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DracoNite 06-29-2012 05:18 AM

How to counter Yorick top?
The community consensus is that Yorick is the one of the best tops, if not the best top currently.

The question is, who is the best counter you will pick if you see Yorick on the opposing team in ranked?

He just owns top so much that it is not even funny.

ContinuedLife 06-29-2012 07:11 AM

I'd put Morde as a very effective counter for Yorick. His E can make a shield that nullifies any damage that Yorick puts out, and he also has the added benefit of being able to farm like a beast. Best of all, he has non mana restrictions. (and no health restrictions either with spellvamp quints)

Have fun, and HUE HUE HUE~

Pother 06-29-2012 07:12 AM

Rennekton is a great counter. Though if you are unable to counter top lane, just get heavy jungle assistance in the beginning, and laugh as yorick contributes nothing to team fights later on :P

Warrrrax 06-29-2012 08:14 AM

Yorick is a great laner but he is very unlikely to actually KILL anyone and snowball. Seriously...only idiots get killed by Yorick (without help) as they underestimate his damage output and initiate the fight with him. He has no gap closer and his Q speedbooster if used on minion reduces his damage output quite a bit. So even if he catches you with Q/W, he won't do much.

Plus, he doesn't do much endgame. I mean, literally he is a warm body that is hard to kill, and Ults your Carry to provide extra firepower. That can be very strong, but its very dependent on your carry too.


To beat Yorick, you need to have a lot of sustain and simply turn the fight into a stalemate/farmfest. The following champs are pretty good at this:

1) Warwick - massive lifesteal thru passive and Q. No real ability to threaten Yorick (until 6 where he can help a ganker), but Yorick can't really hurt him either.

2) Trundle - His passive gives him life every time something dies. Yoricks ghouls always die and 3 ghouls = yoricks health, and trundle gets 2 to 6% of it. This starts out pretty smally (4 health), but steadily increases since both Yorick is getting health AND your percentage improves.
While this DOES NOT offset damage taken, all the other minions that tend to die ensure that Trundle has a pretty high regen rate.

3) Cho Gath - Cho gets a good 30+ health for every minion killed! That means each wave is a living health potion to be harvested. That goes a LOOONG way towards outsustaining Yorick, esp with your starting Regrowth Pendant and base HP5 (for philo stone).
As long as Yorick doesnt get ahead such that he is getting you low and forcing you to miss last hits (which rupture should let you farm even in this case), then you are golden.
Rupture also helps contribute strongly for when your gankers come top.

Roberts2365 08-07-2012 08:17 PM

Yorick's Q does not reduce his damage output. It makes his first attack do bonus damage and with his passive, he will do 5% more damage and take 5% less. Not to mention his minions will benefit from the extra damage as well. He can easily close the gap by using is W and then Q if there's a minion nearby to get the speed boost. If not, he can still use his E to get some harass in. A few times of that combo is often enough to force the other player to recall, unless its Warwick, Trundle or Cho Gath. They are all definitely soft counters to Yorick, but there really isn't a champion I've encountered yet that is a definite hard counter.

Ur little sister 08-08-2012 03:37 AM


Originally Posted by DracoNite (Hozzászólás 26288045)
The community consensus is that Yorick is the one of the best tops, if not the best top currently.

The question is, who is the best counter you will pick if you see Yorick on the opposing team in ranked?

He just owns top so much that it is not even funny.

The community consensus is indeed that Yorick is the strongest top in the game.
However, the community also agrees that Olaf is the strongest top in the game.
Most of the community will also agree that Shen is way too strong as he is now. He might well be the strongest top in the game atm!
Malphite, even after his nerf, still doesn't have any hardcounters and still scales so well into the lategame. One might even dare call him the strongest top in the game!
By the way, Jax is often banned and scales so well... I've heard many people call him the strongest top in the game atm!
Irelia, even after all her nerfs doesn't have a hardcounter and scales super hard into the lategame. I feel many players consider her the strongest top in the game.
I think Darius deserves an honorable mention here too. He's so **** easy to use, deals so much damage and always wins every lane according to a decent portion of the community. From the Darius QQ, I think most people consider him the strongest top in the game!

Conclusion: don't listen to what "the community" sais. And don't talk about their "consensus". Because there are A LOT of champions that are "the best champion in the game" if you're prone to confirmation bias...

Here are some champions that I like picking against Yorick:
Riven, Cho'Gath, Lee Sin, Jax and Warwick.
Here are the tops I own that I really wouldn't play against Yorick: Kennen

EDIT: How could I forget Rumble? I mean, he's the strongest top in the whole game! Seen streamers QQ about him!
Lee Sin is still a strong top. His versitilaty, and the fact that he might just be the strongest lvl 3 duelist in the game might just make him the strongest top in the game if he can push his lead?
Also, I still see Riven QQ out there. Though I've only seen 1 or 2 summoners who consider her the strongest top in the game.

FateEye 08-08-2012 06:53 AM

there is no real counter to yoric, you just have to out play him

Warrrrax 08-08-2012 08:21 AM

Yorick has definite counters and stalematers:

* Malphite can take a Chalice which he normally would not to beat Yorick. His Q has a 600+ range which means he will hit with the Q just as Yorick hits with his AoE. He steals yorick's movespeed which easily prevents yorick from even getting off his 450ish range E (sustain). That means that Malph will barely even get his shield scratched by the nuke and a ghoul hit or two. Meanwhile Yorick eats pretty heavy Q spam damage and has to waste his E on creeps just for sustain.
The magic resist is also helpful for midgame and beyond.

* Cho Gath - Gains 30+ life PER MINION KILL. Long as Cho keeps killing minions hes getting 180+ health every minion wave. Even Yoricks harass can't keep up with that kind of manaless sustain.

* Trundle - gets life for EVERY death, including the ghouls. Not as impressive early on (2%), it ramps up to 6% which gives him substantial sustain in addition to his Regrowth pendant and natural regen.

* Warwick - Not a counter, but can Tie. Warwicks Q with a dorans ring for MP5 deals pretty solid damage and sustains Warwick.

* Gangplank - GP can level his HEAL instead of other stuff like normal and tie with Yorick. 60 mana for 350 heal? Thats just too much sustain for Yorick to really overcome.

* Xin - Rumored to be a counter. Presumably due to his sustain. havent tried it personally.

Amoc 08-08-2012 09:54 AM

I can't see Malphite being a counter to Yorick. Yorick sustain is too good and Malph would have trouble regenerating his shield wouldn't he? Yorick would also outfarm him I'd think.

Kageoni4 08-15-2012 04:03 AM

Not to troll or anything, but wouldn't AD Sion be a potential counter ? I mean that how I counter a Yorick, wrecked him pretty badly, but though to be honest all I did was w+q + auto attack + w+ run back repeat. though I had a lot of help from our jungler noc. and with my R I my LS out did most of the damage.

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