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Xirus 11-07-2009 06:19 PM

[Guide] Twisted Fate destroying towers: A physical build.
Edit: With the gate nerf, this build is probably obsolete.
Updated: 24/11/09. Changed runes and item build.

This guide is written with the assumption of a moderate knowledge of Twisted Fate. In brief, this is a playstyle for Twisted Fate for people who are frustrated at being unable to destroy towers. It is a “counter” to the five man gank squad strategy. It is a build that works within the context of a team. It is NOT a build for people who focus primarily on killing champions, or who wish to be strong despite a weak team.

Within the context of a team:
First and foremost, Twisted Fate is a team player. This build works best in premades, because your team will be used to your unorthodox strategies, but in a pug, just make sure your team understands that you will avoid team fights.

Twisted Fate’s role within the team:
  • Tower pusher: The primary point of going physical damage with Twisted Fate is to make him better at downing towers.
  • Gank assist/cleanup: You will NOT be able to kill enemy champions by yourself. However, given destiny, gate, and gold cards, Twisted Fate is a monster at assist killing anyone trying to run away/popping in unexpectedly and slowing someone for a gank.
  • Spot defense: with Gate, Twisted fate is better than anyone at responding to 1-2 people pushing towers.
The team’s role:
  • The team needs to be able to communicate with you, so you know if people go missing. Twisted Fate spends a lot of time by himself, and needs to know where all opponents are at all times.
  • The team needs to be able to provide the bulk of the gank potential, assisted by you. It helps if your team is able to communicate with you when they want a gank assist, and they should respond when you ping a target and teleport in.
  • The team needs to be able to hold off a 5 man push with 4 people (more on this later).


Q <Wild Card> -
Early game, this is used for harassing. Even though you’re not going AP, it still does a reasonable amount of damage early on. Late game, it is for weakening waves of mobs for you to finish with your Tiamat. Use this early game if you are having trouble getting near the opponents.

W <Pick a Card> -
Gold card, and its related shenanigans. Use this early game if you can get within range of the opponents and have a partner that may be able to gank with the assist of your stun.

E <Gate> -
The most important part of this build. It is leveled earlier in this build than other builds.

R <Destiny> -
Don’t be afraid to pop destiny if you don’t know where enemy champions are. Other than that, it’s a gank assist.

1-5. 1 point in gate, 4 in wild cards/pick a card, depending on who’s in your lane.*
6. Destiny
7. Gate
8. Gate
9. Gate
10. Gate
11. Destiny
12-18. Max out destiny, then wild cards (as it helps clear mobs), then pick a card.

*Either go 2 points in each, or 3 and 1, depending on what you feel you need. Make sure to pick up a point in wild card early, 3rd level by the latest. The stun helps pull off lucky ganks and helps you survive against good players.


Madrad's Razor
Berserker’s Greaves
Last whisper
Upgrade Razor to Bloodrazor.
Assorted choices*

Start the game getting Long sword and a potion (I go health). Once you have 585 gold, you can retreat to pick up a madrad's razor and gate back into your lane. The next three items bring you up to speed on killing towers, and Tiamat helps clear creep waves, since your wild card doesn't do it by itself.. The game is normally over by then, but the next choices can be phantom dancer, banshee’s veil, warmogg’s armour, or anything else you feel is appropriate for the particular match you are in. Please note that this build leaves Twisted Fate as a VERY squishy champion, so if you're finding yourself in a lot of fights involving champions, get banshee's veil/survivability items. Note that this shouldn't be happening unless the enemy team is splitting up.

[Runes] (need suggestions, currently thinking...)
Blue: Mana regen- for about 4mp/5. This helps your early game, late game mana regen doesn't matter.
Yellow: Health, for about 60 health. This again helps with early survivability.
Red: Need something that helps damage towers. Currently thinking AP, for about 20 armour penetration? Would that be best?

Offense is the most important, as your job is to destroy towers when possible.

[Summoner Spells]

Rally: This helps destroy towers, it helps with ganks/2v2 fights, and it acts as a gimpy heal. EDIT: Not absolutely essential, but neat if you can pick it up.
Clairvoyance: I find I pretty much always know whether I’m in danger of a gank or not, so I don’t actually feel this skill is useful. Take it if you’re having trouble with map awareness.
Flash/exhaust/ghost: With the flash nerf, not feeling like it's necessary, but it does help survival early game, allowing me to be a bit more aggressive but still have an escape. Still tinkering.
Promote: is useful for pushing towers.
Cleanse: *credit norefunds*- cleanse's 2 second CC immunity helps you finish your gate casts :)

[HOW TO PLAY] The part you’ve been waiting for.

Early Game:
Objectives: gold and experience. Ganks if your opponents are noobs, but don’t expect any.

Focus on minimizing your opponents ability to get gold/experience and maximize your own. The basics of League of Legends.

Mid Game:

Objectives: Gold and experience. However, you are now likely to get ganks.

Be extremely aware of the map. Anywhere that you can teleport in and gank, make sure to do so, but give your teammates warning so they know that you’re coming. Remember to pop a gold card BEFORE you teleport, and that opponents can see your teleport incoming. Also remember that you can’t gank by yourself- you can finish people off, you can assist your team, but you cannot kill anyone by yourself.

Late game:
Up until now, AP cardmaster is superior. This is when this build starts dominating. Keep in mind that cooldown reduction helps a LOT, so try to get the golem buff. I will split the strategy into two distinct “phases” of gameplay. The game will oscillate between these two phases throughout the late game.

Enemies at known locations: The 5 man gank squad.
At this point in the game, your enemy team may be formed up into a five man gank squad/push. Your job is to avoid them at all costs. They’ll end up pushing a tower, your team should end up defending. (alternatively, your team will be pushing mid to pull them to mid) .In the mean time, you gate to a lane, and start pushing. Once you get to a tower, you’ll find you can drop it.

The enemy team of course will send someone back to deal with you. Before they get there, make sure you’ve teleported to another lane and start pushing. This is where team communication/map awareness is key. Keep in mind if your gate is off cooldown, it’s probably time to leave. It may be time to leave sooner than that, even if you have the golem buff.

If you keep doing this every time they form up, one of their members spends lots of time running trying to catch you, thus losing gold and xp. Their 5 man push loses a member (or two). You slowly whittle away their towers. If their 5 man gank squad starts to fall apart, don’t be afraid to port in and help with cleanup.

Doing this effectively is what makes or breaks this build, and your team needs to understand that this is your place in the team. You take pressure off them by pulling champions towards you. You do NOT take pressure off them by participating in a 5v5 fight.

Note this type of game is any time you can account for all your enemies- if there’s 3 dead/2 in lanes, you can push the other lane.

The Dispersed Game
This happens when your enemies are either spread out over the map, or some of them are unaccounted for. Congratulations! You are quite possibly the reason that the enemy team is having trouble doing the 5 man gank squad strategy.

At this point, the keys are your mobility and stun. Find teammates that can pull off a gank, and help them do so. Typically this will be in the form of teleporting to a 2v2, 3v2, or 4v3 fight. If this isn’t possible, either push a tower with the help of your team, refresh your golem buff, or farm.

Also, don't forget that you make WONDERFUL bait. People are used to you running away, if they think they have a chance at killing you, they lose all sense. Then your team can pop out and destroy them.

Forcing it back to five man:
If you're finding your team stalling, group up in a five man push, and start pushing the middle. Then they'll have to form up to defend, and you can port out and push top/bottom.

Happy Gaming!
Remember that you can teleport every 23 seconds with golem buff. Make the most of this mobility, it’s the only reason to play Twisted Fate! Be patient when playing this build- you may find yourself pressing towers and fleeing, barely whittling away the life. This is more frustrating for your opponents, who are trying to run all over the map to catch you.

Xirus 11-07-2009 06:50 PM

For additional advice on playing Twisted Fate:
Playing AP Cardmaster
Advanced Twisted Fate Guide This one assumes a hybrid build, but is still useful.

Both are excellent guides. Particular attention should be paid to the destiny/wildcard/gate combo in the advanced guide.

11-07-2009 08:11 PM

I liked it = )

Thanks, I will try this.

Please read my guide, Alistar the Punting Cow. Its my first time writing one, and feedback would be appreciated!

Inachus 11-07-2009 09:08 PM

I think it should be noted that if the game happens to be a type 1(gank squad), then your team seems to be on the defensive most of the time because of the 4v5 situation. That would make you your teams only offense unless the rest of your team can pull off an ace.

Great guide, I enjoyed reading it and tl;dr means too long didn't read. :P

Xirus 11-07-2009 11:08 PM

Whoops, my bad.

Any given game is going to oscillate between the two types. The key is to recognize which stage of the game you're currently in.

Editted to show this in the original guide.

11-07-2009 11:53 PM

Thanks for replying to my guide. I'm testing out your build as we speak, and I'm enjoying it

Reep 11-08-2009 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by Xirus (Hozzászólás 259929)
For additional advice on playing Twisted Fate:
Playing AP Cardmaster
Advanced Twisted Fate Guide

Both are written in the context of an AP Twisted Fate, but have good advice that carries over. Particular attention should be paid to the destiny/wildcard/gate combo in the advanced guide.

Actually, my guide is written in the context of a Hybrid Twisted Fate (AP + attack speed for downing towers).

Good guide though.

The only thing I disagree with is pumping wild card in the beginning. If you have your masteries in offense, you'll have next to no mana regen, even with the faerie charm. Level 4 wild card costs a lot of mana, and you would not be able to stay in your lane for long if you use level 4 wild card at all. A good TF depends on his Gold Card to save his life, because without the stun, you might as well cover yourself in whipped cream. I think it's much smarter to keep Pick a Card and Wild Card closely leveled, otherwise you're going to run out of mana, fast. And you do not want to run out of mana.

Also, item wise, you should really consider Maldred's Bloodrazor. The whole reason I created the Hybrid Twisted Fate is because when I played AP TF, I could not take down tanks and towers. I myself use Maldred's Bloodrazor on my Hybrid TF, as it offers attack speed, damage, AND the oh-so-OP-not-unique passive; every attack deals 2.5% of the targets max HP in magic damage. Four attacks would deal 10% of the targets hp, exluding the damage from your standard attacks. You should seriously try grabbing one. Also, maybe Maldred's Razors (500 damage to minion) + Tiamat would create some serious minion killing power. Not sure if tiamat would do damage according to the 500 damage passive, though.

Xirus 11-08-2009 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by Reep (Hozzászólás 260848)
Actually, my guide is written in the context of a Hybrid Twisted Fate (AP + attack speed for downing towers).

My bad! I'll fix that.


The only thing I disagree with is pumping wild card in the beginning.
I assume you mean at the level 1-5 stage. Actually, after I read your guide a while back, I did tend to get two points in each and one point in gate. However, some games I go 3 and 1, if I find I need to (you can't go 4 points in either skill by level 5). You definitely want your gold card, but stun duration doesn't increase with level. Do you know if the damage:mana ratio increases or decreases with levels in wild card? That's what will decide it for me, I think.


Also, item wise, you should really consider Maldred's Bloodrazor.
Am I to understand that the bloodrazor actually affects towers as well? If so, then you're absolutely right, I should include this item in my build! That's a bonus 35 damage on the 1400 life towers! And am I correct in assuming Last Whisper's armour penetration is useful on towers?

As for tiamat combo-ing with the 500 damage, I'm 90% certain that it does. Only problem there is that I already mow through minions like tissue paper. That said, it may provide a mid-game buff if I get the items quickly enough, increasing farm speed early on is important! Then I can build the bloodrazor later. I'll think on it!

Xirus 11-08-2009 10:41 PM

Upon further investigation, I don't think 500 damage splashes (but they die so fast it's hard to tell). And bloodrazor is amazing.

Reep 11-09-2009 05:44 PM

I'm fairly certain Wild Card costs more mana per level. Bloodrazor is indeed amazing, grab two and any type of lifesteal and you can solo Baron at level 18 on any attack speed champion (twitch, tristina, warwick, etc).

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