard to imagine a low HP trynd effectively CS'ing mid until he is at least level 6. And even then you'd need to use your ulti.

My friends loves trynd and has tried to solo lanes with him. But he consistently has trouble against heroes that will disable him when he spins through the minion wave so the minions wail on him (morgana, sion, annie). Or Characters with heavy survivability and/or strong burst (Nidalee, cho'gath). This sounds very interesting but it seems very reliant on RNG with your crits, which seems risky.

TacoMental 09-13-2010 08:20 PM

Blinds are actually worse than disables. When lvl 2 and I spin in the first time if i'm exhausted i flash back immediately. Low health is how trynd plays. He crits harder when he has 10% hp than he does with 70%. I use wraith camps to help me refresh my health. It is dangerious and you really walk a razors edge. But more often than not as long as you have them down in health you should be able to sneak in last hits for your heals.

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