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FinaI Fantasy 06-30-2012 10:05 PM

dumn people ruining the game, go kill yourselves and make the world happier
i posted this in the new player forum and im going to post it here too because it just cant be said enough

im so **** tired of people playing real games when they suck so **** bad.
i mean these people suck so bad... you would have to go to school and take lessons on how to suck this bad
game after god **** game i get stuck with feeders... im a good player... i dont feed.. i know how to play my character and i try to help out as much as i can, i always call mia.... i try to have fun... i cant have fun with bloody dumbasses in every single game of 5's that i play in classic... me and my friend join a game together and seriously every game theres 3 other people who are just so **** dumb... they feed so **** much to other team... and when i try to surrender at 20 minutes... they decline... i hate you people so much... i want you to die.. in real life.. i realy do

play bot games until you learn how to play a character

i win 2 games out of every 10 games and i go on atleast 10 game losing streaks twice a week... all because of you stupid people that feed

my normal game elo used to be okay and i used to go on 10 game winning streaks but then me and my friend teamed together.. and my friend sucked so much.. and lost game after game for me.. and thats why im getting teamed up with these dumbasses now that lose every game for me... i honestly dont think i can play this game anymore without having a premade 5 team because the LoL playerbase is made of dumbasses

new players... PLAY BOT GAMES.. i dont give a **** abour your level.. play a bot game
when you are playing a new character or until you get good and stop ruining other people's fun

Jokapwn 06-30-2012 10:28 PM

Hey man, I know you seem a bit upset and frustrated at the games you've been having, but sometimes things don't always go the way we want them to go. I apologize that you get the bad teams in game, but maybe you can try to cool off and try to give them advice on what they can do to improve their game. Secondly, I don't admire your ill wishes to anyone playing a game, for it is not a real life excursion they are attempting. In the end of the day, win or loss, it is a game.

So please, just drink some mango juice and take a deep breath and ENJOY the game. And if you still can't enjoy it, make some friends and play with them. :)

catwang0 06-30-2012 10:41 PM

I know how you feel. It's sooo frustrating.

What I try to do is give them advice and tell them what to do. Like stay near minions, don't charge, play defense, farm enemy minions, work as a team, etc. I give them tips on their skills if I've played them before and tell them what to build. But if they can't do that or they just won't listen, I get pissed inside and let my anger show through a little in chat so they won't report me but at least get the idea that they're beginning to piss off everyone on their team.

But on another note, chill. I get worked up too, but then again it's just a game.

FinaI Fantasy 06-30-2012 11:00 PM

im seriously done with this game, its the same thing EVERY and i do mean EVERY single game. I play and get kills or take the other person in lane with me while the rest of my team dies and feeds the other team, what can i possibly say other than stop dieing? this is always early game, like everyone is level 3-6 and already everyone on my team other than me has died 2-6 times (no joke). Im so done, a game should be fun, not frustraiting. this game would be fun if dumbass people wouldnt play it. I dont want to play a game that has so many many many stupid people that shouldnt even have computers, im surprised they can use enough brain power to even open up league and get into a game. I think these people should ignore learning how to play league and maybe go back to elementary school to figure out the basics on how life works and then slowly work there way up to learning how a computer works and maybe if they are lucky, they can graduate on how to play a league game without dying in the first 5 minutes

FinaI Fantasy 06-30-2012 11:05 PM

its not just frustration, its just simple fact that way too many idiots play this game, since its a team game, you have to rely on these people if you dont have a full premade. I guess a game that involves just such a mass number of idiots that you have to team yourself with isnt my kind of game and thats fine, its just i know league is a great game, the people are just very very dumb... its not hard to look up a guide and practice in a bot game.. its realy that simple or you just shouldnt play and ruin other people's fun, this has been happening to me for over 3 months, not just recently, i think im going to go back to mmorpg's, that way i can just level 1 character and go around killing these stupid people that and not ever have to team up with them.

Lajinn5 07-01-2012 08:49 AM

I hate to be that guy, but you spelled dumb wrong. .-. and its useless to test new characters against bots, they don't react like a human player so you can't really get better at PvP by facing them

Cheap0 07-01-2012 09:01 AM

You know why you're being matched with the teammates you are?

Because the system recognizes them at your skill level. The problem isn't them. It's you. Same as your opponents. Even if it were true that all your teammates were bad, then your opponents should have an equal number of bad teammates.

You just told people, who are trying to play and enjoy a game, to go kill themselves in real life. What the hell is your problem? You're the type of person that really should uninstall, because your presence here is toxic. Sounds like you'll get banned for acting like a complete ***** eventually anyway.

Modgey 07-01-2012 09:34 AM

Please don't ever tell people to go kill themselves.

It's not okay under any circumstance ever.

thepantsparty 07-01-2012 11:25 AM


Originally Posted by xBankai (Hozzászólás 26366493)
im seriously done with this game

if you get this angry because you lose a video game, I really hope you're sincere about quitting

Velpro 07-01-2012 11:51 AM

I hate dumn people as well.

Especially the ***holes that cant spell.

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