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SparrowRain 07-24-2012 11:03 AM

Hide N Seek (NEW)
What is Hide and Seek?
Just what it sounds, the hiders hide, and the seekers try to find them, chase them down, and kill them. There are two seekers and five hiders, and the seekers must kill the hiders 5 times in 45 minutes (or 3 in 30)

Victory Condition
SEEKERS :If the Seekers kill all of the Hiders 5 times in 45 minutes or 3 times in 30 minutes. - Hiders must then surrender, or seekers cap all points and win
HIDERS : At least one hider has at least one life when the time limit is met. - Seekers must then surrender, or hiders must cap all points and wait to win.

-Seekers must B at low health (Especially if the hiders are using lots of traps)
-You are not allowed to hurt or cc the seeker in any way while they are recalling.
-With the recalling rule in mind, Seekers can be killed by cc without gaining a kill on the person that cc-ed.
-Hiders can only use CC abilities until they get rylais. You used to be able to use damage skills at your own risk, but some people were using this to force the seeker into recalling, or using the damage skill and then securing the kill with cc. ALSO: This does not effect abilities like master yis Q which dash to the enemy/make you go behind them. If you want to reduce the speed on their mobility boots, and you do not have CC, attack them once. One attack is enough to take off the speed boost, without violating rules. Additionally, ults that show parts of the map (ziggs, draven, ezreal) are allowed, as well as nidalee traps, considering they are VISION. And VISION is important!
-Unless using draft or the host chooses to do so, 0 characters are banned for either side. (This means that you can use anyone. Some are more recommended than others, though, which i will discuss later)
-You can also play hide and seek with all random.
-Storm Shield is allowed, however hiders grab it at their own risk (considering they are in an open space sitting there until they finish getting it)
-You CAN cc for team mates or provide a distraction.
-Both sides may buy Oracles (though Oracles is only recommended for hiders if the seekers have a stealth character or teemo)
-Seekers may recall at any time, Hiders may not. As a hider, you must die to buy. To make this easier on you, you can suicide on turret, BUT it still counts as a death on your part so it might not always be worth it.
-All items are allowed on both sides.
-Seekers can not set traps at the Hiders exits, please space them so they are AWAY from the exit.
-Seekers cannot camp at hiders spawn. YOU MUST WAIT FOR THE HIDER TO HIDE. If you spawn camp, the hider is permitted to not leave spawn until you do so, so camping wastes you valuable time and gets no results. (I'd say that seekers should give hider 30 second head start in which they are not followed.)
-Hiders can hide anywhere that is not their spawn. Hiding in your Spawn results in a free kill for the seekers.
-Hiders must go out of spawn by 2:00, and can never stay at spawn for more than a minute unless afk or disconnected.
-People who are outed are permitted to run around the map, but not the jungle. They are not allowed to set traps, distract enemies, kill enemies, take health packs, etc, etc, though. If an out saves an in, this results in a freeeeeee killllllll for the seeker. - Bolded because that people seem to forget this.
-LEFT SIDE is HIDERS, RIGHT SIDE is SEEKERS, when in game lobby.
- A normal match will take 45 minutes, maybe slightly longer. The host may also choose 30 minutes. Anyhow, be sure to ask which one it is, and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME.
-If you disconnect, you are not permitted to buy (if you are a hider.). Any kills made by the seeker while disconnected are also invalid. Hiders disconnected or afk for most of the game are banned from being able to play at 30:00 (45 minute game) or 15:00 (30 minute game), just so the hiders can't say "BUT HERP DERP RECONNECTED AT 43 MINS YOU HAVE TO KILL THEM FIVE TIMES NOW".
-Hider can have one free recall (in which they are still not allowed to buy) if they have to do something in rl, such as take the dog out, take care of something, get something to eat, whatever. So they can do these things in piece. DC/AFK ban time counts here, and you cannot B after the ban time has been passed. If you have to do something, you risk being found and killed while you do it.
-Do NOT cap ANY points until your team has won!
-Do not stacks tons of boxes or tons of shrooms or tons of nidalee traps, especially if you have an ap rune page (not everyone has a hide and seek rune page, and some may need to use ap)
-Do not take advantage of CC rule with normal CC attacks either, or spells with rylais. For instance. I nidalee cannot build ap and spam q at someone, and then say "WELL IT WAS CC YA SHOULD'VE BACKED". SAME GOES FOR FROZEN MALLET.
-If a seeker DCs, then at 15 minutes (30 minute game) or 30 minutes (45 minute game) the remaining seeker will get more minutes based off of the DC afk time, and hiders deaths. If the person reconnects, said changes will be revoked or cut in half. This is so that hiders do not get advantages from a seeker disconnect, and the seeker can't take advantage of the rule either.
-Seekers must wait till 2:00 to go out. This gives them more item variety and lets the hiders hide. Too many people were thinking that the other rule (of giving hiders 30 seconds to hide) did not apply to when you first went out. This also makes hiders reconsider whether they want to stay the extra couple of seconds or take advantage of their hiding time.
-Once a hider is perma-afk/unable to play, their remaining lives are given to their team mates, distributed as said team mates see fit.
-Anywhere the seekers cannot hit you without taking a laser hit is considered in base, whether you get health regen from it or not.
-If I think of more, I will add!

Recommended Champions
Twisted Fate (Lots of CC to keep those pesky hiders down, a teleport and vision ult!)
Nocturne (If your partner chose Twisted Fate. He's not that good without the TF assistance)
Master Yi (Q and R, gg)
Warwick (Self explanatory for his ability to find low health champions, suppress, and his nice amount of movement speed to begin with)
Ashe (Q slow, R stun, E scouting device, W damage slow, Ranged AD, what's not to love here?)
Teemo (shrooms, also, can keep up with hiders easier with W (move quick))
Twitch (Stealth. Hiders will not expect stealth, and with the fact they are not allowed to B, you can really surprise them when their oracles run out!)
Gangplank ( You can't CC him, he has a passive slow, he parrrleys half your health, he has a global slow ult, he has a steroid, I hate this guy.)
Lux ( Slow/Snare, Lazers yo face off from across da map )
Caitlyn (Though she doesn't look like the best, I've seen her do very well. Also, traps!)
Nidalee (Another one that doesn't look effective, but is effective. Vision traps everywhere, OP Spears, and can match your speed or overpass it.)
Rammus (Taunt OP, Dat Powerball, OMG ULT)
Irelia (When played correctly, a very good seeker. Unfortunately, not many know how to seek well with Irelia)
Jarvan IV (Q+E knock up, ultimate trap, and a slow built in.)
Lee Sin (This guy is really good )
Pantheon (With his damage output, Stun, Slow, and his global ulti (which would work great with cv), this guy has everything you need to seek well.)
Sejuani (She has a fat ass pig that makes her a bad pick early game, but she picks it up and wins, with an effective slow/gapcloser/stun)
Evelynn (Same as twitch. I have not won ONCE against an evelynn seeker though.)

(NOTE: there are many more, and I will list the rest later!)

Evelynn (Stealth, Ult is MS steroid)
Twitch (Stealth, has a slow)
Teemo (Stealth, map awareness)
Shaco (Stealth flash, Boxes)
Nidalee (Tons of speed especially if in jungle, map awareness with W, Heal with E, and in cat form, W is very useful for runnin gaway!)
Shen (Taunt, Global Ult, Shield)
Zilean (With CDR has a very nice movement steroid every like 2 seconds, has GA in an ult, and you lower its cd just by running around as you usually would! Also slows enemies down)
Twisted Fate (Can CC then TP, as well has helping his team mates with the locations of the enemy)
Tristana (Rocket Jump, Ult. I've seen tristana do very well, although she doesn't look like she fits the criteria)
Sona (ALTHOUGH I HAVE NOT SEEN OR TESTED THIS. Movement Speed, Heal, Stun, what else could be perfect?)
Shyvana (With her W and her dragon ulti, is very fast. I've tested this and although she's not usually the last one standing, she's very fun to play as)
Rammus (Can taunt then powerball awayyyyyy)
LeBlanc (if you know how to use her, you can escape from ANY situation with ease)
Kayle (Slow, Speed up, Invincible.)
Janna (As well as bein gnice and giving her fellow hiders some movement speed with her passive, she has a shield, slow, knock up, and knock back. Another character that when used right is a perfect hiding pick)
Hecarim (jesus christ its hilarious to watch a hecarim outrun the seekers. every. single. time.)
Fizz (Fizz is very good at escaping, with his Q and E, and his ulti, which has a very nice slow.)
Pantheon (Good movement speed, can ulti away, has a shield)
(AGAIN, there are more, I just have not listed them here.)

Reccomended Items
Phantom Dancer (MOVEMENT SPEED)
Shurelyas Reverie (Burst of AoE movement speed, CDR and Health Regen)
Quick Silver Sash (Don't get CCed, QSS!)
Youmumus Ghostblade (Burst of movement speed, only if you need more cdr though)
Frozen Heart (Works perfectly on Zilean)
Mobility Boots
(Pretty much anything with movement speed..lol...)

Frozen Mallet
Rylais Scepter
Boots of Mobility
The Lightbringer
Hextech Sweeper

Recommended Summoner Spells
(at least one should be ghost or flash, imo)

(ghost/flash is best imo)

Added Gameplay (Aka The CC-ers)
If you have been killed the number of times the rules stated, you now no need to wait till the 40/45/50 Mins Mark.
You can continue to play with only these items:
Phage(No Frozen Mallet Allowed)
Rylai's Crystal Scepter


You are allowed to CC the seekers. However, they have every rights to kill you, don't cry!
You CANNOT kill them, any kills of the seekers will result you and the rest of the "CC-ers" to sit in your base for 5 mins. Additionally, the seekers will gain an extra 2 mins for each of their death counts.

"This is only an implied idea, you may use it at your own risk."


1) CC-ers (n.) - A person who has been killed for the number of times required and must follow the "CC-ers" Gameplay issued above.

2) Base (n.) - The defined area where you are safe and sound from seekers.

Credits to xDeathz23 for the following information (*More to come*)

Trollers, Cappers, One-Who-Doesnt-Follow-Rules:


SparrowRain 07-24-2012 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by InstantDeath (Hozzászólás 27347640)
this is mostly played on draft and tf ashe and lee for seekers are almsot perma ban
same goes for shaco evelynn and teemo

Yeah. Without Draft, it could be a tough game for the seekers. I

PseudoChris 07-24-2012 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by InstantDeath (Hozzászólás 27349527)
how do u make comment quote?

This is not the place to ask such questions.

Also, thanks for the rule list. I kind of like playing with CC kills counting as deaths because it makes the game move along faster. But it all depends on the map and gametype selected.

SparrowRain 07-25-2012 11:52 AM


Originally Posted by InstantDeath (Hozzászólás 27353106)
u could have just simply answered

You see the " beside the thumbs up and down? Yeah that is it

Some people (Not gonna name them) have not-so-interesting rules. For example, you cannot buy Phages or Rylai's. Only Health items. Well, it's everyone's choice eh.

SparrowRain 07-27-2012 03:51 PM


xDeathz23 07-31-2012 11:01 PM

People Seem to only see added gameplay and not the main rule :/

SparrowRain 08-01-2012 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by xDeathz23 (Hozzászólás 27669728)
People Seem to only see added gameplay and not the main rule :/

Well, I've compiled it together so people will get the full details of it :x

InstantDeath 08-01-2012 06:17 PM


xDeathz23 08-02-2012 09:57 PM

Players you shouldn't play with cause they will troll : Trollers: Nonaix DaNMazE creepysoldiers FlutterShy4 FireStromWJK

Helping teammates when out and capping after losing.Refuse to surrender

SparrowRain 08-04-2012 07:21 AM


Originally Posted by xDeathz23 (Hozzászólás 27768692)
Players you shouldn't play with cause they will troll : Trollers: Nonaix DaNMazE creepysoldiers FlutterShy4 FireStromWJK

Helping teammates when out and capping after losing.Refuse to surrender

Thanks, will make a list of people who are not fit to play these game modes.

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