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Modessa 09-07-2010 07:58 PM

Ok, i've been looking for a team, but, some of them requires Vent.

How does Vent work? What is Vent anyway? Enlighten me please, I feel stupid. :3

fooolishfool 09-07-2010 08:17 PM

Vent basically lets you talk to each other. You all connect to the same server, grab your mic/headphones, and yell at your team mates rather than typing to them (the idea being that yelling is much more efficient). It definitely isn't unique to LoL - most team-based online games generally end up involving some form of voice-chat.

Shasyr 09-07-2010 08:21 PM

Ventrilo, or Vent, is a voice-over-IP program used to communicate verbally over many games, like LoL or World of Warcraft.

The clear advantage of Vent is that speaking is much, much easier and faster than typing. You can out-coordinate and out-communicate an opposing team if they don't have it.

To install Vent, simply google search 'ventrilo', go to the site and download the client. Follow the install instructions. When you open the client, you'll see a username box, a server box and a bindings box each with an arrow by it.

To create a username, click the little arrow by the user name box and fill in the top blank with the name you want. I'd suggest your summoner's name, or main character's name, etc. The second box lets you add a little description of your name.

The second box, called server, is where you put in the information for the server you need to connect to, go figure :P Put in the host name or IP of the server, which I think is case sensitive. Then put in the port and, if given one, the password.

Once connected, a Vent server may have many channels. If this is the case, ask which channel you should be in. If you can enter a channel, just double-click the channel's name and you should enter it.

You'll need headphones with a mic to use Ventrilo effectively. To enable push-to-talk, go to Setup, check the 'use push-to-talk hotkey' box, and in the box next to the word 'hotkey' hit the key you want to be your push-to-talk button.

There's a basic rundown of what Vent is and how it works :P If you need more info, more informed posters can supply it or the Vent website can.

Modessa 09-10-2010 10:29 PM

Thanks alot!!!

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