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Masuhara 07-21-2012 06:34 PM

karma mid
dont change her she is one of the best mids in the game.

BBFSmokedCayenne 07-21-2012 07:05 PM

YES! So true. agreed agreed agreed

smart OP

in all seriousness, though.. she REALLY does NOT need a rework, people just need to REWORK their opinion on her. She has an unbelievable shield and very OP AoE heals. excellent synergy with the team, too. She has a ton of fsustain in mid and can harass for days using an R'd E on a minion to hit the unexpecting enemy. so amazing,

I pray to riot that they change very little about karma. If she were to actually get an update, she would just need a new W. I personally like it as is but I know it could be better.

She is actually overpowered, though, so the rework would most likely nerf her (AP ratios)

PapillonMyu 07-21-2012 07:15 PM

not sure of trolling or just stupid.

TheGrayBuffoon 07-21-2012 07:31 PM

It is not a troll and it is not stupid.

Masuhara 07-21-2012 07:35 PM

ap ratios are high but so is skill cap, dont change imo, everyone else can just keep sleeping.

Uncle Scoot 07-21-2012 07:35 PM

really the reason people qq about karma is becasue they dont know how to play or build her i dont think they should do anything to her i like playing a game and people sayin i dont know what to do against a karma.

Masuhara 07-21-2012 07:45 PM

i like when the team complains in q, then we win.

TheRelicOfOwls 07-21-2012 07:55 PM

Karma is one of my fav champs, and I always roll over people with her, I solo'd a nocturn on bot when my ad ran off to mid, and I kicked his ass, he wasn't expecting the shield nukes to hurt him that badly. She is so satisfactory to play, especially when everyone says she sucks and you stomp them throughout the game.

I have played her mid before, but I had an ashe there and since she was ad it was a bit harder, but I still dominated the lane in the end. She definitely does not need a rework, hell she doesn't even need buffs, people just need to stop thinking she's a normal support because she is far from it. I have support-ish masteries on her, but instead of the defensive part of the masteries that I have for people like sona, I put it on AP just like an ap carry would and she absolutely destroys - the only thing is, she unfortunately doesn't fit the meta's idea of supports...

your expected to just let the carry get all the gold, but since you need to build Karma as a semi-carry, you really need some too. I usually go for athenes unholy grail (starting with meki) or go for morello's tome if they have a regen tank, after that it's usually arch angels and then stacking mana because she does eat it away pretty fast, and ofc you need to get cdr when you can. Very expensive items to try and build towards early game if your trying to just let the carry get all the gold, and "gold per" items have been nerfed so.... that's definitely out of question for her type of build.

She's an exceptional character, she just doesn't fit the meta very well, hopefully the rework that she's getting wont change her amazing abilities too much, and just add some method for her to be just as good without as much gold - so she can fit the meta better. From what I hear she's getting a knock-back and a silence of some sort, sounds interesting to say the least


Mr Ratz 07-21-2012 07:58 PM

Please don't change her. She is amazing the way she is. Trust me, once you get to know her it all works really well

BBFSmokedCayenne 07-21-2012 08:42 PM

what I hate about reworks is that all the other people start playing that champ and start stealing her from me in champ select.

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