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Jelloslayer 11-11-2009 07:52 PM

Please Help Me...
My wins loss ratio is.... 0:10 or so
No wins all losses.
I've tried like 5 guides.
I do what it says and i get owned. I buy what it says and get owned ( most of the time i dont even have enough money to buy what it says )
I run back to my tower when getting owned. Then i get spiked by some guy who does a million times damage then i do.
I'm getting pretty tired of not being able to do anything.
Please Help

HeLawlsAtYouSon 11-11-2009 08:02 PM

Well jelloslayer, I'm not sure how much I can help you from the information you've given, but I guess I can try.

First you need to post more information, we get the gist that your getting owned, but a video or a more detailed account would be nice.

Second, you've probably read this guide already but look over it again just in case.


Third, your character might be hard to play, choose one that's easy and stick with it. Ashe, Morgana, and Amumu are nice.

Last, I think the biggest thing is to play more and try to see what you do wrong. Experience is the biggest factor.

Get more detailed with your problems. That would help the most so we could help you.

HadMan 11-11-2009 09:46 PM

Since your new I suggest you try ranged. I find ranged a lot easier than melee, in most cases as you don't have to engage to attack.

Some nice champ suggestions would be Ashe, Teemo, Anne and maybe Tristana.
I play as Teemo and he is great for tanking. Get a few early kills, start off with Philosophers Stone and use blinding shot to make that tank who is chasing you unable to attack you with its basic. Ashe though would probably be your best bet. Easy, Powerful, Farmer, Ranged, Fast and overall a great choice for newbies.

Cumulous 11-12-2009 01:54 AM

I'm pretty sure I played a game with you the other day...

First of all, watch the map. If you don't see 5 red circles, make sure you have assistance or an escape route (tower or ghost or something of that nature) nearby and accessible. After the game has moved into team fights (you see all 5 of the other team together) you shouldn't farm a lane unless its up against your tower, and even then you should only push it 1-2 creep waves before you move on.

Its also possible your early game isn't up to par. Most new people (in dota at least, so I'm assuming in LoL) have a really hard time laning well. If your not getting the items for your guide this is probably the case. Most people tend to auto attack which just pushes them farther away from their tower (which isn't always a bad thing but it does move you farther from safety) and often miss the last hit.

Practice only aiming for the killing blow and never let the minions hit your hero. Every time your creep wave is about to outpush your opponents (your minions are still alive and theirs are about to die/dead) run in and harass. If your ranged like trist/ashe/teemo you can harass from where your ranged minions are. I would suggest doing this against bots to start even though they are horid.

If you want to go for a kill in a lane, make note of the # of ranged minions and how close the tower is before you go for the kill. 3 ranged minions hitting you for 5 secs is a surprising amount of damage early on.

I looked you up and it seems like you played Annie alot recently, with Annie its wonderfully easy to get last hits because her Q spell refunds mana if you kill your target with it.

A Cantaloupe 11-12-2009 03:15 AM

Well, I'll post a few things that I find pretty helpful guidelines to start out with.

First of all, one common mistake I see a lot of new people make is attacking a champion near their tower. If you do this and you're in range of the tower, it will start attacking you instead of the minions. I guarantee (especially early game) you'll see your health go from full to nothing much faster than you'd like it to.

I would advise that especially early game, you really have to harass your opponent before you go in for the kill. I see some new people use all of their skills against an enemy with full health, and then just autoattack it and hope it dies. The smarter thing to do is to harass them a bit. Try to get their health down low enough where you can kill then with your nuke, but high enough where they feel confident enough to leave the safety of their tower thinking they have enough HP to live.

In the early laning, I find it's way more likely you'll get first blood (or you'll kill instead of being killed), if you don't autoattack the enemy creeps (meaning you right click a creep, then wait for it to die and then attack the next one). It's far more effective to keep running up and down (I don't like sitting still) and right click a creep when it's close to dying so you get the last hit, giving you the gold. The reason for this is if you're autoattacking them, they're going to die much faster. The problem this poses is the faster the enemy creeps die, the more you push closer to their tower. Once they're hugging their tower, your chances of killing them safely go down dramatically.

Always always ALWAYS watch your minimap. If you see 2 people in your lane (let's assume you're the top lane), 2 people in the bottom lane, and nobody in the middle, and the enemy just got a lot more aggressive with you, you're probably about to get ganked. Also, if you're playing against stealthers (Twitch, Evelynn, and Shaco to a lesser extent) and whoever you're laning against get's uncharacteristically aggressive, you can bet that the previously mentioned stealther is probably right behind you, waiting for the other person to initiate (so you use your nuke on them), and then pop out of stealth and own you.

I guess another thing you should do is pay attention to what items people have. If you get a kill early game and all they had was a mana regen item, but this time they come back and have boots (and you have no boots), this round migiht go completely differently. Don't assume one kill is going to happen the same way every time. Sometimes it might, but as the game goes on, people gear up, and the strategy changes.

I guess that's all I have for now. I had a bigger post but I guess I got logged out of the forums so I had to log in, and when I did it was all gone. Sorry if this was all repeated.

Arthas Menethil 11-12-2009 03:19 AM

Try the easy heroes - Master Yi and Ashe are hard to go wrong with. Annie isn't a good hero for beginners; her skills hit hard but have horrible scaling so you'll need to be a good farmer to survive, something a beginner isn't expected to be able to achieve. I recommend Ashe, since she's ranged. Play her until you stop feeding. Then you can start trying other, harder heroes.

Vichar 11-12-2009 11:10 AM

There is a lot of good advice being given in this thread for beginners. I hope my comments are not too much of a re-hash. Disclaimer: this is written for beginners. Some of my advice doesn't apply in all cases. Here goes:

The main difficulty, as I see it, is that there is the obvious game where you try to kill enemy heroes and push lanes until you destroy the enemy base, and a less obvious game where patience, map awareness and timing are all-important. I want to discuss the less obvious game. There is a lot to say here, but for beginners it boils down to a few key points:

Early Game:
- You MUST keep your champion level competitive. This means you can't go back to base too often, and you should spend as much time farming as possible. Lane with a more experienced player and watch what they do. Dying even once early on is a HUGE setback, and will result in you being under-leveled.
- If you or your lane mate do not have heals, carry healing potions and DON'T GET HIT. If you attack enemy champs their minions will attack you, and you will be forced to go back to base more often.
- If you take teleport, wait until your teleport is off cooldown before going back to base.
- Do NOT try to kill the enemy by yourself unless you know what you are doing. Let the kills "come to you." How do you do that? The main tactics are baiting and stunning. If you and your lane partner both have a stun, try to chain the 2 stuns together and get a kill (example: blitzcrank and veigar"). Baiting? Don't try it if you are a beginner.
- If your more experienced lane mate successfully baits an enemy champion, don't just run away and leave him to die! Be aware of what your lane mate is doing at all times and if he goes for it, you MUST support him. The exception to this rule is if your lane mate is an idiot and his stupidity will get you killed needlessly.
- Resist the urge early game to try for a team gank and waste time standing around for an ambush opportunity that may never happen. If you are a beginner, your job is to level up and stay useful to your team. Defend your tower, harass the enemy champs if you can do so without dying, and farm those creeps.

Later in the game:
- DO NOT FEED THE ENEMY TEAM by running in and dying. This is the number one thing that beginners do that frustrates their team. How can you avoid feeding the enemy team?
-- Resist the urge to solo enemy champions with low health that are obviously baiting you if you don't know what their abilities / abilities on cooldown are.
-- Pick summoner abilities that are escapes. Ghost, Cleanse, and Flash are good spells to get out of trouble with.
-- Do not go off by yourself to farm a lane in an exposed position if there are enemy champions missing from the minimap, and you don't know where they are.

Team fights:
- During a team fight, do not initiate unless you have lots of health and armor (magic resist), i.e. a tank. Resist the urge to run up and just use your abilities randomly--doing so may result in a stun/slow from them that gets you killed. Let the tanks / more experienced players decide when it's time to dive in, and when they do, immediately back them up.
- Focus fire on priority targets first. If you don't have vent (or a similar VoIP tool), you should designate a "caller" that marks targets. Try to focus on a single target and kill it first. Casters especially should not randomly target enemies, since their ability to do damage is based on a cooldown.
Good targets are enemies that do damage the whole fight--like physical dps or spamming casters. Nukers or one-trick ponies don't need to be targeted first. After they use their abilities, what's the point of killing them?
- Stay calm, don't panic. A team fight happens suddenly and people die fast. Never be in too much of a hurry that you miss clicking on your intended target or hit the wrong key. Repeat this to yourself just before the fight.
- Don't just randomly run away if your team engages! So many team fights are lost because people run away before the battle is lost. Try to calmly assess if a fight is still winnable, and only run when it is not. If you have abilities that help team members survive, use them. Remember, the winner of a team fight is the team left standing after the fight.
- When running away: sometimes you have to let teammates die. They might do stupid things, or they might just be the slowest member in a group. When you are retreating, you should resist the urge to help a doomed team member. This takes judgement, but you have to learn to instantly spot when you can win a fight and when turning around to help just results in a pointless death. Again, the best way to learn this is to watch more experienced players work.

- Above all else, you should always be doing something that helps your team. I find there are two basic modes mid and late game:

TEAM MISSION: The team will get together to push a lane or defend a tower. You need to be with your team during these times.

RECOVERY: Either your team will have accomplished their objectives and start going back home, or enough of your team has died that you need to run like mad. Feel free to pursue your own agenda until your team is ready to group again, but during recover DO NOT EXPOSE yourself to enemy ganks!

Hope this helps. Sorry for the length.

anata ga mori 11-12-2009 11:14 AM


Originally Posted by Vichar (Hozzászólás 272298)
-- Pick summoner abilities that are escapes. Ghost, Cleanse, and Flash are good spells to get out of trouble with.

Heal/Cleanse at first (he won't have unlocked Flash.)

Jelloslayer 11-12-2009 02:55 PM

Thanks for the help. Just got done reading the posts after my afternoon nap >.<
I'll try to put all of these into effect. I will have to come back and refer to it though xD.

Arthas Menethil 11-12-2009 11:54 PM

My best advice for you atm is to take defensive masteries, roll an Ashe and then ask your teammates what to do. :)

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