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HowDoIMacro 07-24-2012 06:00 AM

Nunu Solo Top Viable?
After his recent buff, im thinkign that he would be pretty viable top. does any one have experience with this?

Im thinking building him tanky/ap bruiser, rush a RoA then maybe trinity force? with some t2 boots and maybe gp5s too?

start with either a ruby or saph since he doesnt need the movement from boots right away ( bb) or the sustain from pots ( consume). or perhaps a pendant.

his lane would probably be really easy to gank. bb the jungler b4 hes about to gank. then keep up with bb and icceball( plus phage if u have one ) and any other cc that the jungler has)

Thoughts? tips?\


Warrrrax 07-24-2012 08:58 AM

Yes Nunu does work fine up top. Godlike sustain, pretty strong harassment, able to buff his own movespeed and even that of a jungler when ganking.

BUT... Nunu doesn't exactly scale very well. He's kind of a support champion with supportish abilities. Solo Top champs get pretty good farm and are expected to make a significant contribution. Someone like Shyvana, Lee Sin, Renekon, Raven, Irelia. These guys deal tons of damage when fed and demand the enemy's attention.

Fed Nunu on the other hand... well hes ok at best. With all that extra gold he will probably go Tanky AP, instead of tanky support.
So his Icebolt will do a bit of extra damage, and his Ult has very strong damage potential. But other than that hes kinda stuck Buffing the carry and has a really strong self-heal. And thats it.

thepantsparty 07-24-2012 09:45 AM

His main purpose in top lane is to prevent the other champion from farming due to his constant harassment. A fed Nunu isn't as useful as fed other bruisers, but when he's fed and the opposing top lane is way underfarmed that's a net win for your team.

Aikimiller 07-24-2012 02:56 PM

I just won a game as top lane Nunu, destroyed a Jayce prety easily, although he wasn't all that good.

Nunu is typically though of as falling off late game- and there is some truth to that, so you need to be aware of your team composition when picking him. Having a strong damage jungler like a nocturne synergizes well with him. However- the recent change to his Ult significantly improves his team fight, and as long as you don't run in and ult at the start of the fight chances are you'll be able to get it off- unless the enemy is saving CC for you, in which case that's 1 less CC they'll be using on your carry.

Nunu is a strong choice for pretty much wherever you want to put him. And there are definite benefits to running him top lane if you have a strong jungler who wants to invade hard.

NightmareAce 11-14-2012 11:50 AM

Nu bump

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