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Leo Tomita 06-29-2012 10:31 AM

[Champion Concept] Dionisio "Dio" Gutierrez - Demacian Firepower
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Dionisio Gutierrez - Demacian Firepower


Creator Notes:
This is a little dude who loves pugilism and Lux, thats why he joined the Demacian army, hes shorty, has a brown skin like Latin American's (my inspiration for his figth style ) and with some thick armor (like all Demacian's), and , in his both hands some sort of device like the gloves of Potemkin from Guilty Gears franchise (inspiration for the mechanics)
Attachment 475588Attachment 475597Attachment 504752rough sketchAttachment 511493better sketch


Two orphan's brothers who lives in Piltover, the youngest was very bright and always dreamed about going to Zaun's College, in order to study in Engineering, the older was the responsable one, always working here and there to feed them both and pays for his baby brother studies, so he never asks for Gregorio to work, that's was the way Dionisio treats his young brother.
But tougher days comes to all civillians on Piltover, and Dionisio sees himself cornered and obliged to use his only thing he does greatly, Boxing, some clandestine fights every weekend, he got some part of the bets, Dioniso becomes very famous in the underground matchmaking, they called "Dio" (wich means "God" in spanish) and once the Demacian representants was passing by the Piltover, and a sandstorm strikes them, so, Garen comands them to spend the night there until the storm passes.
Taking the day off, Xin Zhao and Garen, goes to the saloon where in its basement Dio was fighting, hours passed and Xin Zhao and Garen starts to get a little tispy from all the beers they drink.
After his victory, Dio was walking home when he sees Xin Zhao with a broom doing "spear" tricks on the balcony, and while Xin was doing that he spilled beer on a waitress, Dio didn't think twice, he knocked Xin from the balcony and starts a massive fight, Xin Zhao was already knocked out when chairs starts to break, people were crying, beer bottles flying, Yordles being murdered, old people having heart attacks.
In the middle of this mess, Dio faces a less drunk opponent, Garen, so they start to hit each other, being sober Dio was taking advantage, when Garen gets really pissed and picks his sword and charge towards Dio, wich didn't retreat, he pushes back all who was in his path so he and Garen could fight more seriously.
And before someone got injuried, Lux appears and binds both of them, when Dio sees Lux something is his heart gets illuminated by her beauty, he apologizes to Lux, while returns the corpse once called Xin Zhao to Garen, who was very embarassed for being called "irresponsible child" by his sister in front of a lots of Demacians and Piltover citizens.
In the next day, Dio searches for his bright muse, but all Demacians already leaved the town, Dio got very sad and depressed thinking that he would never see his shinning godess again.
Months passes and a letter from Jarvan IV to Dio arrives, it was a invite do start training in the Demacian army, Dio answers back saying that he could not leaves his younger brother alone, even for a better future for him alone.
Few weeks passed and now Jarvan comes with Lux, Garen and Xin Zhao to Piltover searching for Dio, but now with a offer to
Dio joins the Demacian army and Demacia would pay for Gregorio studies on Zaun's College.
In the end, everything goes better than expected.
And for payment for all his big brother has done for him, "Greg" makes customized mechanic gloves for his brother and now Dio is one of the fearest foes to face in the fields of justice.

"He's a fine soldier and friend, but i'll definitely will payback for what has done to us back in Piltover"
Xin Zhao/Garen

Attachment 536550
Innate - Cluster Gloves: With the mechanic gloves Dio's attacks can rupture the enemies armor and add a Cluster Charge wich detonates when reach full stacks. It lasts 3 seconds, new attacks reset debuff time count.

Scales At: 8, 16
Attack Count: 5 attacks
Armor Shred: 2, 2.5, 3 per attack
Damage: 5, 10, 15 (+ 3 x current lvl)

Attachment 536547
Q - Heat Knuckles:
Passive - Dio imbues his hands with the heat of the battle increasing Critical Chance and the Critical Strikes deal a little more damage.
Active - For a short amount of time, Dio will attack with such strength that the enemies will take extra bonus damage and releasing a shockwave in a small cone behind the target.

Critical Chance: 7, 9, 11, 13, 15%
Critical Damage: 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20%
Active Damage: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 (+ .15 AD and .15 AP) as Magical Damage per attack
Mana: 90
Time Actived: 5
Cooldown: 15
Cone Size: 200 units with 170

Attachment 536553
W - Blur: Dio uses his ability to blur his entire body for a short time. Becoming untargetable for 0.5 seconds. Attacks and skills missed by Blur, increase next damage on basic attack.

Cooldown: 17.5, 15, 12.5, 10, 7.5 seconds
Mana: 70
Damage Increase: 20, 22.5, 25, 27.5, 30% more damage on the next basic attack

Attachment 536548Attachment 536549
E - Holy Diver : Dio charges foward and deal 2 jabs at the first enemy in front of him, if the hit both punches, he can recast it to dashes backwards concentrate for 1 second, while concentrating he can recast Holy Diver to recharges only foward for dealing a massive uppercut on a enemy champion and if the damage dealt reaches a cap, Holy Diver throw all units in a AoE up in the air. The uppercut cannot be cast behind Dio or pass through walls.

Damage (Jabs): 30, 60, 90, 110, 130 (+ 0.4 AD) Apply on hit effects
Damage (Uppercut): 50, 80, 110, 140, 170 (+0.3 AD)
Mana: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 (+50%) if uppercut is casted, if Dio have no mana to cast it, nothing happens
Damage Cap: 150, 190, 230, 270, 310
Cooldown: 25
Jabs Charge Range: 200
Uppercut AoE: 300
Time Flying: 1

Attachment 536551
R - Magnum Opera: After 1 second casting, Dio prepares 2 massive detonating charges in both hands while he punches the ground with all of his strength, knocking up all enemies in a area, while enemies are in the air he charges to the nearest enemy champion dealing a second hit knocking back the enemy. Dio consumes health to use Magnum Opera, and after casted he is silenced for few seconds but all his basic attacks triggers the Innate for the time silenced.

Damage on AoE: 150, 250, 350 (+ 1 AD) as Magical Damage
Damage Second Hit: 100, 200, 300 (+1.5 AD) as Physical Damage
AoE: 600
Knock back Range: 600
Mana: 100, 90, 80
Health Consumed: 5% Current Hit Points per enemy champion hit by Magnum Opera
Cooldown: 200, 190, 180
Time Self-Silence: 3


Health: 6/10
Damage: 8/10
Spell: 7/10
Dificulty: 8/10


Base Stats

Health: 450 (+80) = 1890
Health Regen: 5 (+0.75) = 18.5
Mana: 250 (+40) = 970
Mana Regen.: 7 (+0.6) = 17.8
Attack Damage: 55 (+4) = 127
Attack Speed: 0.70 (+3.0%) = 1.078
Magic Res: 30 (+1) = 48
Armor: 20 (+2) = 56
Mov. Speed: 315
Leo Tomita Index Page

DarkPercy 06-29-2012 12:35 PM

Passive: Why are there 3 numbers? Please clarify. You said it detonates if it reaches 5 stack, but you didn't actually say what the explosion does or how much damage it deals lol. Also, if I'm getting it right, you have to autoattack the same enemy 45 times to get 5 stacks? You are rarely even gonna be able to autoattack the same champion more than 10 times in a row (even in a 1v1 fight), how in the world do you want this to reach 5 stacks lol.

Q: I kinda dislike it because it makes your champion reliant on luck :/. Riot is trying to make the game less and less reliant on luck (That's pretty much why they reworked Sivir, Jax, Tryndamere and Gangplank, and remove as well dodge chance from the game). If you don't crit, your ability does nothing. With 2.5% critical change at level one, chances are, this ability will do absolutely nothing at all.

Maybe rework it to be a free critical strike on-hit ability. Like Shaco. Your next autoattack will crit and detonate a charge on the enemy, dealing bonus damage to all units behind the target (including the target itself).

W: Oh I see. That's kind of the dodging the punches part of your fighter :P. Smart. I gotta ask something: does it count if you dodge an AoE spell that wasn't even aimed at you?

I think this ability would make other players very frustrated though. It's VERY frustrating to miss an ultimate because of a 5 seconds ability that your enemy used lol. (Dio would be invincible against any channeled ultimate like Karthus or Nunu, etc.)

I think this ability is fun for you, but since it's so not fun for enemies, I'd change it. A low cooldown on an ability that makes you untargetable might not be a good idea. I would personally increase the cooldown and make the ability have a different secondary effect xD. See: Fiora reflects damage to the enemy. Jax's counterstrike deals more damage when you dodge more attacks. You can find something too.

E: What lol. When you kill an unit, the ability changes to something else? It's kinda hard to control this ability... The dashing backwards is a no-no. You can't control it = bad.

Also, the 1 second charge is a little little bit too much. Enemies could easily dodge it. 0.5 seconds would be a max... However, I suggest that if you kill an enemy, the cooldown is refreshed and your next use will not only hit the enemies twice, but also hit them a third time to knock them up in the air.

R: What the **** lol. How long do you 'hold' the enemy? Is it like Skarner? Can the enemy attack/use spells? What happens when you rank up this ability?

And how does grabbing an enemy have anything to do with 'You shall not pass' or protecting you allies lmao. I would call it 'intimidate' or '****ing grab your nuts' xD.

Anyways I like the theme. I would maybe rework the ultimate to something less supportish and more AD-oriented.

Leo Tomita 07-01-2012 12:48 PM

@DarkPercy u catch me unguarded

you pop up defects i even had seen thank you...im working the numbers on ult i explain better some things and the base stats i will pop up later today

i take too long to do it...but there it is!!

Leo Tomita 07-13-2012 04:12 AM

needing a hand here

Johnrulz77 07-14-2012 01:02 PM

hm.. interesting champion but needs some tweaks

Innate: i feel like the charges that detonate aren't specific here, is it the amount of attacks? 9/7/5?

-also its very interesting but maybe rephrase the way you typed it out :p

Q: i feel like your trying to incorporate too much into one skill here and it is also essentially his innate.

- the passive part is perfect, i like it and its balanced
-try changing the active part to... "the next few attacks hit with such force that upon impact a shockwave is released behind the target in a cone dealing xxx."

or something of your choosing, i feel it'd be a waste of a skill to use the innate effects on q too.

W: perfect, no need for change

E: again, could use some rephrasing

-instead of "air", make it a knockup :p
-the damage on jabs isnt consistant scaling, it goes +30+30+20+20. this makes it look odd when compared to the cap
-maybe increase the cap a bit because your jabs deal at 5 for example 130. the 2 jabs deal 260, thats ALREADY the cap, theres no room for extra damage with the scaling :p.

R: it feels like the grab might be a bit hard to implement, maybe cause it to make both dio and the target immobalized (like malzahar's ultimate)

Johnrulz77 07-14-2012 01:02 PM

good champion nonetheless, just needed some tweaks like mine did :)

mind upvoting mine :D? i upvoted yours ;)

Leo Tomita 07-16-2012 07:58 AM

theres some changes!

Mytharionas 07-19-2012 01:11 PM

Seeing how the majority of this post is about the skill set, i'm going to focus mainly on that.

The passive, Cluster Gloves, sounds like a pretty nifty idea. It gives you the upper hand (no pun intended) when dueling another champion. I'd just like to know if this detonation is limited to the main target, like Lux's passive, or if it damages nearby enemies as well.

Onward to Heat Knuckle. It looks like an AD steroid with a shockwave similar to Graves' ultimate. I like the idea, though I wonder which strategy a skill like this would encourage. Perhaps it's meant to beat through the tank to damage some squishier targets?

Blur. You said it's like Fizz, but instead of a counter AoE attack at the end, it empowers your next strike. Alright, but 0.5 seconds seems like a really small window of time to dodge a spell. Then again, it also seems to work off of regular attacks which can be considerably easier to time. In that case it looks pretty functional.

Moving on to Holy Diver. This is an awesome sounding ability, with 2 jabs, a quick backwards dash, and a charging uppercut. I didn't see anything wrong with it at first, but DarkPercy did make a valid point about the backdash. Improper positioning may launch your champion into death, bad death. A few tweaks should be able to fix the problem.

The ultimate: It seems like an effect way to mitigate damage, but everything else has a few issues. If you use your ultimate offensively, the only way it can end well is catching an enemy while their team is in full retreat. Grabbing an enemy that has no intention of leaving will result in you doing less damage to them, while they can attack you and your team with impunity. Chasing an enemy into an ambush with this skill will lock you down while their team takes you to the slam jam. For dueling, the ultimate actually weakens you while doing nothing to your opponent. I'm not saying it's a bad skill, but you may want to give it a bit more pew pew.

Overall, I like the concept, and abilities like Heat Knuckle and Blur feel like they would really pack a punch. Unfortunately, I really feel that You Shall Not Pass needs to be looked at.

Hope this helps!

P.S. With a title like "Demacian Firepower," I would've expected a champion that revolves around siege weaponry and artillery strikes. I kinda wanna see if somebody did that already, that there is mighty fine concept.

Leo Tomita 07-19-2012 01:48 PM


I'd just like to know if this detonation is limited to the main target, like Lux's passive, or if it damages nearby enemies as well.
only the target....

perhaps it's meant to beat through the tank to damage some squishier targets?
exactly...focus the tank and nearby enemies are damaged as well...focus squishier champs...and...well you know!!


A few tweaks should be able to fix the problem.
yes i agree...now YOU choose if wanna re-cast the uppercut...for example

you cast Holy Diver deal the 2 jabs...reach the cap? ...Dio fallback...and have 1 second window to recast it to RE-CHARGE (foward only...cannot be use as scape tool) to in the AoE selected gives a massive uppercut throwing everybody up in the air....


I really feel that You Shall Not Pass needs to be looked at.
yes this skill is kinda buggin me too ...ill figure something more Firepowered...

absolut thanks for the review man...my thread is a open house!

Leo Tomita 07-23-2012 07:40 AM

base stats and new ult added

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