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HailSing 07-16-2012 07:37 PM

Angelic Riven skin
25 Attachment(s)
1200 up votes! yay! :)

====Version 1.n====
Blade Angel sub-project is currently in progress
Look for *NEW* for changes
++++Revised ULT & LV up++++

Clothing Poll:
ULT animation Poll

So far, this skin idea is well received and there is a large amount of support behind it and I am very happy and grateful.
This skin is great, but I believe it can be made better. So I created the "Blade Angel" sub-project and it shall address the following:
1. Improved ult animation and details <- it will be so good, you will be building CDR just to see it again and again
2. Trimming the post so its precise and concise <- a bit wordy at this time
3. Editing Riven's quotes

*NEW* I got the attention of one of my school's art teacher and he will assist me on creating some concept arts starting next Monday and Tuesday after work! I am so stoked!

Music video to listen to while looking at this post:
We are Angels (Anarchy) by D City Rock (Panty, Stocking and Garter Belt)
I would like the transformation to be as majestic as @ 3:43 of the Music Video

Angelic wings
Trailing image

TLDR section, for those of you who are in a rush!
1. Additional effects to ult: wings + sword wave, Wings change with level (look for the skills section)
2. Frilled attire with stockings and ribbons <- being voted on
3. Recolor from greenish glows to holy/golden glows (skills section)
4. Enemy death animation: ring of light + feathers fall down
5. Gauntlets on both hands instead of just one (unlike the other existing Riven skins)
6. Triangular sword from the Crimson Elite skin or a dagger that extends. (attachment #9 & 10)
7. If you read to #7, just read the rest ;)
8. It has come to my attention that some of the supporters would like to have Riven to have long hair.
9. After image during Sword swing Q and dash E.
================================================== ================================================== ==========

Broken wings is Riven's signature spell and the name inspires my imagination.

thus, I came up with this skin idea:

Angelic Riven

using a feather sword that is like Iron Solari Leona's sword but is "broken" or missing feathers without riven's ult. <- this is not certain yet

and when riven ults, the sword reforms in to a majestic sword and riven would sprout spectral wings on her back for the duration of the ult. <- this is certain

here is a sample image of the ult form (see attachment 1&2)


[UPDATE] I believe just giving the concept is not enough, so I guess I have to be more elaborate on different animations and other details (please feel free to post your ideas, suggestions and criticisms so I could add/correct the idea):

++++Skills Section++++

Runic Blade (Passive): glowing animation replaced by runic halo surrounding wrists.

Broken Wings (Q): trails appear after sword swing, spaced apart to shape like a wing.

Ki Burt (W): stabs the sword to the ground instead of pointing up.

Valor (E): thrust stance during charge instead of dash.

Blade of the Exile (R):
Activation: points sword up instead of side, wings appear on back during buff.
Unleash: under hand swing instead of left to right swing (Marth) and sends out three rows of blades.

====Things to keep====
Riven's skins in general, what is there and what is to keep:
1. Runes on her sword. The runes are great and should be kept because they are both aesthetically pleasing and they reflect the lore well. Also, runes fits the theme of angels as well.

2. Her gauntlet from her redeemed skin. All of her skins have a big gauntlet on the hand that holds the sword and this is probably no different for this skin. It would be nice that her off hand has the same gauntlet so it is symmetric. Also, Saber has gauntlet on both hands as well.

3. Dirt blasting from the ground with green runes on it during skill use. The dirt blasted up high emphasizes Riven's power. Would like to keep this feature and maybe recolor the green runes to golden/holy ones.

4. Crimson Elite Riven's Triangular sword. The sword is more refined and the edges are straight which is aesthetically pleasing. Maybe have triangular sword for Angelic Riven as well or maybe have Riven use a Dagger that extends into a sword. (Attachment 9, it is a sword with Laser blades. If you look closely, you see the extended hilt that is like a short dagger. Also, attachment 10 is an example of how the laser can bend to extend the sword from the dagger: The laser could run along the blade of the dagger, intersect at top then bend back, forming and infinity symbol)

====Details to Add====
1. This:

Originally Posted by Mirage Night (Hozzászólás 27062604)
Instead of "I have Awakened"
"I have Ascended"

2. #3 on "Things to keep":

'Dirt blasting from the ground with green runes on it during skill use. The dirt blasted around emphasizes Riven's power. Would like to keep this feature and maybe recolor the green runes to golden/holy ones.'

Maybe add in blazing sparks upon collision with the ground

3. If made into a theme, and Riven has a level up system like Ezreal, the wings would change as well:

A. Increasing the number of wings: with each rank up in Riven's ult, Riven would gain more wings from a two winged angel into a six-winged angel, like that of Attachment 1.
-and or-
B. Increasing the size of the wings. So Riven would start out with cupid, petite wings and with each rank up in ult, the wings grow into majestic, full blown wings


++++Version History and Thoughts++++

1. Basic Transformation
2. Basic Costume
3. Runic Blade animation change
4. Sword-block stance for Valor (during charge)
5. Sword charge stance for Valor (during charge)
6. Current Wind Slash's tip of the wave
7. Blade of the exile activation stance
8. Wind Slash execution sample
9. Dagger to laser sword
10. Alternative shape of the laser blade
11. Marth, Riven's codename during development as well as possible Wind Slash stance (unleash)
12. Ike, another possible image of unleashing Wind Slash
13. Luso holding judge's blade. Using it for sword inspiration.
14. Cloud's buster sword, using it for sword inspiration.
15. One row of Riven's sword wave (during Wind Slash, there are three rows of this).
16. Energy sword from Halo
17. Human transformation from Mabinogi (paladin branch, there is a dark knight branch)
18. Black wings?
19. Riven & Ahri, just cuz they are cute
20. omg this riven!
21. Possible ki burst animation
22. The ki burst stance I am looking for
23. Shadow blade riven
24. Sketch done by PhoenixMichi
25. Sketch done by Mr D

I do not own the sample image(s) and music. I just picked the one that would express my idea the best off the net. Riven with wings IS my idea, the sample art(s) and music are not mine. If I do post original work it will be on this post but with iconic labels (or drawn in paint or pencil, lol).

Vasilas 07-16-2012 07:39 PM

Do want +1

Rengar Downy Jr 07-16-2012 07:39 PM

hmmmm i do totally support this, as i need a reason to get into Riven but i just dont like any of her current skins

Best AP Sona NA 07-16-2012 07:40 PM

I like wings..

maybe every time she Q's, there's a crescent shaped wing in the air as she slashes?
and her ult's white feathers instead of green waves

MasterTerranort 07-16-2012 07:40 PM


Neo 07-16-2012 07:40 PM

Would love this skin. <3

Capt Crunk 07-16-2012 07:40 PM

Do want

Reallshotgg 07-16-2012 07:41 PM

more fitting for kayle imo

caidus 07-16-2012 07:41 PM

mhm could see this looking super epic.

wRuBiks 07-16-2012 07:42 PM

This just made my day...
Cannot upvote enough....

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