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Ephraim225 07-14-2012 09:40 PM

This was an interesting match
Unfortunately, I do not have a replay for you because I'm forgetful.

But here's the log from champ select: (something tells me I should change names to protect the innocent but I guess I'll work that out later)


Orangewombat: adc
MoneySummoner: top
Orangewombat: ffs
Ephraim225: mid
Orangewombat: why the **** would i be getting reported for.
(Captain bans Twitch)
Orangewombat: really.
Orangewombat: really?
Orangewombat: cmon.
(Captain bans Evelyn)
Orangewombat: are you ******* insane? waste 2 bans on that ****?
Ephraim225: 2 guys selected them last game
CIassified: i cant
CIassified: let you play twitch
Orangewombat: Why?
CIassified: because
CIassified: at this elo
Orangewombat: WHY
CIassified: enemies will be retarded
CIassified: and they'll get destroyed
CIassified: by twitch
CIassified: i cannot allow that to happen
Orangewombat: you're being a ******* *******.
Orangewombat: ****wad
Ephraim225: oh god I am recording this
Orangewombat: go suck a ****
Ephraim225: say hello to the forums
Orangewombat: think i care?
Orangewombat: sick and ******* tired of this elo
CIassified: what's the problem here?
CIassified: i just dont want enemeis to get destroyed by twitch
Orangewombat: no you're being a ******* ****
Orangewombat: you knew i wanted to go him
Orangewombat: ******* ******
CIassified: i know u wanted to go him
CIassified: i know enemies will get destroyed by u
CIassified: so i banned him
Orangewombat: this ******* ******.
Orangewombat: holy ****.
CIassified: why so mad
CIassified: i just dont want the enemies to get destroyed
CIassified: by twitch
Orangewombat: cause you banned the only character i wanted to play today.
Orangewombat: you're being a ******* troll
Orangewombat: and bad one at that
Ephraim225: quiet we have Morgana
Orangewombat: you're jungle raul
(Last guy AFKs, gets Malzahar from random pick)
Orangewombat: oh cool. afk.
Orangewombat: ...
MoneySummoner: dude wtf
MoneySummoner: go top mal
MoneySummoner: ill jungle
MoneySummoner: fuk man
That's not even the best part.

Dat Malzahar build!

They were also bickering the entire match. Something tells me the other team was taking pity at first but then stopped messing around. Ah well. All in good fun I guess. After all, I only lost 5 ELO.

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