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Thomas Jefferson 06-21-2012 10:23 PM

In depth Lee Sin dash and Maokai dash glitch report. [PLEASE READ RIOT]
Bug Resolved
Riot, since your last patch, a glitch has been occurring far more frequently with Maokai's W (Twisted Advance) and the second part of Lee Sin's Q (Resonating Strike).

Some things to note about this glitch:
a) I can not speak for Maokai, as I only play him a little bit, but from quite a bit of Lee Sin play I know for a fact that this glitch has been occurring for a long time on Lee, but not anywhere near as frequently as it has since the last patch. I have personally never had this glitch on Maokai, until this last patch in which it has happened multiple times.
b) This glitch is most definitely not internet lag, as all summoners see the glitch occurring.
c)(Proven wrong) It might just be when I most often notice, but this glitch appears to happen most often (and very frequently since the last patch) when Maokai's W or the second part of Lee Sin's Q gets within melee range of a target WHILE THEY ARE WITHIN TOWER RANGE. I think you need to check with the interaction of turrets and these skills ASAP.
d) The skill will have no effect when the glitch occurs (Lee's Q damage will not go off, and Maokai's W snare will not trigger).
e) To actually describe the glitch, what happens most often:
1) The model will appear to freeze within melee range of the target, stuck in the animation of the skill. As in, Lee Sin will appear to still be in his "resonating strike pose" and will be frozen at the location where the skill normally would have hit (The same thing for Maokai except that he's still in his "cloud of arcane energy").
2) While the model appears to be frozen, the actual model is able to move invisibly, but not in control of the summoner. Meaning the invisible model will attempt to auto attack, and thereby follow the enemy champion, as Lee Sin and Maokai normally do at the end of each of their dash abilities.
3) The champion will still be able to take damage while in this state, which makes it so annoying, because its often in tower range and the tower will rail on you the entire time. I also noticed that in one particular instance when a champion appeared to be in a "hold position" (as in, after finishing arriving at a right click location), the enemy champion was able to auto attack my invisible model.
4) After a few seconds (I would estimate around 3 to 4 to be specific) the model will re-appear as normal (as in, not in the "resonating strike pose" or "cloud of arcane energy") nearby the champion it was originally targeting.
5) Control of the champion is lost only when the model is frozen in the animation, you regain full control the instant the model re-appears.
f) On a final note, I would just like to mention a very similar glitch was occurring when all those disconnects were happening in one of the recent patches. I was playing Lee in a 5-man pre-made on skype (so I knew what all of them could see), and the disconnects and game lag started happening for everyone. Once everyone was reconnected, for two of my allies, my Lee Sin model would appear invisible, except for every time I Q'd, the frozen animation would appear permanently at the spot I finished my Q, as well as the enemy champion or minion I was using my Q on. It stayed like this for the rest of the game, even after they disconnected again I believe. This was two totally separate internet connections by the way.
I hope that this has been helpful riot.

-Oh and also, I was playing Lee in a ranked today game against the high ELO player Rambo (He was duo queue'ing with a 1500 bot lane partner). This glitch got me killed once, and brought to very low health at least twice. I still crushed my lane top and our Sion mid carried hard for a quick win. Their team got a loss forgiven for your "technical difficulties", and my team got a measly +6 rating.

Riot pls.

EDIT: Including some notable comments


Originally Posted by SpecOps120 (Hozzászólás 26082417)
BUMP. Please be aware, THIS GLITCH SEEMS TO OCCUR WITH ANY CHAMPION'S MOVE THAT INVOLVES A DASH TO A TARGET OR LOCATION. There are threads about Nocturne's and Malphite's ult as well. Does it look like this for anyone?



Originally Posted by GhostNighto (Hozzászólás 25908138)
I am a main Maokai player and this bug has happened before but not often. But I got 2 straight yesterday in 1 game after the patch. The tower range part is probably less true for Maokai's W. Both time yesterday was not near tower. The W animation will stay at the location where the target was and from observation, no snare or damage occurs since the enemy champ just walk back like nothing happens.


Originally Posted by Superfobio (Hozzászólás 25918887)
This glitch has occured for me several times already and would like to add one bit of information about Lee's Q. It can occur outside of turret range as well.

The first time I had the issue, it happened as an Irelia rounded top river bush and flashed to her turret, resulted in my character freezing midflight but the game acting as if I was in turret range (Which meant I was taking turret shots despite being unable to move or cast spells and appearing to be out of range) and after about 2 seconds, I teleported to Irelia and died from turret damage.

The second time this happened I was at the purple team blue buff camp and Irelia ran down into river (Entirely away from the turret) and I did not kick until she was about to step in the actual river, but I got the same freeze as earlier. It seems that this happens around 33% of the time as I kicked her thrice and only had the issue stated above occur once.

Today I saw this bug happen to a Lee 3 separate times, once on top turret, once bot turret, and once in the same river area as I stated in the above paragraph.

Thanks for reporting this bug, and thanks ahead of time for Riot fixing it. :]


Originally Posted by StrygwyrBS (Hozzászólás 25927193)
Thanks for your post on mine.

For Maokai:


Keep these threads alive. Need these bugs fixed.


Originally Posted by n4iski (Hozzászólás 25929891)
This bug does not only occur within tower range and I doubt it has anything to do with the turret aggro notification. I'm fairly sure it has everything to do with the latest patch, however. I've seen this bug happen in all three lanes by both team's turrets as well as near dragon and baron and in both jungles. It does seem to happen more frequently near turret though I suspect I might only be noticing this because if it happens within range of a turret you are almost certainly dead.


Originally Posted by JAMEZ BL0NDE (Hozzászólás 25945346)
whenever i play maokai
i go to my enemy
use twisted advance
storm to where my enemy was when i cast it.
the i sit there for 2 seconds as a tornado
then i turn back and sit there for a second as maokai
then i can move again and the enemy is usually long gone.
This is especially troubling when i try to turret dive or hase someone whos on low health and they escape unharmed.

He's my best jungler. i cant use him well if his only initiator is messed up and leaves me dead in the water. This has been happening in ranked games too. there are MANY threads like this and its a bug thats devastating to maokai players.

Thats 2 of the best junglers down leaving us with nothing but backups. i understand theres alot of other problems going on right now but Please investigate these bugs riot. when you get the chance. they're important to junglers <3


Originally Posted by Koomaster (Hozzászólás 26017829)
I saw the Lee Sin glitch while in spectator mode watching a match just a bit ago. But instead of happening near a turret, Lee Sin got stuck in the river near the blue wraith camp.

I rewound time and had the camera locked on Lee Sin to watch it happen again the same way. For what it's worth, the camera stayed on the frozen model, I didn't notice any invisible model or such like that.

After a few seconds Lee Sin disappeared and then reappeared at the champ he was attacking. The camera had to jump in order to re-center on Lee Sin.

Don't know if any of that is helpful; but figured I should let Riot know just in case.


Originally Posted by IKillButerflies (Hozzászólás 26032946)
Happened to me many times across two games as Lee tonight. Only once was I in turret range. Once was at bot lane near the gap in the two bushes. The last time I vividly remember was just out of turret range, top side, 2nd turret bushes. Froze for a good 5 seconds Q'ing and Annie. Took all AoE damage from her everything in that time.

Also, it seems to semi freeze the game for me, and not just Lee. Looked like a bizarre lag spike from my end, but my ping never passed 86. Hope this helps someone in some way.


Originally Posted by StrmCkr (Hozzászólás 26141087)
i have countless videos for this glitch as well, alot from ranked: every time it occurs its cost me a match or countless kills.

on revivew they all have a comon theme and occur anywhere on the map: if I cast resoning strike and am hit with any type of crowd control effect: {STUN,Snare,Silence, Ploymorph,Knockup/back/side,Grab}, while mid air. Lee sin then freezes unable to move untill the effect ends: {this is usuaully where i am instantly killed}

however after the cc effect has ended lee then dealys for a bit longer then flys towards target regardless of where they are {relocating lee instantly}

also occus from casting Dragons Rage & safeguard. {harder to replicate and not as common}

this effect started after the Rework for abilites to still cast or finish casting after a crowd control effect has been cast and is in effect.

problem is that lee has to wait for the game to recalculate current postions of his target befor completing the ability. {hence the "stuck" }

90% of the time this "suddenly stuck" unable to control lee results in myself being instantly killed by a team hitting me while im stuck.

however the random 10% of the time lee then flys towards target then casts anyspell I tried to cast while stuck

older still orcuring version of this glitch that also is a result of recalulating postion delay is:

when lee sin casts resoning strike or safeguard onto a target that performs a move to x location ability: lee would freeze wait for calculatiosn to repostion the target then lee would move to target.

From my perspective on exploring both these glitches they seem to be one and the same.

the reduncdency check codes for calculating postions and move to x locations seems to take a long time to trigger and finallize a new number befor conituning the animation of the spell whenever a unit moves inside the resolution of 1 abilty.

Thomas Jefferson 06-21-2012 11:04 PM


Bflakes 06-21-2012 11:39 PM


posted here http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2260237

Thomas Jefferson 06-22-2012 02:37 AM


ReportOurBotLane 06-22-2012 03:39 AM


GoldenTeaParty 06-22-2012 04:43 AM

happens extremely frequently and needs attention

Tripwire78 06-22-2012 06:44 AM

I'm having the same issues with Maokai.

But on the note of the tower range, I'm not sure if it's in the same boat, but when I used Noc's ult in mid map and used my "E" and "W", the "W" failed to stop Malph's "Q" and he ran away while my "E" didn't work and when I saw he was getting away I clicked back towards my base. The graphics for my "E" were still up through fog of war, everything around me still moved but I stayed in place, then I was dead just above the 2nd turret in mid lane. No map marker or dead body for proof of death (used SPACEBAR to identify death location)... ...not sure if this is the same as Lee Sin's "Q" issue near a turret but, maybe?

Bobby Hill 06-22-2012 09:03 AM

bump for descriptive post

GhostNighto 06-22-2012 09:09 AM

I am a main Maokai player and this bug has happened before but not often. But I got 2 straight yesterday in 1 game after the patch. The tower range part is probably less true for Maokai's W. Both time yesterday was not near tower. The W animation will stay at the location where the target was and from observation, no snare or damage occurs since the enemy champ just walk back like nothing happens.

Rotis4 06-22-2012 10:00 AM

30% of Resonating Strikes I do result in this glitch. Lee Sin and Maokai are unplayable at this point.

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