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MyNameIsDonovan 08-01-2012 03:04 PM

Champion Revealed: Barn, The Sentient Barn
27 Attachment(s)

In the beginning, Barn couldn't experience life like other living things could, then again, he wasn't truely alive. Where a man could see, hear, smell, and taste, Barn could only feel, feel and remember. It was the comfort he provided that he felt, the comfort he remembered. He provided shelter from the elements, and was always there when they needed him. They were his animals and he was their barn, home, their guardian and would protect them always. Or so he thought.

He sensed the man approach, torch in hand. The man, a farmer who was jealous of Barn's current owner, threw the torch through Barn's window, where it landed in a pile of hay. Within seconds Barn felt his insides begin to char and catch aflame. Burning was nothing new to Barn, years ago, an accident caused half of Barn's structure to burn and collapse, but he was rebuilt and would be rebuilt again no doubt, however last time, his animals were not inside. The shrill screams of the animals, his animals, sent Barn into a panic, he had to do something, anything. Then it hit him, he was no gaurdian, he was a barn, no more, no less, and could do nothing but listen as each animal's painful scream die out, one by one, as they succumbed to the fires heat.

It was then Barn realised he could not only sense the presence of the jealous farmer, but actually see him. The farmer stood, smiling over the pain and destruction he had caused. The smile was more than Barn could take, Barn snapped, both literally and figurativly. A mangled mass of wood and splinters burst forth from Barn's sides. Startled and afraid, the farmer ran, but Barn was not going to let his prey escape. The mangled masses took the shape of crude clawed arms, with which Barn dug into the ground, dragging his burning structure after the fleeing farmer. The farmer tripped in his haste, allowing Barn to catch him within his claws. Barn opened a mouth that could only be described as a fissure of charred wood where once a door stood and spoke to the farmer,"Let us see how you fare against the flames, shall we?" Then threw the man who took those he held most dear, into the inferno that was Barn's mouth.

Barn, once a simple barn, a simple home, was no more. The fire and farmer made sure of that. What remained was a smoldering mass of planks and splinters with a new desire in life, seek out evil that preys on those who can not protect themselves, and with that, Barn drug himself out into the darkness.

"It is fire and hatred that took my life, but it is fire and hatred that allows me to live" - Barn

*note, feel free to come up with your own ability art, i'll add it in!
  • Attachment 752763Art courtesy of Aroph
  • [Passive]
    Kindled Heart

    PASSIVE: Barn gains a charge of "Kindling" for every unfriendly unit he kills, improving Barns abilities for each stack at time of cast. Barn consumes a charge after he casts an ability. Stacks up to 5 times.
    Attachment 752764
  • [Q]
    Vengeful Grip- RANGE: 275 - COOLDOWN: 14/12/10/8/6 - COST:30/40/50/60/70

    -ACTIVE: Barn reaches out. If Barn's claw encounters an enemy, Barn begins to channel, snaring the enemy and shielding himself. While the shield persists, Barn deals physical damage every X seconds. On hit effects apply. Lasts up to 3 seconds.
    PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 10/20/30/40/50(+ Total AD)
    X SECONDS (130% of Attack Speed)
    SHIELD: 80/ 130/ 180/ 230/ 280(+ 10% Max HP)

    Increases Range and Shield by 10% per stack

    Attachment 752765
  • [W]
    Feel the Flames - RANGE: 275 - COOLDOWN: (2 Toggle Off)(8 Toggle On) - COST:16/20/24/28/32 Mana per Second

    TOGGLE: Barn ignites his fire within, radiating intense heat and flames. Enemies within range are dealt magic damage every second.
    MAGIC DAMAGE PER SECOND: 20/35/50/65/80(+ 30% AP)

    Increases Radius by 10% and Damage by 5% per stack

    Attachment 752766
  • [E]
    Splinter Toss - RANGE: 800 - COOLDOWN: 10/9/8/7/6 - COST:40/50/60/70/80

    ACTIVE: Barn hurls a splinter at target location. If the splinter hits an enemy champion, its deals damage and slows them for a duration. If the splinter hits open ground, it shatters, scattering splinters in a circle, dealing damage and slowing enemies within every second.
    PHYSICAL DAMAGE 100/ 150/ 200/ 250/ 300(+ 100% Bonus AD)
    Slow % (40/50/60/70/80)
    Hitbox increased by 3% Damage by 5%

    MAGICAL DAMAGE per second: 25/45/65/85/105(+30% of Total AP)
    Slow % (20/25/30/35/40)
    Radius increased by 5% Slow by 4%

    Attachment 752767
  • [R]
    Inferno's Embrace
    - RANGE: 750 - COOLDOWN: 150/120/90 - COST:100
    Barn sheds his physical form for 3 seconds, engulfing his target and gains a percent of their defensive stats. Barn is able to cast abilities while in this form but can not move on his own.
    ACTIVE-ENEMY CAST: Target becomes untargetable and suppressed. Inferno's embrace deals magic damage every second.
    ACTIVE-FRIENDLY CAST: Barn becomes untargetable for, but takes 100% of damage dealt to his target before mitigation.
    DEFENSE SIPHON: +35% of Targets MR/AR
    MAGIC DAMAGE PER SECOND: 90/145/200(+ 40% AP)
    +2% Defense Siphon per stack


Originally Posted by TheOtherStuf (Hozzászólás 31545516)
I just read the lore, what it's missing is why Barn joined the League of Legends, so, why did he?

That has been brought up before I believe. The easy answer is that there are evil people in the League... but if you want lore...


Had he finally found it? The cause of the destruction these past months? The summoner approached the unconscious child, her body surrounded by the remains of what appeared to be bandits, each one crushed or charred to the bone. There had been reports that something was hunting down men and killing them mercilessly, leaving behind charred corpses. After further investigation, the summoner discovered that in each case, the victims were groups of bandits or murderous cutthroats. Could this small girl really be the vigilante he sought? There was one way to find out.

He cleared his thoughts, and placed his palm against the child's forehead. Memories surged forth into his mind, not his own, but of the little girl. Chaos surrounded her, trees, torches, her father was whispering.
"Eleanor, child, you must keep running, I'll hold them back."
"Daddy, I'm scared, I don't want..."
"Hush now, we will be fine, just keep running until you make it to the road, then head south into town, I will meet you there."
"Daddy, I c..."
"There's no time to argue, now go, and don't look back." Her father turned her around and shoved her in the direction of the road.
"I love you sweetling." He whispered before turning toward the bandits.

She ran out into the dark, she would be brave for her father, she would see him in town, wouldn't she? She tripped on a stray root landing face first on the forest floor. She began to pick her self up when she heard laughter from near by. Bandits began to walk out from behind trees, she froze in terror.
"Looks like we caught ourselves a little lamb. What luck eh boys? You see little one, we love lamb, and its been quite some time since we have had a taste."
She looked up into the mans eyes and saw something there. Was it just the darkness playing tricks on her eyes? No, she knew what it was.. it was true evil.
She let out a scream as the men approached her. This was the end.

An unearthly roar burst forth from the forest. The bandits began to shout and point in the distance. Something was barreling toward them, demolishing all in its path. The bandits began to draw their weapons, ready for for whatever it was. A hulking mass of wood emerged from the woods, crushing multiple bandits in an instant. The rest of the bandits charged the creature, hacking away at its body.
Then she saw them, the creatures eyes, they began to glow brighter and brighter. Fire burst forth from the creatures body, washing over the bandits and herself, but where flesh began to melt from the bandits bodies, Eleanor felt only a comforting warmth surround her.
The creature made its way to her. Why wasn't she afraid? Was she too tired? She succumbed to her exhaustion. "Rest now, little one." The creature whispered. Darkness enveloped her.

The summoner began to blink in surprise. He had his answer, but was left with more questions. One thing was for sure, this creature would be a great addition to the League.

Brother toapat posted an idea about Quinn writing about Barn in her journal, heres what I came up with


Val and I were attacked by a group of bandits on our way back from Freljord. I was careless and took a debilitating wound to my leg, and was forced to flee. Val found the remains of an abandoned barn in which we have taken shelter. Fleeing has sapped what little strength I had left. Its strange, I feel that I should be worrying about the fact the bandits could discover our location at any second, yet I feel at ease within this barn, as if its walls would protect me if they could. Funny, the wind makes the barn sound as if its breathing. I must rest for now, if we are to have any hope to see the sun once again.

I woke this morning to the smell of burning flesh. It appeared that the bandits had found me, but something found them first. Their charred remains were strewn about the forest. The barn I took refuge in is nowhere in sight, an oddity in itself, but Valor tells me it came to life and slew the bandits. Either yesterday took a mental toll on Val, or that barn should be investigated further, I should inform the League...


Thanks for all the support and Barn love everyone.
We hit 3200+ and have 8 Red posts, GD you are the best!!!
Im going to use the third post to update a lot of things like the voice overs, skin ideas, and a question of the day area to help spur some more Barn discussion!
Don't forget, post suggestions and spread the word of Barn!!!


Originally Posted by Alphonsio (Hozzászólás 32182872)
Brotherhood, you've made me so very proud! For months now, we have all banded together, showing our support, our desire for this champion idea. We've poured our hearts out to Riot and to one another. We've spread the word of Barn throughout the League of Legends community and have nurtured a glorious thread for months.

We shall continue to do so! Like the Champion we adore, each and every one of you, my Brethren, is strong. Each and every one of you is determined, devoted to the cause, to the goal we've come together to accomplish. My fellow Summoners, you've joined the ranks of the Brotherhood of Barn, you have given your voices to our mission and you have helped us continually grow!

I appreciate you. All of you. Every upvote, every bump, every piece of wonderful content you've provided. You've done great things, honorable, amazing things, in pursuit of our goal.

I have nothing else to say. You're all wonderful, you're all, in this community, my friends. I trust you to continue doing what you can to support Barn, to support Riot and to make our dream a reality.


Alphonsio, Herald of Barn

Attachment 752768

Originally Posted by vortical42 (Hozzászólás 36851569)
"Were you born in a barn? No? Well, you're going to die in one."

Nomissire is making some 3d Models of Barn!
Attachment 664913 <--- Test Number 1

Atheau 08-01-2012 03:05 PM

+1 for effort and chuckles, if nothing else.

It seems interesting too.

MyNameIsDonovan 08-01-2012 03:08 PM

Soooooo heres a little taste of a little bit of Barns origin story :)


"Brother, its an honor to be chosen by the magi. She was chosen Brett!"
"Do you think lying to me makes this any better. The children are only chosen by two means. Either they're street urchin that no one will miss" Brett raised his head from hands to meet his brothers eyes,"or they find someone desperate enough, someone heartless enough, TO SELL THEY'RE OWN CHILD, DEZ!" he roared.
Dez's eyes went wide."No, brother... it wasn't like that, she was-"
Brett lept over his work bench, and shoved his brother against the wall. Brett was a blacksmith by trade. His body lean, his upper body rippling with muscle, The years spent forging weapons for the Noxian army saw to that. Gripping Dez's neck, Brett lift his brother into the air like he was a child's toy.
"You sold her Dez, I can see it in your bloodshot eyes. You sold her for more Smoke" Brett began to tighten his grip around his brothers neck. The smell of urine began to fill the air.
"Sh..she...was... tr...ble." Dez managed to sputter.
Trouble? True, Morgan was trouble. She was constantly stealing, constantly getting into some sort of no good. She was a pain, a nuisance.
Brett loved her more than anything in the world.
She stole because what little her father made, he spent on drugs. She caused trouble with drug dealers to anger them, so they wouldn't sell to her father anymore. Morgan had nothing but good intentions. Brett saw the world slowly become more cruel and dark as the war progressed. Not Morgan. She always saw the positives in life. She was Bretts golden haired angel, she was the only thing Brett cared about anymore, and his brother sold her to that monster, the Magi. Brett let Dez fall to the floor.
"Thank you Brother." Dez whimpered.
"You are mistaken Dez, you no longer have a brother."
Brett walked back over to his work bench slid his hammer through his belt.
"Understand this Dez, Morgan is no longer your daughter. Im going to bring her back. If I see you again, or you try to come near her, I will kill you."
Brett began to walk out the door of his shop.
"What kind of chance do you think you have against the Magi?" a hoarse Dez called out.
"Better than the one you gave Morgan." Brett walked out into the cold night air.
What does a blacksmith have to do with Barn?
Who is the Magi?
What war is going on?

Would you guys like more?
also I didnt really proofread, please feel free to correct me!

Skin Ideas - Don't forget to post your own!
Castle Ruin Barn
Gazebo Barn
Car Wash Barn
Ginger Barn House
Toxic Barn (Think Muk)
Baba Yaga Barn
Toy House Barn(Splinter toss is replaced with legos... they freaking hurt)
Brick House Barn
Dog House Barn
HamBarnger(hes a giant hamburger)
Space Wreckage Barn
Rock Born Barn
Noah's Ark Barn
Clockwork Barn
Windmill Barn
Castle Greyskull Barn - Bigpawz
List of ideas from Xeranis Azourael
Skin Ideas:
"Charred(?)" Barn (e.g. Maokai; although that's probably his Default already..)
"Zombie-Survival Fortress/Apocalyptic" Barn (the works: stone/steel walls, spiked doors, razor roof, automated turrets, flamethrower turrets, crane claws, et c.)
"Haunted/Crematorium/Slaughterhouse" Barn (Shadow Isles/Halloween theme)
"Rune-Forged" Barn (Runic symbols all over Barn {lighting Barn on fire triggered the hidden rune symbols on him which animated him}, or e.g. Ryze, Runeborn Xerath, Earthrune Skarner, Rune Wars Renekton, & Runeguard Volibear)
"Battlecast" Barn (e.g. Cho'Gath, Urgot, & Xerath)
"Piltover Customs/Mobile" Barn (Has wheels underneath Barn, instead of his clawed arms e.g. PC Blitzcrank {spectral/fiery claw arms manifest only for his Q-Vengeful Grip} || Also, since IronStylus' barn stored cars..)
"Smart-(House)" Barn (Futuristic theme, e.g. iBlitzcrank)
"Hextech" Barn (Piltovian theme; e.g. Anivia, Galio, et c.)
"Reindeer Stables" Barn (Christmas theme; houses Santa's Reindeer)
"Temple" Barn (Ionian theme)
"Palace" Barn (Demacian/clean theme?)
"Bunker/Militarized/Weaponized/Armory" Barn (Noxian theme?)
"Wharf/Warehouse/Fish-skinning" Barn (Bilgewatian theme; e.g. Fisherman Fizz)
"Blacksmith Stables" Barn (e.g. Blacksmith Poppy)
"Dilapidated" Barn
"Glass" Barn


Originally Posted by ZithisLabs (Hozzászólás 38929694)
Summer Skin: Sand Castle Barn (splinter become crab!)
Toadstool Barn (you know, like a smurf house)
Barnland Funhouse (Carnival theme Barn ^_^)
Framework Barn (think like just the framework of a barn, his skeleton if you will, it could be his equivalent to the Jurassic skins of cho and kog)
Clinc Barn ( the ninja need somewhere to preform operations when they are in their medical skins lol)
Frost Fortress Barn (Frejiord theme? replace fire with ice winds and splinters with icicles)
Prison Cell Barn (working alongside Cait?)
Vandalized Barn (to go with the Vandel skins, he could have like spray paint on him and smashed windows or something like that)
Voidborn Barn (With the void being my favorite faction i had to throw this out there, imagine barn with the purple void energy instead of fire)
Pentakill Barn (obviously he's the stage and attacks through a pair of amps that fire music lol)
Pyramid Barn (Shimira Desert?)


Originally Posted by ZithisLabs (Hozzászólás 38957596)
Champion Select Screen: "To protect the weak....... That is why i still burn"
Taunt: "Let us see how you fare against the flames, shall we?" (taken from his lore)
Regular Joke: "Were you born in a barn? No? Well, you're going to die in one." (taken from first page)
Alternate Joke: " You couldn't hit the broadside of.... well me"
Hidden joke after standing in a bush for long enough: "How is this thing not on fire?"
Laugh: Laughing mixed in with the crackling of fire
Moving when near minions: "Behind me, my flames will protect you" (changed around from something someone near the beginning of the thread said, also shows how he exists now to protect the weak from evil)
Recall animation: Barn roots himself to the ground as his flame erupt more violently from him

Crashed Ship Barn/Bligewater Barn (pirate ship wreckage, splinters replaced with cannon balls and his fire is more of a water effect) (Hidden Passive, when using this skin, Barn has the Cosmetic Buff "Pirate Ship: Yarr, I'm a mighty Pirate..........Ship!"

Fan Made Voicework
These are great, check them out!
Alphonsio ->http://vocaroo.com/i/s09HTZ9hFcBi
Rojiru ->http://soundcloud.com/rojiru/barnlines
Baron Bodacious ->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gN78...ature=youtu.be
LSignals ->http://vocaroo.com/i/s0Yw29WPKckf
The Enigma King->http://vocaroo.com/i/s1i6kCPt9fNa

People used these for the lines, feel free to make your own :D

Stoober 08-01-2012 03:13 PM

He's a barn and he's coming for you...with a vengeance.

MyNameIsDonovan 08-01-2012 03:25 PM


Originally Posted by Stoober (Hozzászólás 27706876)
He's a barn and he's coming for you...with a vengeance.

Sounds like something that you would read on the back of a book. If I write one, ill give you credit :D

Quitch 08-01-2012 03:27 PM

Supported. We need sentient barns in League of Legends.

DR200 08-01-2012 03:27 PM

ri0t pls

Stoober 08-01-2012 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by MyNameIsDonovan (Hozzászólás 27707360)
Sounds like something that you would read on the back of a book. If I write one, ill give you credit :D

I'd also like a dedicated blurb in the end credits of the inevitable movie deal that is incoming.

MyNameIsDonovan 08-01-2012 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by Stoober (Hozzászólás 27707717)
I'd also like a dedicated blurb in the end credits of the inevitable movie deal that is incoming.

I'll have my people get ahold of your people. Its going to happen.

DreamLeviathan 08-01-2012 03:37 PM


...and I really shouldn't overanalyze, but hate grab seems like it'd be hard to adjust the numbers for in terms of effectiveness 1v1 versus effectiveness in a teamfight.

though maybe not too bad since if it's just a snare the opponent can possibly generate the damage to break it themselves... Hmmm. Might be too easy to break in a teamfight then, though.

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