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Script Lord 08-02-2012 02:08 AM

Script Lord's Champion Concept Compendium
This thread is exclusive for cataloging my many, many Champion Concepts, past, current, and even future. Since I have no life outside these forums, I spend a great deal of my time thinking up so many ideas for Champions that I felt that I needed to make this thread to keep track of them all before I forget.

Shanks, the Karmic Bandit
This was my original concept for a Melee/Support named Shanks who runs off of a Karma system. He stole a wealth granting dagger from a man and was cursed to be a slave to Karma (the concept that all actions have appropriate consequences).

Faust, the Merchant of Death
My concept for a Melee/Mage/Pusher inspired from the namesake of Faustian legend. A vendor of destructive and deadly relics, he possesses a special contract with a powerful creature from a plane of shadow.

Carpus, the Incarnation of Sin
My initial concept for a Melee/Fighter (originally a Tank) based off of the Seven Deadly Sins. A monk who has become the physical embodiment of humanity's most vile vices.

Gilford the Goldsmith
My concept for a Melee/Tank based off of King Midas. He wields a pair of gloves/gauntlets that convert mana and various materials to gold.

Jack the Ripper
My concept for a Melee/Assassin inspired by the infamous serial killer. An enigma hailing from the Shadow Isles who relishes in bloodshed and death, able to conjure bloody mist and vanish from sight.

Shanks, the Karmic Rogue
This was the new concept for a Melee/Support named Shanks who draws from a new resource called Karma. He is a former Black Market runner who was bestowed a wealth granting dagger that cursed his selfishness by forcing him to be bound by his Karma, both Positive and Negative.

Serpent Lord, the Unfettered
This was my second attempt at my first ever Champion Concept. A Melee/Fighter, the Serpent is a former soldier turned mercenary hailing from another world who possesses a tranquil Fury with which he fights to overpower his enemies.

Carpus, the Incarnation of Sin
A second take on my Melee/Fighter who revolves around the themes of sin and vice. Utilizing the Energy resource, he's a re-imagining of a monk who was made into the physical representation of humanity's most vile desires.

Ozym, the Stringless Manipulator
A new concept for a Ranged/Support who uses a puppet to help his allies and distract his opponents. Utilizing Mana, he's a Yordle who is dedicated to putting on a show with the use of his familiar.

Jaques, the Bloodmist Slasher
A re-launch of an old concept for an assassin/jungler, who was based on Jack the Ripper. This incarnation still retains the previous abilities, but with slightly altered names.

More to come....

Like I said, the only purpose for this thread is to keep a record of all the Champion Concepts I've made, am working on, or may work on in the future. You may feel free to bump this thread if you wish, or you could eve review one of these champions I've made, I would appreciate it. Ultimately this is just a list, so you could ignore it too, if you wish.

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