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Gosu Man 08-09-2012 08:52 PM

League of Legends Draft!
Affliction E-sports (http://www.afflictionesports.com
Is hosting a League of Legends draft!
The Draft will be August 17th.
-What is a Draft?
A draft is where you sign up by yourself and placed into a random team. These teams will compete in a single elimination tournament.
-What is in it for me?
The winning team gets 5$ of Riot points!
-How do I sign up!
Go to Affliction E-sports and Sign up!
Then go to this link and make a post!(http://www.afflictionesports.com/for...p?thread_id=10

At least 16 champions owned.

Hope to see you there!
(One match per round will be Shoutcasted, Streamed and Uploaded to Youtube!)

Gosu Man 08-09-2012 09:00 PM

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