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BergMeister 07-01-2012 02:43 PM

Swarm of the Void- Art included
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Omen, Qualm, and Gevaar- The Swarm of the Void

For those of you who don't already know me, My name is BergMeister, I am a council member on the champion concept forums, dedicated to assisting the community in better champcrafting. I am a second year Illustration Major taking looking to get a job in Conceptual Art. My goal is to better myself and one day become a Rioter, I still have a long way to go though, and a lot of work to do. This champion is was my first and therefore I took my time to do a lot of research to make sure nothing conflicted with anything as well as research using guides that council had made before I joined it as well as breaking down existing champions and deciding why they worked or why they didn't work.

Let me begin with a few major shoutouts and important information, as well as the index for easier navigation.

MurdokX has earned a spot up here for his work on the Swarm's Splash Artwork , he asked me a while ago if he could do the splash art for the swarm of the void. I had been following his progress during this time, and today I am pleased to unveil his beautiful work. It is absolutely incredible. Please view the art at the bottom of this post, his is the good one [: check all his work out at www.murdokx.com

Hit 10,000 views 2/22/2013! Thanks All! :D
Hit 20,000 Views 5/5/2013

Hit 30 Thumbs Up 4/30/2013

Reviews are Always needed and always welcome, give me a good review and I'll return the favor.

*Important Edit:* Information has been moved around for ease of access, please be aware that all former information is still present, I have just rearranged it.

I: Introduction
II: Base Stats
III: Abilities
IV: Understanding the Swarm of the Void
V: Art
VI: Lore (Start of Second Post)
VII: League Judgement
VIII: Quotes/Animations (Start of Third Post)
IX: Early Thoughts and Production
X: Suggested Roles
XI: Resource
XII: Build Thoughts
XIII: Other Links
XIV: Art Info
XV: Credits and Legal Stuff
XVI: Edits

Now, without further ado, I present to you: The Swarm of the Void - Omen, Qualm, and Gevaar.

The Swarm is a deep combo system champion - by activating one ability, you change what the other 2 do. There are a total of 15 different abilities that can be preformed not including the ultimate which will remain constant, but only 3 (not including the ultimate) can be used per combo. For Dota players, the closest champion you can relate this to is Invoker, however there is A LOT less ability combinations and therefore a lot less memorization to do, and as a result would indeed fit well into the League as a high skill cap champion. The Swarm's abilities are energy based, and rely on chasing down targets and completing combos to maintain energy. They scale on AD, and deal mixed damage.

Base Stats:
Health: 480 +90 per level.
Health Regen: 7.5 + .75 per level.
Attack Damage: 53 + 3.8 per level. ***Attack Damage/level has been increased from 3.0 to improve late game scaling.
Attack Speed: 0.666 (+ 2.5% per level). *** Attack Speed has been increased from 0.6 to improve early game capabilities
Armor: 16 + 3.8 per level. ***Edit: Base Armor and Armor/level has been increased from 12 and 3.0 to better fit the role as a bruiser/jungler
Magic Resist: 30 + 1.25 per level.
Movement Speed: 350 Edit: *** The movement speed has been increased from 320 to match the season 3 stats moment changes.
Basic Attack range: 150 *** Edit: The Attack range has been decreased from 175
Energy Regain: 50 *** Edit: The Swarm has been changed back to an energy based champion


The Swarm Rework is currently Underway: I will mark the new abilities with "***" Abilities are still being created so bear with me. Anything not marked will be changed. All new abilities are placed into effect, working in numbers.

Attachment 691137 Passive: Insatiable Hunger :The Swarm will move 12% faster for 2 seconds after completing a combo, in addition if the combo is completed while a mark is active the mark's cooldown will be reduced by 50%. The Swarm may cancel a combo by reactivating the mark. Canceling a mark will replace the ability on its cooldown and remove any active mark.***

Attachment 691141Q: Omen of Agony (Range: 500)(Cost: 40 Energy)(cooldown 6 seconds)
Omen hisses marking the target causing the target to be vulnerable taking an additional 2.5% damage from the Swarm for 5 seconds. Only one mark may be active at once.***
Tier 2 Abilities:
Attachment 691135 W Tier II -- Void Strike: Omen lunges in a target direction, striking a target will stun them for 1.5 seconds and deal x / x / x / x / x +(x AD) physical damage. (cost 50 energy)(range 500)(upgraded from W)***
Attachment 691148 E Tier II -- Deathly Spire : Omen fires a spine fragment in a line dealing x / x / x / x / x % of all affected targets current health. If a target it struck at max range they will take double damage. (cost 50 energy)(range 500)(upgraded from E)***
Tier 3 Abilities:
Attachment 691149 W Tier III -- Cleave: On next basic attack, Omen will cleave the area in front of him, dealing 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 / 200% damage to the initial target slowing them for 30% and 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100% damage to surrounding targets. If more than 3 champions are hit, the next spell is free. (Range: Attack Range) (Cost: 60 Energy)(upgraded from W)***
Attachment 691153 E Tier III -- Dominate: Omen ferociously bites the target three times dealing x / x / x / x / x / +(x AD) physical damage, this inflicts them with Voidborn Rabies for 5 seconds. If an ally of the victim stands within 300 range for more than 1 second, they will receive the voidborn rabies as well. After the 5 seconds expire the target takes damage equal to half of the original damage. If the rabies spread to more than 3 targets, the next spell cast is free. (Range 400)(Cost 60 Energy)(upgraded from E)***

Attachment 691158W: Sentiment of Fear (Range 500)(Cost 40 Energy)(cooldown 6 seconds)
Qualm hisses marking the target with a curse causing them to be feared for .5 seconds anytime the Swarm takes damage equal to or greater than 15% of their maximum health by any source, this mark lasts 5 seconds. Only one mark may be active at once.***
Tier 2 Abilities:
Attachment 695546 E Tier II -- Icathian Dance: Qualm creates a minor void rift at a target location, if a target(s) is/are caught inside they are silenced for the duration, and the Swarm will preform 2 strikes each dealing x / x / x / x / x +(x AD) physical damage to all targets. While preforming the strike the Swarm is unable to be targeted. (Range 300)(cost 50 energy)(Upgraded from E)***
Attachment 695552 Q Tier II -- Mental Barrage:On next attack Qualm instead burns visions into the targets head dealing x / x / x / x / x magic damage over 3 seconds and increasing their vulnerability to 5% during the duration. Increases basic attack range to 400 for one attack. (cost 50 energy)(Upgraded from Q)***
Tier 3 Abilities:
Attachment 695562E Tier III -- Point of Insanity: Qualm slashes a target causing them to take x / x / x / x / x +(x AD) magic damage, the target will then see 1/1/2/2/3 additional voidlings identical to the Swarm following the swarm, if the target strikes one of the clones the clone will die and the target will take 5% of their health in magic damage. If all phantoms are killed, the next energy cost is free. (range 200)(cost 60)(duration of clones 5 seconds)(Upgraded from E)***
Attachment 695564Q Tier III -- Disparage: Qualm lets out a roar that deals damage in a cone in 3 waves dealing x / x / x / x / x +(x AD) magic damage. Taking damage from Disparage causes stacks of Demoralized. At one stack of demoralized, targets are slowed by 20%, at two stacks they are slowed by 40%, at 3 stacks they are feared for 2.5 seconds. (Range 500)(cost 60)(duration channel 3 seconds)(Upgraded from E)***

E: Cynophobia (Range 500)(Cost 40 Energy)(cooldown 6 seconds)
Gevaar hisses marking the target with a curse causing their damage output to be decreased everytime they cast a spell or attack, starting at 1% and maxing at 10%. Only one mark may be active at a given time. This mark lasts 5 seconds.
Tier 2 Abilities:
Q Tier II -- Voidal Discharge: Gevaar spits up pure void energy and fires it in a line dealing x / x / x / x / x +(x AD) magic damage if it hits an enemy. Upon contact, the Discharge will bounce again in a direction based upon the direction it contacted the enemy, if it strikes again it will deal the damage and bounce again, up to a total of 4 times. This ability may bounce off of walls and counts as a strike. (Range 500)(Cost 50 Energy)(Upgraded from Q) ***
W Tier II -- Blink Strike: Gevaar's eyes flash and fires a beam of energy in a line. If it contacts an enemy it deals x / x / x / x / x +(x AD) magic damage. In addition, The Swarm will blink to the struck target and strike them again for x / x / x / x / x +(x AD) magic damage. The second strike applies on hit effects. (Range 500)(Cost 50 energy)(Upgraded from W)***
Tier 3 Abilities:
Q Tier III -- Annihilation: Gevaar feeds energy to both Qualm and Omen, all three then unleash a ray of energy at a target dealing x / x / x / x / x + (x AD) magic damage over 1.25 seconds, if the tether is unbroken the energy explodes dealing x / x / x / x / x +(x AD) magic damage in an area. (Each Tick applies on hit effects)(Range:500)(Cost:60 Energy)(Upgraded from Q)***
W Tier III -- Wild Magic: Gevaar surrounds the swarm in unstable magic shielding them for x / x / x / x / x +(x AP). The magic damages nearby enemies for x / x / x / x / x +(x AD) magic damage. If the shield ends prematurely it leaves a dark matter field on the ground for 1.5 seconds that has the same damaging effect as the shield. (self cast)(range of damage 200)(duration of shield 2 seconds)(cost 60 energy)***

Attachment 691150R: Dark Swarm: (No cost)(150 / 130 / 110 second cooldown)
Passive: Every third basic attack refunds 20 energy.
Active:The Swarm summons 1/2/3 voidbeasts to join their ranks that have 0.25 AD total AD and 100% of the Swarm's attack speed. the voidbeasts will last 15 seconds. In addition the Swarm will receive a 100% energy regain bonus. Lesser Voidbeasts have 50% of the Swarm's AD, 50% of the Swarm's resistances, and 50% of the Swarm's health, however take 75% less damage from Area of Effect spells. The lesser voidlings are uncontrollable, but will attack the target of the Swarm.***

Understanding the Swarm of the Void:
The Swarm is a deep combo system champion relying on speed and precision of the user to quickly identify possible advantages and know when to quit and run. At level one it is suggested to start with your Q, you will have access to one full combo, but only off of that mark. The Swarm's abilities are broken up into 3 groups not including the passive and ultimate. the Tier 1 abilities are marks, they deal no damage but serve as a catalyst for a particular combo and add a debuff. Tier 2 abilities are skillshots and deal moderate damage, Tier 3 abilities deal massive damage or control large areas useful for teamfights but are the most expensive. When you upgrade a particular mark, it will upgrade anything else that corresponds with it. For example You upgrade your E, anything that says, upgraded from E will also be moved up one rank.

Using abilities works as such:
-You must choose a mark [Omen of Agony][Sentiment of Fear][Cynophobia].
-Choose a Tier 2 Ability of that Mark that you chose. [Q corresponds to OoA, W to SoF, and E to Cyno.]
-Choose a Tier 3 Ability that was not either of the two selections you chose previously. [If you chose Q Mark, QTII on W, then you are left with QTIII on your E.]
-You have completed a combo, the passive will activate, and you may select another mark that is not on cooldown, so long as you have the energy.
-You may cancel a combo at any time during the combo, placing the mark on cooldown. This allows you to open on a different mark that may better fit the changing situation.

EDIT: Rework Underway, notes will follow.

BergMeister 07-01-2012 10:30 PM

From the Journal of Kassadin:
"The Void is a home, if one could ever call it that, to beings so dark and twisted, the mortal mind couldn't even begin to comprehend it without falling to its whispers, as was the case of Malzahar, or making a sacrifice so grievous it was unforgivable as in the case of myself. It creates its own, as well as steals victims from other dimensions, amassing an army, that none could hope to stop, especially if the signs are ignored and marked off as "opportunities to research". Of the many things it takes in, many are animals who happen to step into the wrong clearing one day where a rift has opened. These creatures have began to become known as the Swarm of the Void. At their figure head stood three creatures who came from Valoran, they are the most vicious, cunning, and powerful of all of the beings, and have been given the most from the will of the void.
Omen, Qualm, and Gevaar were once regular dogs, they were known as Ooni, Quarky, and Flopsy to a hunter named Hubert Holmen who left to hunt on day with his dogs to bring dinner home to his two children and his wife. Misfortune befell their family that day, darkness consumed their beloved pets harboring them within the void. As speculation would have it the creatures returned to Valoran on a mission from the very Will of the Void itself, and the first victims of that mission were their family and the village they lived in. They still chatter in laughter after every session of study the League puts them through as though they are planning something. Even the behavior of Cho'gath and Kog'maw, who were also captured by the League have changed to a more sinister mood. Dark times lie ahead of us, especially with the advent of the malicious figurehead of the Swarm of the Void."

League Judgement

Subject: “The Swarm of the Void”

A trail of bloodied bodies lies soaking the ground below them, some are partially eaten, most killed for the sport. At the end of the trail, screaming is heard, a village is under attack. A dark shadow darts and chases after a small child. The child runs down an alley to try and hide but sees yet another shadow and reverts the other way, only to be cut off by another. The creature raises its head, blood is leaking out of its ugly maw, human blood. "No Ooni......" cries the child. The maw curves slightly, into a twisted smile. Kassadin hears the scream over the hills. He directs the capture party to the direction he heard it. “Be careful, we cannot let them escape.”

The creature lifts his head from his feast. It has a blood crazed look to his face, its many eyes drunk with the taste of blood. “We are not alone…I smell more.” The other two dark creatures emerge from the shadows. The cobalt colored beast sniffs the air. “It smells…..like air….” The deep purple colored creature snaps at him. “Moron, look over the hill.” They looked up and saw four figures approaching them. The reddish one narrows its eyes and licks its maw. “The feast continues…”
“There!” Kassadin yells. The three beasts emerge from the shadows and approaches slowly. “Foolisssh fleshlingssss….” hisses the void beasts in unison. The deep purple one stops. “Impossible….” Kassadin stared deeply at it “Qualm….Omen….Gevaar…how dare you show your faces upon my world.” The cobalt one, Gevaar, perks his head. “MALZAHAR?!” he calls. Omen, the reddish voidbeast, retorts, “You fool its Kassadin, the traitor of the void. Kill him.” The void beasts rush at him. Kassadin yells, “NOW!” A flash erupts at the site. When Kassadin's vision recovered, he notices the void beasts suspended in the air by arcane magics. Omen grinned, “clever girl.”

A large container is being wheeled in to transport its contents to an arcane prison. A hiss and a chilling laugh emits from the container. One of the guards falls over and breaks out in a cold sweat, he begins to mumble in an incomprehensible tone. His eyes roll back and thick blood begins to leak from his eyelids. The void beasts inside laugh. The remaining guard’s mental steel dwindled quickly, and panic begins to grow over them. Yet the creatures do no more, it was but a game to them.

The void beasts scramble in perpetual darkness, it was not foreign to them however, as the void is a dark cold place. A crack of light blinds them, their vision regains quickly and they see a cloaked figure standing before them. Qualm smiles “Have you come to kill us, summoner?” The summoner laughs back “I’m not that foolish, killing you would accomplish nothing, and instead we shall utilize this gift of the void and learn how to stop it.” Omen cracks into maniacal laughter, “You cannot stop the void your fate is inevitable, you will all be consumed by the voi—“ The summoner interrupts the void beast “Your testing begins now.” She raises her hand and the Swarm's vision wavers and goes dark.

Qualm lifts his head; he shook his head he realizes he was blind in all but his two main eyes. He looks down and sees short brown hair covering his paws. His claws were not grievously long and his bloodthirsty thoughts had been lifted. He looks to his side and sees his companions, they look nothing like what they had before; a memory hit him almost to the heart. He realizes this was part of a memory he had suppressed for years. They were dogs again, as they were, before, before the dark hole. He went to speak to wake up the other two, but instead only a bark came out. The other two woke and look over at him, both with what he imagined his face looked like when he realized what he and they looked like. The door next to them opens and a man in hunter’s clothes and a large beard emerge.
Qualm felt a deep pitted sorrow when he saw his face, he realized it was his old master, in addition, he felt a strange want to make him happy. He realized that was his old goals when he was a simple dog. “Ready, lads?” The hunter said. The three barked, as if by instinct. The hunter grabbed an old rusty gun and a few bullets and placed them into his coat pocket.
The scene shifts and they are now out in a wooded area. Their master keeps still like a statue, his eyes scanning the landscape for any hint of movement. “These woods haven’t been the same in a long while, there ain’ nothing out here anymore…Well…let’s head home then, we’ll have to find somethin’ else for dinner.” Just as they begin to leave, Qualm’s head snaps to the side, his attention diverted to a movement in a nearby bush. “What is it Quarky?” said the hunter. Qualm growled. The hunter looks through the scope of his gun. “Look at that, good job boy, you done found us our dinner.” As the hunter prepares to take a shot the creature darts from the bush. “Get em, lads!” The three dogs run off after it. Qualm went to stop, he remembered the following events. He tries to bark to stop the other two, but has no control of even himself, his body continues to run after it. He sees a dark hole, the creature ran into it, and the dogs follow.

Darkness envelopes Qualm. He was scared and wanted nothing more than to return home, but home was no where to be seen. A strange voice emanated "You.......have power.....great power...." Qualm could feel changes to his structure being made, his other eyes opened, he began to feel more natural. He looked down and his skin was scaled, his fur had thinned and was now a purple, spikes lined his back and his intelligence had returned, then his thoughts returned, and his mission. The changes came in succession, until the creature he was before, Quarky, no longer lived, and Qualm was born. "Now go, my greatest creation, join your brothers and reuni---"
Qualm remembers the summoner’s presence. “Clever magic, summoner. You almost had me.” His eyes jolt open. The summoner looks surprised. “You have a lot of strength in you Qualm, your story is tragic, but I know what was is dead, what is left is but the demented husk of your former self and the void. How does it feel to expose your mi--” The summoner stops, her eyes become shallow. Qualm smiles. “You think you magics are stronger than mine, summoner? You think you can just hold dominion over me with a flick of your fingers? The magic that courses through my veins is ancient, known only to the voidborn, and that is why I am here. I come to hold the door for the countless creatures trapped inside the void to pour out and retake the land that is rightfully ours, and to restore the light that was stolen.” Qualm’s eyes flared and the summoner’s eyes turn backwards. She saw a dark place, and countless creatures littered the broken landscape. They gathered around a small tear in the realm. She looked into the seam and saw what she recognized as Runeterra. A demented creature rose from the cracks in the ground, it had fury in its eyes, and hunger filled thoughts. It spoke, “My children, the time we have waited long for comes, we have returned, we shall be whole once more—“ The vision was cut off.
The summoner fell to her knees. Kassadin lifts his hand from her eyes and wipes the sweat from her brow. Qualm grins “I wasn’t done traitor…..how dare you interrupt my discussions. She asked to know of the void, so I told her.” Kassadin rises and looks at Qualm. “If it were up to me, I would cut your throat open and let free the vile essence that runs through your veins and watch you suffer until you've bled so much you can't even struggle in pain anymore and then give you the slow painful death like the countless victims before you, whose lives you stole. Unfortunately, the League wishes to study you more. And therefore you are required to fight as a champion of the League of Legends. Thus, all I am allocated to say is ‘Welcome to the League of Legends.’ As a champion, however, I free myself the right to say ‘Watch your back, because I’m going to savor this opportunity to show you the pain your kind has wrought upon me and this world until you craw back into the hole you came from.” Qualm smiles again. “I have two who watch my back, traitor of the void, and countless more beyond the gate, who shall watch yours?”

Journals of The Heart of Darkness: Qualm from the Swarm of the Void

Void Invasion Day 1:
I shall make these mental notes of the events that have occurred since our release and Achion fell helplessly into our trap. They were not entirely expected, I will be honest, however they turned out to be in our favor. The power he built up to escape Kil'gore was far greater than I had anticipated, and while that energy would concern me, it was expended and thus no longer an issue to us, what the fool did not realize, and was much to my delight, the energy he expended ripped the void rift much larger than what I had expected in my plans. We were able to mobilize much quicker, and thus had no need to defend ourselves until enough of a force was through to begin planning for invasions. We had the force nearly instantly, however a slight drawback took from my original plan to invade the city to the south and secure a footing for the void. Achion in his rage clashed with our magics, antimatter had hit matter, and with the unstable magics both parties were using, it was no surprise that the result was teleportation and a rather large crater. I found myself and my brethren upon the foothills overlooking the Institute of War, the place I had been imprisoned, Achion appeared too, but he was weakened by the expenditure of his magics, and we quickly capitalized on this. I shall have him see the entire institute and the hope of this pitiful world collapse before him, fragment by fragment, soul by soul. The void has come to reclaim! I shall not fail.

Day 7
Their resistance is futile, but none the less in the way of our goals, their outpost is proving quite difficult as there are some rather skilled snipers taking out our siege. I have spoken with Smoke himself and while Prometheus could in fact destroy the outpost, however may seal off our path to the institute in doing so. He promises me that he has something better for me though, he only asks that I hold out for as long as possible, the fool, hold out? I could sit here all year and not give a sweat! We shall be patient, we shall wait. I must go, I need to stop Gevaar from chasing a squirrel.

Evening of Day 7
As I had anticipated, the energy spans of these creatures are short, I have commanded my forces to create whooping and howling sounds to disrupt their sleep patterns and thus far it is working perfectly. The snipers are beginning to look like Gevaar they are so tired, haha! Ah I need to stop with this humor thing. One might begin to think me soft. I have observed the most talented of the snipers leave. Recalling I believe they called it during my time as a champion of the league. However this leaves time for us to press our attack. However as I made the command to begin the surge Gevaar froze and his eyes emitted an energy I've never seen before. When he came to he said the most intellegent thing that's ever come out of that maw. He claims to have picked up on a major source of energy. He saw visions of a book and two figures. I must think on this. What could that book be and why does it contain such energy?

Day 16
I have returned from the clock tower, I feel different, a cry within me that I have not felt since the past, the man, Gewitter, not even I knew why I knew his name, but I did, and he knew me, he had a deep pitted pain within him as would a father who suffered the loss of a child, the same pain the man Hubert Holmen did when he had lost us. Gewitter spoke of the bard Moby, perhaps the same bard Gevaar had sensed? I would presume so, I wonder, is it safe to communicate with this man, whose side is he on? What is his bias? Is he friend of foe? Sentiments aside, I acquired what I went for, I have found the second object of power Gevaar had sensed, a strange artifact that bears the symbol of the sun, I have seen it before, in the ruins that lie in the ghost of Valoran in the void. The difference being however, the symbol there had a moon that encompassed half of the sun, upon further inspection I have realized that there is indeed a part missing, the metal is scratched and has a snap likely meant to connect another piece. Not much I can do about it now, for now, I have entrusted Gevaar into studying its shininess, perhaps the damn thing will give him a small sense of sanity. Smoke has contacted me with but one word, "Go." I am wary, but I will take the signal. We shall attack. They shall crumble.

BergMeister 07-02-2012 10:02 AM


Notes: Omen has a violent sound to his voice and is deeper than the rest.
Qualm is at a high baritone tone, and sounds as if each word is carefully calculated.
Gevaar is at a medium tenor tone, and sounds maniacal, and crazed.

Summon: Power.....in numbersssss....
- "Omen: I see agony!"
"Qualm: I sense fear!"
"Gevaar: I smell chicken!"
(the above 3 would be said together, but on separate clicks)
- "We go."
-Qualm: "That is logical."
- "Qualm: I'm surrrounded by idiots......"
- "Gevaar: Wait...which way? Ohhh..."
- *On Occasion when the swarm turns around Gevaar will trip, snarl, and run quicker to catch back up, Omen will then call him a moron*
- "Yesssss.....feed us!"
- "Omen: Enough of the finaries! Let's tear them apart!
- By the Will of the Void....be consssumed....
- Gevaar: Why that one? I want to kill the fat one!
- For the Void!
- Omen: He looked at me funny! Get him lads!
Activating Dark Swarm:
- Only a tassste of what is to come!
- Flee fleshlings.......
- Bow Before.....
*During Dark Swarm the Swarm become pitch black and leave a shadow trail behind them, their eyes are all yellow.*
- "*HISSSSS*.....return....to the void...."
- "D*** IT! *boom*"
- AAAAHHH! The pain......
- (rare)"Qualm: Its all your faults!
Omen: Mine? You couldn't ev--
Gevaar: I don't think that last one sat well with me....UH-OH!!
*Gevaar explodes killing the other two with him*"

*Note the above sequence will never happen if the swarm is a ghost. for example, Yorrik, Morde, etc. It will simply follow the basic death animation*

- "Feasssst"
- "No Esssscape!"
- Upon killing Kassadin: "The void smilesssss......the traitor dead!"
- "Qualm: uh...joke? uh...Of course we're broken, we scale!
Omen: That's not funny....what abou--
Gevaar: The human resistance! bahaha!!"
- "Omen: Join the void! We have --
Gevaar: Indigestion!"
- "They resisssst, but we shall not be denied...."
- Special Taunt: (after Kog'maw's trumpet sound) "CHARGE!"
- "(all laugh in unison)
Gevaar: HAHA--oh...
Qualm: *sigh...."
-void energy flickers a voice is heard "free us!" Qualms eyes flash and the voice stops.
-Omen: Ah summoner, my patience is at its end! Make your move!
-Gevaar suddenly falls over asleep, remains as such until another command is given or the rare sequence occurs.
-Rare Sequence:
Swarm: (Begins to open void portal) Behold our true pow--
Gevaar: Ohh a butterfly! I WANNA EAT IT!
The other two struggle to keep the void open
Omen: Gevaar you cursed wretch!!
Gevaar realizes he's too slow, saps more energy from the other two causing them to fail, and fires a void ball at the butterfly roasting it.
Gevaar: GOT IT! what we're we doing again?
Death Animation:
Their skin begins to crack in multiple spots revealing the void energy that runs through them, it brightens and then they shatter like glass, the glass then melts into a pool of purple ooze on the ground.

Additional Information:

I was amongst the group of summoners who was sad to see Omen cancelled due to his inability to fit in any particular role. I took it upon myself to rework Omen with a few of my ideas and recently came up with a good and solid one that I like.

I kept many of the things I liked about omen, including the name but other things as well for example, the "void" look to him as well as a reptilian type beast, monsters are always a huge hit, especially if they're from the void. Also, the idea of him having spines on the back was the coolest things ever in my honest opinion and I wanted to incorporate that into my design even if it was or was not part of the final skill set.

My idea began to come together when I read a post that said, one of the reasons omen didn't work is when people said he didn't fit as a concept because he looks like he should have an entire swarm of them behind him. So I thought, well why the hell not? Lets bring in two more voidbeasts that are "nearly" identical to him and have them work as one champion and let the Swarm factor be prevalent in their lore.

As time progressed and the Swarm had been completed, I had began to work on my second champion but had felt as though there was something missing from the Swarm and there was potholes in their lore, and thus they took on the appearance of more of a hound rather than a lizard, essentially helldogs, which warrented the name change of their E from Argetephobia (fear of lizards) to Cynophobia (fear of dogs). They also took on a slightly different personalities and the reasoning behind the personalities became more defined, however some of that I cannot reveal quite yet due to the progress of the Heart of Darkness project that Moby the White and I are currently working on, should you wish to know more of them, or know of our interpretation on the void invasion, read the Heart of Darkness.
Early Production and Intentions:
My early thoughts on the Swarm's skillset would be something as simple as Q increases omen's damage passively, and does something actively, W increases Qualm's damage, etc etc etc. However, I began to dislike this idea, because it seperated them as a whole, and thus began to rethink it. My ideas soon found their root in an interesting mechanic and it went like this: You use your Q, it changes what your W and E do, you use a second ability and it changes what the last does. You start with you W, it changes what your Q and E do. and so on and so forth, perhaps one doing more damage, one route offering more cc, or another offering more sustain or pushing power or AOE. The Swarm was originally an energy based champion, however it felt useless to have a resource they really couldn't run out of, and I found it more of a hassle to add in energy recharges into each ability. Therefore I did away with energy and implemented a health cost, and added in ways for them to regain health, by modifying their ultimate's passive, yet then I felt their early game would be too weak, so I switched the passives. With the current set, they are encouraged to farm, and gives them a jungle strength if they choose to do that. I also removed the AP ratios as I decided to make the Swarm similar to how Shyvanna is built where she scales on AD but does more hybrid damage, rather than making them scale both AP and AD, and struggle to get items to suit that and end up being weaker than most champions, or not using their full rotation
As far as personality and lore went, I had always loved famous trios such as the Three Stooges and the Hyena trio from Lion King, because of their ability to brighten the mood no matter how sour it was. I thought about making 3 stupid void dogs, but I thought that might get old rather fast. So my inspiration took more to the hyenas in their intelligence heights. One would be stupid, one didn't care about anything other than his stomach, and the other was cunning and crafty. Yet, I wanted them to have the same relationship with each other that the stooges did, constantly picking on each other and calling each other names, but yet at the end of the day an inseparable trio that put each other first before anything else: even the void! With that and all the humor they brought, I wanted them to have a darker and deeper side. These were bloodthirsty creatures that killed for sport, and would kill even young children. But it was to be understood, they were not always like that, the void changed their persona and killed the creatures they were before, their humor that they express now, is the lying corpse of what was before they were turned. But yet, even the void could not separate their unity as one.
Suggested Roles: Jungle, Hybrid Top

Resource: Health

Build thoughts: *Note these are what I would view as core Items
Machete>>5 pots>> Spirit of the Lizard Elder>>Merc Treads>>Blade of the Ruined King>>Warmogs>>Bloodthirster

Art Info:
The artwork is done by me using Gimp, a free photoshop alternative. I'm still learning it and getting used to the differences. If you are interested in my art feel free to check me out at Deviant art, http://silversunart.deviantart.com/gallery/. I recently set up the account so I'm still sifting through my art and posting it.

Credits and Legal Stuff:
-A big thank you to Rivington for changing the title of the thread to a better and more suitable title.
-To rolepeek for providing some of the numbers used for the Swarm.
-To Icraig for making me realize my concept was a pain to sift through :P
-- HUGE thank you to MurdokX, for the completion of the splash art for the Swarm of the Void.
- A thank you to 3mptyLord for creating a wiki page for the Swarm of the Void, as well as providing feedback.

-Should someone submit something to me that I use I will undoubtedly give them proper credit.

-However, should Riot wish to use any part of the concept that I have created including lore, drawings, abilities, etc. I give my full permission to use any aspect of the champion without request for compensation, I'm merely here to have a good time and practice the skills that might be used in the future should I ever pursue a career with Riot.
Other Links:
Link to my Main Page: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2988828

For those who have questions concerning Ability Synergy and how to do it, please refer to my AMA hosted by council for answers to your questions or as a simple view on how I responded to other peoples concerns. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2915399

EDIT: Changed E's name from Torment to Herpetaphobia (meaning fear of lizards), to avoid name similarities, Swain's E happens to be Torment, Thanks for the catch Flames of Terror.
EDIT: Added a new death quote and some more movement quotes, added description of death animation. added dashes near quotes for easier understanding.
This is still a work in progress, I will continue to work on abilities and concepts. And again, feedback would be appreciated
EDIT: Concept 1/3(4) (Qualm) Added.
EDIT: Concept 2/3(4) (Omen) added.
EDIT: I have decided upon the skin that will accompany the Swarm if it were to be released: The Battlecast Swarm. See my post on page 2 for details.
EDIT: I have simplified the page for easier navigation, there is now headlines for each new topic.
EDIT: New quotes/animations have been added.
EDIT: Concept 3/3(4) added.
EDIT: New Concept added.
EDIT: League Judgement added.
EDIT: Numbers Added to abilities.
EDIT: Added Index and added production thoughts and improved Intoduction.
EDIT: Lore redone.
EDIT: Rearranged all information for ease of access, abilities are now in the first post, lore/judgement second post, quotes/animations and other information are in the third post.
EDIT: Changed Swarm's E's name to Agateophobia meaning Fear of Insanity, to better fit the character, Gevaar in terms of lore, and the fact that hes not really a lizard.
EDIT: Uploaded Splash art completed by MurdokX

Tamur 07-02-2012 10:10 AM

1 Attachment(s)
was use this as a Nocturne skin think it fits this guy more

BergMeister 07-02-2012 01:22 PM


Originally Posted by Tamur (Hozzászólás 26418092)
was use this as a Nocturne skin think it fits this guy more

care to explain how I would use this? the Swarm is made up of 3 voidbeasts that look more like dog/lizard things. It looks cool so dont get me wrong, but did you mean the style of the armor and such?

BergMeister 07-03-2012 09:37 AM

I should have concepts for the classic skin done shortly.
And btw, A review would be nice, I would have no problem returning the favor.

Lyria Eternal 07-03-2012 05:31 PM

Ah, one minor problem. Torment is Swain's burn ability. might want to change the ability name.

BergMeister 07-03-2012 06:58 PM


Originally Posted by FlamesofTerror (Hozzászólás 26482002)
Ah, one minor problem. Torment is Swain's burn ability. might want to change the ability name.

ooh good catch, i forgot about that, haven't played swain in a while. ill have to rename that.

Diablo666EVIL1 07-03-2012 07:52 PM

How about instead of 3 seperate void dogs, you make it into a big 3 headed dog? Couldn't that work?

BergMeister 07-03-2012 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by Diablo666EVIL1 (Hozzászólás 26487067)
How about instead of 3 seperate void dogs, you make it into a big 3 headed dog? Couldn't that work?

could. but i thought having the feeling of being many would be fun. Ill keep it into consideration though.

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