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Philanthropist 07-10-2012 07:48 AM

Overall Lane Composition Change
After hearing the reasons why the laning structure is the way it is on Summoner's Rift, I want to apply a little of this theory onto the TT.

Two Top.
One Bot.

My reasoning behind the two top one bot is simple I think. While bot lane has easier access to Red Buff, it is a shorter lane than top, with one entrance point for reliable ganks. I would put a solo lane champion with durability here, to maintain Red control, with the ability to take the small camps on either side of the map when they push.

Top Lane is the longer lane, but more importantly is closer to the top jungle. Two champions with strong sustained jungling capabilities should be able to secure the buffs, and maintain control over the important dragon, while tackling the less safe top lane. While the camps are down, he or she can continue to lane as usual.

Olaf Comp:
Top Lane: Olaf, Nunu
Bot Lane: Yorick

This composition is designed to have Olaf do the maximum amount of damage, then resurrect him and have him do more. Top lane has SUPREME jungle control, and has a strong laner. Nunu has the built in smite, and can blood boil Olaf for extra damage. The nice part about this lane is both laners can jungle. Yorick is thrown bottom because of his solid lane presence (he can 2v1), and his ultimate on Olaf. He is also able to take the small camps in mid when he has enough mana. Red buff preferably goes on Olaf here.

Weakness? Lack of Hard CC. All three have a decent slow, but no stuns/knockups.

AD Comp:
Top Lane: Malphite, Lee Sin
Bot Lane: Tristana

Turtling in threes happens, so a good way around this is to pack an AD carry in your composition, and have excellent tower seige abilities. I put two strong junglers top lane again, to secure dragon/buffs. Both Malphite and Lee Sin are also competent laners with durability, and some mobility. Great engage on Malph ult, and LS can hop around the map kicking and doing his tanky DPS thing that he does.

Weakness? The risk in this comp is running Tristana bottom. While (IMO) she is the safest AD with her jump and knockback, she may have a hard time versus two bruisers bottom.


I think a traditional AD support lane top would also work, but I think wasting the potential sitting in that top jungle sucks. I like the idea of soft jungling nunu quite a bit, and I like the idea of an AD carry. Vayne/Graves have been known to handle solo lanes, but I think being so far away from a turret in some cases could be extremely detrimental to their viablity, even if Blooboiled Vayne with the AS/MS sbuff on TT sounds great. I liked trist the most due to her safety.

I do not like running Shaco on this map at all. While his ganks can be devastating early, It allows me to run some riskier things like AD Sion, I only have to miss a creep wave to start farming at my turret.

Trynd is another jungler that could start soft jangling at level 4 or something.

What do you guys think?

Philanthropist 07-10-2012 06:22 PM

SHAMLESS bump. I was actually fishing for comments o.o

Hi Im Soup 07-10-2012 09:31 PM

1 top 1 jungler 1 bot

mundo, warwick, udyr are viable junglers i have tested so far, Mundo has some trouble but is better than say lee sin/trynd (they have no sustain and from what i have seen twhen you kill jungle creeps they dont give hp back like on summoner rift ) Im sure there are others that would be viable maybe olaf, except for the fact that there is no mana sustain either, making udyr and mundo my favorites.

Razormaul 07-13-2012 08:40 AM

The meta for higher level 3v3 games actually involves a jungler. So you would have 2 solo lanes. But if you didn't have a jungler it would be better to have two top, but people would rage at you for suggesting two top.

Lertan 07-13-2012 08:43 AM

In normals, for some reason, people tend to go 2 bot, 1 top. If you go in with a strong solo laner to put bottom, then you can put two top if you want.

My team always plays this way, and either the other team will do the same once they see what we're doing, or they'll lose top tower very quickly.

PurpleURP 07-13-2012 11:27 PM

always ban yorick

Elealar 07-14-2012 08:40 AM

Yeah, 2 top 1 bot is better than 2 bot 1 top. But, take a step further: if you don't have a jungler, run a harassing roamer/ganker instead.

Ganking in 3v3 is very efficient duo to short distance between the lanes & the lanes themselves being long, and some farm-independent support with Smite (say Alistar, Leona or Taric) can really snowball lanes. You generally have high enough damage laners that anybody with some good CC enables ganks very efficiently.

Also, Carry/Support duo is better than double Bruiser in 3v3 just the same as in 5v5 and a farmed Carry wrecks bruisers; so Carry/Support laning with a mage (tanky or otherwise) taking the other lane ultimately has a massive advantage over the more common easy-to-play 3v3 teams with a bunch of bruisers.

For instance, before Alistar's AP ratios were nerfed, Fnatic ran Taric/MF top and Alistar bot very, very effectively; Taric can roam in the jungle with Smite to make life very hard for the jungler and a Taric/AD duolane is hell for anybody to handle alone.

Tho of course, some junglers gank early and hard while also maintaining a strong jungle-ability; say for instance Lee Sin, Shyvana or Shaco.

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