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Mastermarz 07-22-2012 04:22 PM

Ahri Strategy, new unrecognized looking for feedback
Hello. I am a standard ahri player but i disagree with the flow of mid-laning idiotic comments i get and trolls always bashing me for going agaisnt the flow of people and have an unrecognized game stategy id like to discuss with people.

Standardly everyone thinks ahri is only good for mid-laning ksing and keeping glory to herself anyone who reads this probably thinks sure that sounds about right.
No. I dont believe it they have ASSASIN for a reason. with this her description and recomend items dont come in use just trying to lane. Her damage output early on...its not good enough to lane at least 15+ characters can easily take her. mid is susceptile to ganks and flash and spirit rush arnt always reliable u play high-risk trying to mid her putting all ur game play into one character instead of spreading it out.

Here is my ahri ap carry strategy full team combo suggestion

Ahri has high ability power late into the game but she lacks the support that tanks have and the stunning high damage capability that many other characters can pull off quickly into a game. To utilize her powers to best capibility she needs to be partnered with a good tank example. taric or anivia or someone who can utilize stunning or slowing or dmg/def increases as well as someone who can manage the bottom lane while she mana recharges and can wait 15 seconds for her to tele back.

Example. i play a mix of blind draft and eventually i plan to go ranked. ive met so many smarter blind pick teams than the draft pick wannabes no offense to those who do know how to play but rage because nobody listens to them like i do.

My strategy incorporates the effect of a dual carry, mixed tank, gank, and bang strategy.

Ahri as a bottom with a support/tank utilize her ability power to gained mass kills with luring charm and damage output early on putting u in a quick lead. go for high ability power cooldown mana regen and keep the bottom lane dominated while having a better mid-laner take stall while u gain power. Midlaners i recomend be as tough as ahri no offense ahri can be a good mid but others with high harassing power can take her spot easily such as brand morgana anivia or some others. keep a good jungler on ur side someone who can silence or stun or mass slow, or pure distraction tank, examples amumu can use bandage toss to drag someone in, fiddlesticks can speed silence and damage fast while u and ur tank destroy them, rammus can take heavy hits and u can use combos as he distracts the enemy, or nunu can use his absolute zero so u and ur partner can close in on the enemy. then ur top row. u need the single person but who also is good with the team synergy. i recomend someone fast with a good mdef/dmg ratio such as nidalee or someone who can cloak and weasle their way into a fight without being noticed such as twitch or teemo.

You can utilize a complete hell/death squad utilizing this strategy and it seems to be under appreciated only because people havent tried it. I found out by accident that this can be used well. i went into a match but someone had called mid. i had still gone with ahri because her damage worked well as a counter and good synergy to the team. i teamed bottom with a tank/lurer at bottom and we dominated the game nobody did poorly the way we utilized it. i dont remember who was used but i know i had a lot of kills and assists with low deaths bottom row was untouchable mid-lane and top-lane were even-pushing-defending keeping the game balanced and then favored to our team. when the team went together we pushed fast and the enemy team died fast and couldnt beat our tanks while they defending the TWO carries with two carries our dmg output was doubled with our defences staying similarly the same without relying on specifically 1 or 2 champions it based the team as a whole early to mid to late game.

Id Honestly like pro reviews but i will take any comments or advice or any ideas for a team. I plan on going into the tournaments in either season 3 or 4 and am looking for input based into many champions.

Mastermarz 07-22-2012 05:18 PM

um. still no replies anyone want to comment yet?

ExecutionerK 07-22-2012 07:12 PM

Good thinking but went the wrong way, Ahri's ability power doesn't scale as hard as many other ap carry in the game. Her real power is mid game where she is impossible to stop from ganking and have decent scaling with a lot of true damage at level 9. She is also really hard to gank after 6 and allow her team to have much better dragon control since the team doesn't need to provide much cover to Ahri.

The champions that you are picking to do the tank and stuff doesn't make sense as well.

dChocoa 11-15-2012 01:11 AM

Well it's true Ahri doesn't exactly have as much ap as some other ap carries, her true worth lies in her skill set. Her skill set is useful in so many situations. While its true she's not very strong near the start, it doesn't mean she's completely worthless. Her Q is one of the best skills for razing through minions AND harassing the enemy champ at the same time. Her W has 3 fires each one doing 50% more damage than the prior. The damage stacks up and becomes HUGE which is a nice skill to have when you're facing an enemy champ. Her E is good on soooo many levels. It can lure enemies out of the rest of the team for your own team to single out and kill which makes it strong end game, it pulls enemies out of your danger zone or their safe zone when laning at the start of the game, and certainly becomes a VERY good weapon mid game when you go around roaming to gank. Her ultimate is probably one of the best ones in the game. It allows you to easily run away. With 3 dashes, there is almost no way an enemy can catch up to you. And with the 3 bolts it shoots out, it also plays a nice clean up after a team fight or when your chasing a champ in general. But it doesn't HAVE to be used at the end of a fight. It can also be used at the start to put you in position to use charm, lay out your combo, use the last 2 dashes to do damage, zhonya's (a highly reccomended item for Ahri) and then lay out your combo once again. A very strong combo I would say. Although Ahri can indeed go bot and totally devastate the bot lane with a tank, Ahris generally go mid because their true time to shine is between levels 8-14 which is around when an Ahri should start roaming around yanking every lane and they should generally try to reach those levels ASAP. Mid lanes are best for farming and therefore faster leveling. Her skill set makes her a very strong mid laner but like I said, it doesn't HAVE to be that way.

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