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Warrrrax 07-19-2012 09:37 AM

Wireless Lag/disconnection issues.
I am having ittermittant lag/disconnection issues with League of Legends, as well as streaming netflix, etc. This consists of getting behind from 1 to 10 seconds until disconnecting. It will work fine for 30+ minutes, then all the sudden I get the uber-lag which wont' go away.

I have a 15 Mbps FIOS connection which is wayy more than sufficient.

I have never had any problems when I was WIRED via enet cable to the router.

I NEVER have other bandwidth-eating stuff up when playing LoL. No streaming, downloading, nothing. Ive also checked that nothing is eating my bandwidth when idle (virus, botnet, etc)

Due to moving furniture my router is now 1 room away from the computer and running a cable just isn't feasible. (since it would look absolutely awful)
So I bought a cheap USB wireless card.

I have FULL signal strength always and a pretty much direct connection to the router visually... i.e. no walls in the way.

But periodically I will have the big lagging issues.

I FIX them by...rebooting the ROUTER! WTF? When wired directly, I never ever have this problem. Nor does the wife have any issue when she streams netflix during the day from her WIRELESS laptop connection.

Any theories? I am rather baffled that removing and re-inserting my ENET card doesn't even fix the issue. Just the router-reboot. So wierd.

Warrrrax 07-20-2012 05:32 AM

bump. Wow bad time to post apparently due to patch.

cixelsidpenguin 07-20-2012 09:56 AM

Honestly, its probably some result of the cheapy usb wireless card, not the most effective tool i would assume, but otherwise I would say just run a ethernet cable and stable it into the corners so it doesn't look messy

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