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Gloriousagia 07-08-2012 01:19 AM

Petition for Proving Ground ARAM Matchmaking.
Title says it all. +1, vote and /sign.

EDIT1: For those who don't know, ARAM is All Random All Middle, though the All Middle is irrelevant in Proving Grounds. About proving grounds...look at the top of general discussion to see the Riot thread about it. ARAM is a mode with high speed action, high kill/death numbers, reaction speeds, and very different play mechanics than normal. Healing is sparse, you can only buy on death, and there is no going back to base. It's very fun.

EDIT2: This isn't about ranked, it's about simple matchmaking to make getting into a game easier and prevent people from DODGING because they don't like their pick.

EDIT3: /sign the thing! It's more petition-like and bumps the thread ;)

EDIT4: Let's get this past 1k votes...that should send a good message.

EDIT5: We're way past 1k, it's pretty clear a large body of players want to see this happen! C'mon Riot, what do you think? Can you sneak this in an upcoming patch for us? This is a game mode that will definitely be heavily played!

EDIT6: 2k+ votes for making this happen! Keep em comin...@Riot, any official word as to if you will make this happen? The people want it! :)

EDIT7: 3k on to 4k, 1k up votes, just give us a bone here Riot. All I ask is a simple "Y" for you are looking into and or implementing this, or a "N" if it isn't even on radar. What do you think? Dodging is rampant in ARAM! It really is sad.

EDIT8: Fyi...we want our turrets back!


Originally Posted by idyemyhairbrown (Hozzászólás 26708877)
Reasons for an ARAM queue:

1) Provides disincentive to dodging
2) Gives players the win-of-the-day IP bonus
3) Removes the arbitrary ceiling on IP gains from customs (set at 2 hours currently)
4) Provides more IP per win/loss than currently playing custom games yields

EDIT9: What I have below is just a fraction of the mind of this community...we're still waiting for this, Riot, or at least some word.


Originally Posted by FailIncorporated (Hozzászólás 28004249)
Riot, just after the big "You don't post in important thread" thread I think it is about time you posted in this thread. This is obviously important to the community, and not just a small portion. Come on, anything on this subject would be really nice.


Originally Posted by Spartanicus (Hozzászólás 28099124)
Pretty sure more people play aram than they do dominion.

Would also be nice for people to serve a penalty for leaving during character selection, as opposed to leaving and then rejoining the custom game seconds later to get a 'better' pick on the next character role of the dice.

Also, not getting any IP for playing half the time kinda sucks.

With all that being said - WTB ASAP. +1


Originally Posted by BuddhasBounty (Hozzászólás 28134685)
ffs yes, this is what has to happen. However I can't see riot actually turning it into an official game mode, they take themselves waaaay too seriously. If this could be fit into the game "unofficially" it would be a huge improvement to an already awesome way to LoL. I am all for the casual cluster **** that is ARAM. Just one thing guys you can still have fun without feeding and throwing the game for no reason.


Originally Posted by YoungBlade (Hozzászólás 28003750)
I've been playing this game since before Dominion. I think Dominion is a fine addition, but I'm much more excited about the Proving Grounds. And my friends are actually willing (and excited) to play this map (they won't play Dominion with me...)



Originally Posted by JonathanSnow (Hozzászólás 27912984)
Incredible -- 130 pages and just on red.

Brackhar where are thou?


Originally Posted by SharkbaitBruhaha (Hozzászólás 27911667)
The dodging is literally gonna turn me away from LoL, It's so frustrating how rampant it is that something has got to be done. I play Ranked and Norms and Dom but I want to chill with fun ARAMs in between.

Also the IP gains just add the the frustration. Why is there no responses here by a red with actual content?


Originally Posted by xCrazyRussianx (Hozzászólás 27157464)
Yes I support this! It makes players think twice about dodging and lets people under level 30 to play.


************************************************** *********************************
*****************THIS IS NOT ABOUT RANKED ARAM!!!!************************
*************************JUST AUTO-MATCHMAKING****************************
************************************************** **********************************

killalot1982 07-08-2012 01:20 AM


KrazyBonez 07-08-2012 01:21 AM

I support this!

Ancine 07-08-2012 01:22 AM

aram is based on luck on your champs. they havent added ranked for dominion and you want ranked for aram, are you retarded?
OMG, i misread the tittle and now looking back at this thread i feel like a ******

Ell 9 07-08-2012 01:22 AM


Originally Posted by Sçifen (Hozzászólás 26659224)


Varalai 07-08-2012 01:23 AM


Gloriousagia 07-08-2012 01:23 AM


Originally Posted by Ancine (Hozzászólás 26659251)
aram is based on luck on your champs. they havent added ranked for dominion and you want ranked for aram, are you retarded?

Who said anything about ranked? Matchmaking friend.

Varalai 07-08-2012 01:24 AM


Originally Posted by Ancine (Hozzászólás 26659251)
aram is based on luck on your champs. they havent added ranked for dominion and you want ranked for aram, are you retarded?

He said matchmaking, not ranked. Are you retarded?

RyuuMasken 07-08-2012 01:24 AM


Originally Posted by Ancine (Hozzászólás 26659251)
aram is based on luck on your champs. they havent added ranked for dominion and you want ranked for aram, are you retarded?

where did anyone mention ranked? having a queue =/= having a ranked queue

DreamsOfGrandeur 07-08-2012 01:24 AM


Half the reason why ARAM is fun is that you give up control over your picks - So you can just play the game and quit thinking about picks.
A part of that is you typically don't know the real-normal ELO of your teammates, so you can quit thinking about having a good team to rely on and focus on yourself.

Match-making would kill that part - Raging levels per game would increase dramatically, and it would stop being as fun as it should be.
If it doesn't involve matching ELOs, then the game becomes susceptible to absolute newbies entering the game - Nobody wants that.

People would stop playing it in customs, Riot wouldn't remove the queue once in-place, and the community would lose out on total relative "fun".

Matchmaking may sound convenient, but there are subtle consequences that would destroy ARAM's appeal.

ARAM belongs to the community - That's why Proving Grounds is custom-only. Don't let Matchmaking fck it up.

Why do I bother explaining? The noobs don't care about how things actually work.
They just want things as convenient as possible - No matter how much it costs them.

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